creepy old white dudes

one time this old creepy white dude at a gas station started talking to me and asked me for my number so i gave him my boyfriend’s number without him knowing that it is my bf’s number and 10 minutes later after he left he messaged my boyfriend and i told my boyfriend that i gave him ur number because he was being creepy to me and that i didnt know what to do and my boyfriend pretended that he was me so he texted him back saying that he wants to meet with the creepy guy at a mall so the next day we went and met him i went up to the guy while walking alongside with my boyfriend and my boyfriend goes “hey whats up man” and the guy was like “oh i know what this is” and got uncomfortable and walked away lMFAO

Bangkok Is a Paradise

About a year and a half ago, photographer Theo Cottle sparked our “Paradise” series with his idylic pictures from his hometown of Bristol. A few months later, he followed those up with a bunch of graphic scenes he captured in Berlin.

This time around, he sent us some pictures from his recent trip to Bangkok, and I think I can safely say these are the grimiest of the lot. Or the most paradisiacal, if you’re deranged. To each his own, I guess.

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