creepy pasta jr


Ahh I had such an amazing time at San Japan 8 Bit! I GOT TO SEE MR. CREEPY PASTA TAKE OFF HIS MASK AND I MET HIM IN PERSON AS WELL AS MISS SHADOW LOVELY AND CREEPY PASTA JR!! I got so many compliments and photos taken of me(Maka Albarn from Soul Eater) with my BF <3 In addition I came upon a group of SE cosplayers with no Maka!! That had to be fixed.

Thank you San Japan, i will be back next year!!! themrcreepypasta voidwalker01 missshadowlovely creepypastajr


“Flawed” feat. HumbleLittleNarrator (by CreepyPastaJr)


“Arizona” (by MrCreepyPasta)