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Urban legends are as popular as ever, but the majority of the scary stories you’ve heard at sleepovers are based on at least a small grain of truth. One such tale that might have kept you awake at night is The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs, which tells of a young child-minder’s gruesome encounter with a crazed stalker. There are many adaptions of this 1960′s legend, with the general story line being that the babysitter receives several creepy phone calls from a man who keeps telling her to check on the children. Terrified, she calls the police who trace the call to the upstairs bathroom of the house. When the intruder is finally arrested, he has slaughtered all three children. While spine-tingling, you may be intrigued to know that this fictional story came from the very real murder of 15-year-old Janett Christman in 1950.

Janett was babysitting 3-year-old Gregory Romack at his home on West Boulevard and Stewart Road in Columbia, Missouri. At around 1:30 a.m, while Gregory was sleeping, and intruder entered through his bedroom window and proceeded to the downstairs living room where he raped, strangled and stabbed Janett. The crime scene was utterly horrific: the bottom picture is one of the less bloody photographs. Although a garden hose left outside was used to break the window, forensic investigators reported that the furniture and light fixtures near the window were totally undisturbed, making it impossible for him to have entered that way. This is likely to infer that the murderer attempted to make it look like the house had been broken into, when in reality, Christman probably opened the front door for someone she knew.

This case remains unsolved, with it’s prime suspect passing lie detector tests and successfully suing the police for his detainment.

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a-z saeran FUCC U

I can’t believe I wrote 26 headcanons about Saeran Choi. No regrets.

A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?

Math and Art. He’s super outstanding at art in particular and is very good at painting people’s portraits.

B: Do they have any allergies?

Not exactly an allergy, but he’s lactose sensitive. That doesn’t stop him from eating as much ice cream as he can in one sitting though. The regrets come later.

C: Can they swim well?

Nope. He’s scared of water. He’ll never say why.

D: How they react to being flirted with?

HAHA he won’t realise. He would probably accidentally call you out on it like “(Y/N), why do you keep brushing your hand against my arm?”

E: How are they with children?

He’s very reserved around people in general; he doesn’t really talk much. But he does play with children when they ask him to and you can see that he actually really enjoys himself when he’s around them. Also, can somehow calm crying children down really fast? HOW?

F: What’s one thing they’re really bad at?

He can’t interact with people for the life of him. He’s extremely awkward with strangers, so he never expands his circle past the RFA. Actually, it took him a lot of time to open up to the RFA too. He finds the idea of having more than five friends exhausting.

G: How do they flirt?

He says he’s never flirted, but Saeran Choi is a big fat liar.

One time Seven told him to try a pickup line on you, saying that it would be subtle enough for you to fall for. Sad to say “Girl you better have a license, ‘cause you’re driving me crazy” was not at all subtle to you. You called him out and he swore to kill his brother.

He’s still going to try other pick-up lines though.

H: What is their deadly sin?

Secret Ending 1…

I: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves?

1 and a half. He has a lot of self-hatred and guilt and tends to dwell in the past, so you really have to be patient with him and convince him that he’s not a bad person.

J: What’s their sense of humour like?

Unintentional. Sometimes he’ll make a downright rude comment about someone and his frankness just comes off as absolutely hilarious to everyone.

K: How do you know when you’ve upset them?

He’s not expressive about most of his feelings but when he’s upset with someone he would definitely be vocal about it, so if he starts screaming at you, you know you’ve upset him.

L: What is their favourite board game?

Cluedo, because he’s really observant and strategic so he always wins.

M: What is their favourite dessert?

Raspberry ripple ice cream in a wafer cone.

N: What do they usually eat for breakfast?

He strikes me as someone who doesn’t really eat breakfast, but if he actually feels hungry he’d munch on some toast with an excessive amount of peanut butter on it.

O: What would it take to break them, inside and out?

If you bring up the past and blame him for the things that went down in the RFA. He feels really bad about it. After he got over blaming Rika, he started to blame himself a lot. He knows it’s partially his fault but he tries to move on from it, so instead of dwelling in the past with him, force him to look at the present.

P: How do they handle money?

He was never given the opportunity to handle money, so once he starts earning his own, he’d be really scared and paranoid about overspending and losing all his money.

He’d ask Jaehee to help him out and teach him how to do budgeting. Once he has an ample amount of savings he’d probably indulge in stuff like comic books or video games. Nothing too expensive.

Q: Are they patient?

HAHAHAHA NOPE. Seven’s five minutes late? Dead to him.

R: What are their hands like?

Calloused, but not necessarily dry because he has really sweaty palms. He also likes to keep his nails short and has a small birthmark on one of his knuckles.

S: How stealthy are they?

Hella. I don’t think I have to explain this.

T: Where are they ticklish?

NECK. Not very ticklish at his sides.

U: What’s their voice like?

When he’s not trying to be freaking creepy (ahem, Christmas DLC phone call), he actually has a very pleasant speaking voice. Pretty calm, not too deep, not too high.

V: What’s the easiest way to annoy them?

Join forces with Seven and do whatever he tells you to do. It’s guaranteed that whatever you end up doing will annoy Saeran.

W: Can they dance?

Very awkwardly. He just can’t get his hips into it.

X: What’s their most petty little secret?

He got so mad at Seven once that he dipped Seven’s toothbrush into the toilet bowl. He’s never told him.

