creepy piggy

Creepypasta #1001: My Boyfriend Loves Traveling Third World

Length: Short

One time, we traveled to deep inside of South America’s countryside. You know, kind of rural area where people have cultivators but have no idea from where they get oil for them?

It was a nice town, though. People were so naive and simple, we even have talked about living in country like that after our retirement half seriously.

Our accommodation owner was also a simple old guy with the kindest smile I’ve ever seen. He cooked us meatball and filled our bowl again and again just like my nanny.

After the lunch, his son showed us around the town. It was peaceful little countryside. Corn farm, chicken farm, barley farm, sugar cane-I guess-farm…We understood only half of his chattering since he could only speak Espanol.

For the last course, he showed us a small pig farm next to his house. It looked like some kind of traditional ranching shack. Every house in the town had one next to it. Pigs in the shack was a breed I’ve never seen before. It was dirty, ugly and had weirdly long neck with croaky voice. Face covered with mud looked more like had been cut flat by something than ordinary flat-nose pig.

“That’s one creepy piggy.” I said to myself in English.

At that very moment, a swine ran- it looked more like crawling with elbows and knees- to us.

And it grunted,

“Dear god, can you speak English?”

Credits to: moloque