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a-real-life-horror-story would like a post with mermaids, creepy makeup, and Brendon Urie. Enjoy!

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I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE YOU A LOT ~ a really gay playlist

all the boys - panic! at the disco ♡ sidekick - walk the moon ♡ staying together - bribry ♡ secrets are no fun - bad bad hats ♡ shiver shiver - walk the moon ♡ dream girl - miniature tigers ♡ thinking of you - the maine ♡ capo kissin’ - evan edinger ♡ radar detector - darwin deez ♡ peach - the front bottoms ♡ how do i tell a girl i want to kiss her? - modern baseball ♡ toothpaste kisses - the maccabees ♡ hot venom - miniature tigers ♡ you and i - ingrid michaelson ♡ the girl - city and colour ♡ first day of my life - bright eyes

no surprises: a dystopian mix

This is a mix that I made for jadeddiva, but she thought that you might all like it as well, in case you’re feeling particularly post-apocalyptic.

no surprises → dystopian mix. and there is nothing left but silence and ash and you and the entirety of the empty earth

[i. marideth sisco - missouri waltz ii. the decemberists - burying davy iii. sia - paranoid android iv. lorde - everybody wants to rule the world v. the castanets - you are the blood vi. jamie n commons - lead me home viI. the be good tanyas - waiting around to die vIii. hozier - it will come back ix. sun kil moon - heron blue x. the dead weather - will there be enough water? xi. crooked still - wading deep waters xii. sufjan stevens - seven swans xiii. mother falcon - karma police xiv. thee silver mount zion orchestra - little ones run xv. amanda palmer - no surprises xvi. civil twilight - the courage or the fall xvii. anaîs mitchell - a hymn for the exiled xviii. the dead science - sign your name xvix. carolina chocolate drops - pretty bird xx. black prairie - red rocking chair xxi. the felice brothers - goddamn you, jim xxii. the barr brothers - the devil’s harp xxiii. king britt - new world in my view xxiv. johnny cash - farther along xxvi. bahari - wild ones xxvi. bob dylan - tomorrow is a long time]

Scary Music Masterpost (Updated with more music!)

Edit: New Year, New Post! This year’s post has everything listed here, with over 40 new additions for more chills up your spine!

Season’s Creepings, everyone! This is your DJ of darkness over at the Symphony of Death. With Halloween coming up, it seemed a little mood music was in order, so kick back and relax with your favorite witches’ brew while I bring you some recommendations for a few chills down your spine. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but maybe you’ll find some new favorites!

Masters of Horror

John Carpenter

Better Check the Kids - Halloween / Put Them in the Ground (with Jim Lang) - Body Bags / Main Theme - The Fog (1980) / All Out of Bubble Gum (with Alan Howarth) - They Live!

Marco Beltrami

River’s Edge - My Soul to Take / Tea for Three Plus One - The Woman in Black / Return to Blackwood - Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark / The Concert - The Eye

Charlie Clouser

American Horror Story Theme (with Cesar Davila-Irizarry) / Out of the Fire - The Collection / Hello, Zepp - Saw / Theme - Dead Silence

Bernard Herrmann

Teddy Bear Wired - Cape Fear / Theme - Vertigo / Theme - Psycho

Christopher Young

Twilight Mercy - Urban Legend / The Lament Configuration - Hellraiser / Sinister - Sinister / Concerto to Hell - Drag Me to Hell

Video Games

Room of Angel - Akira Yamaoka & Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Silent Hill: The Room)
Mandus - Jessica Curry (Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs)
The Drunken Whaler - Daniel Licht (Dishonored)
Chill and Rigor - Shinji Hosoe (9 Persons 9 Hours 9 Doors)
I’m Not Edible! - Chris Vrenna (American McGhee’s Alice)
Soul of Steel - Mao Hamamoto (Corpse Party)
Weekly Despair Magazine - Masafumi Takada (Dangan Ronpa)
Close to Evil - Mikko Tarmia (Penumbra)


Close to You (Carpenters Cover) - Josefine Cronholm (Mirrormask)
The Void - Stephen Price (Gravity)
Intro to Horror - Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th)
The Supper - Bruno Coulais (Coraline)
Tubular Bells (Exorcist Cut) - Mike Oldfield (The Exorcist)
Main Theme - Shiro Sato (Ju-On : The Grudge)
Main Title - Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind (The Shining)
Dark Earth - Jack Trombey (Dawn of the Dead)
The Ringtone (Chakushin Ari)
A New Swan Queen  - Clint Mansell (Black Swan)
Audition - Koji Endoh (Audition)
Roar! - Michael Giacchino (Cloverfield)
It Was Always You, Helen - Philip Glass (Candyman)
Finale / End Titles - Howard Shore (Silence of the Lambs)
A Discordant Split - Kenji Kawai (Ringu)
Funeral in Carpathia - James Bernard (Dracula: Prince of Darkness)
The Game Begins - Masamichi Amano (Battle Royale)


Youran - Kayo Konishi & Yukio Konda (Elfen Lied)
Aya - Mari Fukuhara (Amatsuki)
I was waiting for this moment - Yuki Kajiura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion)
Go DA DA - Yoko Kanno (Ghost in the Shell: SAC)
A Last Flower - Asa-Chang & Junray (Aku no Hana)
White Hill (Maromi’s Theme) - Susumu Hirasawa (Paranoia Agent)


Stay Awake (Mary Poppins cover) - Suzanne Vega
Heigh Ho (Snow White cover) - Tom Waits
Come Little Children - Kate Covington
I, Witchfinder - Electric Wizard
Brennistein - Sigur Ros
Psychobabble - Frou Frou
Sirens - SingerSen
Lose Your Soul - Dead Man’s Bones
Grisly Reminder  - Midnight Syndicate
An Echo, A Stain - Bjork
Elaine - ABBA (trust me)
Welcome Home (Instrumental) - Coheed and Cambria
The Greatest Show Unearthed - Creature Feature
Something Wicked (That Way Went) - Vernian Process
The Gravedigger - The Pine Box Boys
Lake Ponchartrain - Ludo

And two more classics…

Are You Afraid of the Dark? by Jeff Fisher
Theme to Unsolved Mysteries by Michael Boyd & Gary Remal Malkin

Pleasant screams, everyone, and do let me know if any of the links are broken. <3


Otherworld Treats

A mix for those tunes whose absence from mainstream Halloween belies their perfection. A mix for the darker pieces that can push you to celebrate the season with a bit more unnerving honesty and disturbing amusement. A mix that also includes some songs with just enough precocious charisma and impish charm to match a season that masks its’ wickedness with delight.
A mix that disregards genre and generation in order to bring you the most comprehensive in creepiness.

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