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I only have a few hours left on my Kickstarter, and I am hoping to fund my first stretch goal plush, Yurei Neko, at $10k (I already unlocked my main campaign goal at $6k for Edgar the Night Owl). You can help me reach my stretch goal at . Thank you!


Custom Horror Teddy Bears by @scarebears1 [via @forgotten_boneyard]
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Hi, I hope you are feeling better since you are posting again! If it's okay, can I get Yoshiko and s/o headcanons? Thank you in advance ^w^

thank you!!

- Yoshiko is a tiny gal, so she loves to be the small spoon, regardless of your size. She’ll often huddle herself up and sit on your lap.

- She’s actually incredibly clingy. She’ll want to see you a lot, and expect her to text you loads (including in the middle of the night. Did I mention she barely sleeps at night? She’s basically nocturnal.

- Believe it or not, she’s amazing at making you feel better when you’re down. Yoshiko has a real way with words that no one can really describe. Plus, she’s a great hugger.

- If you two have sleepovers, don’t actually expect to get any sleep. You’ll somehow find yourself walking alongside the beach with some cheap snacks you bought from a 24-hour convenience store talking about the most random things.

- She’s also prone to performing the classic ‘throwing pebbles on your window at 2 am to wake you up’. She threw a small rock and almost broke your window, and counteracted your anger with “Well, sorry! It’s not my fault there are no pebbles nearby!” “You could have texted me!” “Texting is for noobs!”

- Though she doesn’t always express it outright, she wants you to come to all her live shows. She’ll casually ask you if you’re coming, and gets incredibly upset if you cannot come. If you point out the fact she is upset, however, she’ll deny it and say “I’m not upset! I just want you there for- for moral support!! Stop it, I’m not crying!!”

- So yeah, you’re gonna need to go to all of Aqours’ shows.

- She’s incredibly easy to make happy. You could literally give her a single chicken nugget and she’d be in a good mood for the rest of the day.

- But when it comes to getting her presents, she has the weirdest taste EVER. She doesn’t want jewellery and designer clothes; oh no. She wants weird creepy dolls and plush toys, and capes. This actually makes buying for her easy. If it’s completely random and strange, she’ll love it.

- She loves to share all the new songs she finds with you. Also, expect a lot of playlists made together, for everything. She’ll probably make a playlist for the most obscure scenarios, like ‘For when it’s raining and we’re in a car and it’s nighttime and we’re eating sweets’.
Creepy Kawaii Spring Plush Kickstarter: Edgar and Friends
Edgar the Night Owl and his creepy cute friends want to be in your loving arms this Halloween season! With your support, they can!

Creepy Kawaii’s spring kickstarter is almost over! Due to some issues with the factory they’re moving edgehog to a different campaign, but Yuri Neko is up next (and will have really cool glow eyes).

I’m personally getting a baby bat keychain plush :D

Captain’s Curse

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Prompt: also maybe maybe you could consider writing chubby yahaba with his flustered and blushing boyfriend kyoutani pls ?

(Big shout out to fullmetalsins whose comments on my fics make writing an absolute joy. I don’t think they realize how much each of their comments means to me which is why this fic is just for them and they DESERVE it. ♡♡♡ Thank you for the continually comments and support, love! (´∀`)♡ (And for those of you who comment on my fics all the time also, I love you just as much, but sins actually sent me a prompt to work with. :^) You guys are welcome to also. *wink* *wink*))

Iwaizumi had called it the captain’s curse.

Kyoutani hadn’t know what he meant by it at the time; obviously it had something to do with their stupid—now former—captain that made Iwaizumi pay special attention to him, doing little things like asking if he’d gotten enough sleep or wrapping his spilt fingers after an intense practice, bringing him hordes of his favorite snacks for him to munch on while they sat in the locker room together, working out budgets and different formations for the team to try at practice.

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