Y: What is one question they’ve always wanted an answer to?

How would my life have turned out if I’d been born into a proper, functional family?

I need to stop being so angsty.

What happens inside a caterpillar’s pupa while they’re changing into a butterfly?

Z: How do they sleep?

In a fetal position while hugging a bolster. He can do without a head pillow but he needs the DAMN. BOLSTER.

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when BaeRi wake T.O.P up with their phone call (at 8PM…) they have to deal with the consequences… (= a sleepy and crazy hyung) (x)



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Newest addition to my Dahmer magazine collection, the third one I’ve found in the past few weeks that I hadn’t otherwise seen! I don’t have time tonight, but I’ll take some photos of the article inside tomorrow for everyone. This magazine is unique in the respect that it is usually only available by subscription, and this copy is from mid October 2013, and it’s a magazine for people already working within forensic psych or planning to work in forensic psych.

I know @earthquakefox @creepy-phone-calls and @improbablypsychoanalyzingyou will be interested to know, from what I’ve had a chance to read, there’s a tidbit about his likelihood of having Aspergers.

In 2008, 19-year-old college student Brandon Swanson was driving home after a night out when he crashed into a ditch on a gravel road in Middle of Fucking Nowhere, Minnesota. He knew as well as us that this was a classic horror-movie setup, so he called his parents and asked for a ride.

Because of the whole “boonies at night” thing, Swanson’s parents had trouble finding him. When they couldn’t find his car at the location he provided they got back on the phone for over 45 minutes to play the world’s worst game of Marco Polo. Swanson claimed he could see lights from a nearby town and was heading in that direction, but things took a turn for the creepy when he suddenly yelled, “Oh shit!”

Before his father could even scold his son for using such filthy language, the call cut off. And that’s the last anyone ever heard from Swanson. Hundreds of volunteers, 34 dogs, and 120 days later, only his car was found. So what the hell happened to him?

The 6 Creepiest Unexplained Phone Calls

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parents can hire a clown to stalk and threaten their children for a week before their birthday (that includes sending them creepy texts, making scary phone calls and posting notes telling them they will be attacked)

Do you have to be a parent to do it? Or can I totally do this?

Quite Polite

notaboogeyman submitted

  This happened to me quite recently, about a month or so ago. My boyfriend and I live in Victoria which is the capital of British Columbia in Canada. 

At this time, when my story takes place, my boyfriend had gone for two weeks on a family vacation to New Orleans and then a cruise to the Caribbean. I was welcome to come, of course, but being terribly paranoid and claustrophobic during the duration of plane rides, I declined. I decided to stay at my grandparents’ house for a week or so of his trip, since I started to come down with the flu and didn’t want to be sick and alone the whole time. 

Strange occurrences started to happen all the while at my grandparents’ house. The family dog would sit at the threshold of my old bedroom and growl, his eyes following something that I, myself, couldn’t see. The old guitar that I kept behind the headboard of my bed would go off by itself, as if something  strummed all the strings at once. I stopped going out for cigarettes late at night because I swore I saw a face through a patch of fog one time. 

After three or four days, I couldn’t handle the feeling of being watched or followed, not to mention all these strange instances, so I went back home. That night, I was watching re-runs of “How I Met Your Mother” and still being sick, I let out a whale of a sneeze. Moments later, maybe 10-15 seconds at best I get a text from a number I didn’t recognize.

It read: "Bless you!“.  

Needless to say, I was beyond creeped out. When I finally mustered the strength and courage to scour the suite, I was relieved to find nothing, but still confused and rattled. Since the number wasn’t blocked, I called to see who it was, but got a recorded message of an operators voice telling me that this certain number is no longer in service. I’m still mystified to this day. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

Preference #10: Halloween!

I’m putting this in the queue… I really hope it works, seeing as I’ve never used it before… Anyway, if this works, Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you all have the night of your lives and maybe even get scared a little bit, just not by this preference because it’s not scary in the least bit, just all kinds of sugary sweet! ;)

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Preference #10: Halloween!

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Operator? Hello? Hello?

We've got ourselves a situation!

The story of 20 students who foolishly called the wrong operator. Now they’ve got to battle against the creepy phone calls they’re receiving and try to remember how they even got here; or where here even is.

Students have been disappearing lately, but what’s worse is what’s showing up in the warehouse! First the family and self portraits, but now valuables and dark secrets!?

But didn’t you hear? You called 1-800-DESPAIR ! See you soon, ya bastards!

Current Deadline: June 16th

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PSA to retail and other workers, keep your coworkers safe and never ever ever answer these questions without their permission:

  • “I’m an old friend trying to get a hold of them, could you give me their number or tell me when they might be there?”
  • “I’m [unknown relative or friend] calling for so and so, can you tell me when their shift ends?" 

These can be innocent and normal questions, but they can also tell potentially dangerous people exactly what time and where your coworker will likely be alone and walking to their car (especially for late shifts). It’s an easy way to attack or abduct someone.

Even if they claim to be a relative or a friend, it’s always better to say "I’m not entirely sure, can I take your name and number and have them call you back?”

This way you’ve given no information, and your coworker will be able to decide themselves if they feel safe giving their information.

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♨ - Our muses are vacationing and a volcano erupts. How do we outrun this?

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