creepy red lips


The Coven by Landon Wiles
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Model: Kalie Krause

Imagine Pennywise x Teen!Reader

So I hope u will enjoy this, NO WARNINGS. Tell me if u want more of Penny/ Reader from me.
Part 2 :

You woke up in a dark and damp room, only hearing the sound of dripping water.

-Finally, my kitty is awake - rasping voice filled the room, and as you looked up you saw lurking face of clown in the dark. Creeping backwards, you said in a trembling voice:

- Who are you? - widely smiled man crawled closer to you. His moves where strange, doll-like looking. And it was scary. Than he stoped.

- I’m Pennywise, the Dancing Clown! - and leaned closer again - Are you afraid of me? - he said in playfull manner.

- Uh, um… - something strange where happaning inside your chest. It doesnt feel like fear, it feels like… Shyness? Embarrassment? You where confused by your own feelings. When you finally where able to look on his face again, he was staring right into your eyes. And it was actually creepy. He licked his red lips and leand even more closer, so the distance beetween your faces was so small, that your noses barely touching each others. You feel as your face turning bright red, but why?! Your friends where always sure about your “strange tastes”, but seriously, clown? Probably a maniac? He giggled and moved his head, whispering right in your ear:

- I feel it, kitty… I feel your fear… - his voice make your whole body shiver, but it also makes your body burn.

- I know who you are… What you are. I heard about you, - you was scared of what he was able to do, so you where trying not to move, - So why don’t you killed me already?

- Because I feel more than just fear… - he lowered his head to your neck, barely touching it with his lips.

- And what do you feel? 

- Desire…