creepy pen and ink


I drew a BATIM thing, another one of my full page drawings. I wanted to practice perspective, and so this is a bit wonky in some places (especially the floor. Like, eew?). I did like the way it came out, though! A cookie for anyone who can tell what poster that is on the wall. ;>


Crit #2 is done!! Here are my illustrations I did for this cri! Based off a story about a young maiden who falls in love with a hare, but he turns out to be a not so good guy. Beware, Beware, to never fall in love with a hare.


Day 14 and 16  of #inktober and #witchtacular !!! Day 14 Moon. Day 16 Ocean. SO many people have joined me on #witchtacular and im so so blessed! SO many great posts!

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Prints and originals are now going to be a bit on hold and wont be released till the end of this month! This is to get better scans and a cooler inktober book!


Art Throwback: In Fall/Winter of 2012/2013, I illustrated my good friend Bill Shaner’s book of poetry and prose titled Fucking Up Feels Right. Much of his writing was dark and unsettling and he wanted the illustrations that were equally dark and unsettling, so he asked me if I would do it. I agreed and although I took waaay longer to get all the drawings done than I was supposed to, Bill was very happy with the end result.

These are only some of the illustrations. They were all drawn with uniball pen.