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LawKid which Kid works in a Zoo. Looking after big cats. (Au and ship thing)


Kidd had a thing for cats, a huge hard big thing. It was almost a problem. He already had three beautiful kitties at home and he would have even more if Killer didn’t keep bitching about the hairs they left everywhere, and about how creepy is was to turn into an old cat lady.

So Kidd hadn’t adopted more, but in any case, Kidd loved cats with passion. Of very form, color or shape. That’s why, when after finishing his veterinary studies, he had been offered a job in the local zoo with the biggest collection of big felines in the whole country, Kidd had almost fainted in disbelief.

Kidd had been the happiest man in the world for weeks. He adored his job.

That’s why, when one of the snow leopards he was taking care of, one day suddenly turned into a human of tanned skin covered with tattoos, opened his jail and walked towards him cleaning in the interior rooms like it was the most normal thing in the world, Kidd thought he was dreaming. He’s precious cats weren’t humans. They didn’t look like a pissed murder ready to stab him. They were little cute fur balls he loved to feed and play with.

It wasn’t until the feline turned human, jumped on him knocking Kidd to the floor and sank long fingers on his skin painfully, that Kidd realized that this nightmare was fucking real and that he was going to be killed in a fucking happy zoo by one of his babies.

“W-what the hell?” he managed to say while the creature loomed over him with beautiful gray eyes and dark soft hair looking completely human and completely crazy.

“You smell like other cats” said the creature getting closed to his face and sniffing him while growling low in this throat “Why you always have to smell like other cats?”

Kidd was too stunned yet to vocalize an answer, to stunned to even understand the question. He just keep still with his survival instinct telling him not to move in front of a predator. However when that predator took the zip of this coverall and started lower it, opening it and revealing Kidd’s pale skin to the cold air of the place, the redhead had to react.

“What the hell are you doing?” he said panicking trying to take a grip of the tanned hands that keep undressing him so skillfully, and that started to caress and rub over his skin obsessively, as if he wanted to leave his own scent there.

“Shut up!” the creature however roared over him as he took Kidd by the hair and pushed his head back to suddenly bite at his collarbone “It pisses me off, that stupid disgusting scent, you are mine! The others have to understand not to touch you”

When the other’s lips closed over his jugular, Kidd couldn’t help but moan in a very submissive and humiliating way. The leopard grunted appreciatively at his sound and liked lewdly over the sensitive area driving Kidd instantly insane.

When Kidd finally arched on the ground thanks to the other’s mouth playing his body so perfectly, the other’s hands finally reached his buttocks grabbing at them possessively between the strong fingers. When Kidd felt the creature’s hands lower even more to his tight hole, and the other’s body press against his body, rubbing their erections together, Kidd knew he was going to die there.


Anonymous asked: au! Cas winning a date with Dean on a charity auction or something like that?!

“Wait, Jo! No, you can’t make me do this, man!” Dean sputtered as his best friend Jo pushed him onto the stage that was set up in the middle of the large football field. Several other guys about Dean’s age were already lined up there. “I changed my mind, okay! I can’t-”

“Oh, stop being such a big baby! You’re doing the right thing, Winchester. Besides, you’re pushing thirty and you’re still painfully single. If you’re lucky, you might even get something out of it, you know.” Jo told him in a brisk tone that indicated that there was no backing out of this now.

Dean shuddered as she gave him a last shove in the right direction, and he was on the brink of having a downright heart attack when he caught sight of the large sea of people that was expectantly staring up at the stage. He never should’ve agreed to this. Ever.

It hadn’t sounded so bad in theory; Dean’s friend Jo was a teacher at the local high school, and the school was organizing this charity auction to raise money, so that they would be able to pay for some much needed renovations. It was either this, or closing down the school. And so when Jo had asked Dean for his help, he had said yes within a heartbeat, more than willing to help his friend keep her job.

But of course he had forgotten about the importance of reading the fine print. The second he’d arrived at the school, he’d found out that blindly trusting Jo was a stupid thing to do. He was going to be auctioned off like some kind of prize, and he’d be forced to go on a date with whoever was willing to pay the biggest sum of money.

If that wasn’t fucked up, Dean didn’t know what was.

“Hey there, nervous?”

Dean jerked his head around when the person standing next to him nudged his side. The guy was a lot shorter than Dean, and he had blond hair that was messily combed back.

“Ehm… I don’t know, kinda. I think this is all just…” Dean didn’t even know what it was, but the guy was already nodding in agreement.

“Yeah, tell me about it, I’m only doing this to humor my brother, he’s a teacher here. The name’s Gabriel, by the way.” The guy, Gabriel apparently, said conversationally.

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Title: Almost

Word Count: 2434

Characters: Sam x Reader

Trigger Warning: mention of suicide

Request: can you do a part 4 of “cool kids” where she’s become a hunter and she runs into dean and Sam on a case and she ends up staying with them??

A/N: This is the fourth part of the “Cool Kids” Series. Read Part 1 here! I’m not so sure with the ending of this one but well I hope you enjoy it anyway

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You never intended to break up college. You never intended to live in cheap motels and to earn your money with card games and billiards. You never intended to become a hunter, not until you met Sam Winchester.

He had been the new kid at your school. The first one who had actually been friendly to you and didn’t care about the “cool kids”. Sam Winchester was the one that had made you feel strong and attractive. He’d been the first one you ever really fell in love with. And you had been the one who told him to run away, to go to college to matter what his Dad thought. You were the one who told him that it wasn’t selfish to leave. That he needed to do what made him happy. Never in your life you’d thought that you’d see him ever again. Especially not in those circumstances.

The first time you almost met Sam Winchester again was a hot summer day almost six years after you’d told him to run away. You were sweating in your pantsuit but you would have to wear it for about five more hours. There had been several suicides in one street and you were investigating as a fake FBI Agent. Everytime you put that dark blue pantsuit on and pulled out your FBI ID you used the name Agent Samuel. It was kind of a tribute to that one guy who taught you so much in life. 

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