creepy pig


You know, in this place things can come at you from nowhere. Monsters. You won’t see them. You won’t hear them. Until they have you in their teeth, you know. And then they’re gone. Into the darkness. Before you know.

Spooky Creatures: Beast of Dean

Roaming the wilderness of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire England is said to be the Beast of Dean. Although it may not haunt this area anymore, there were numerous sightings of it. The most recent sightings were  in 2005 by a young couple and in 1998 by farmers. However, the most prevalent group of sightings  occurred in the 1800s. Locals reported seeing an abnormally large boar, large enough to knock down trees and fences. Other accounts state that it appears to be a moose with a pigs head.  Those who saw it stated that it also had a terrifyingly powerful roar.  Despite trying to hunt down the creature, villagers were unable to find anything.