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Hi my name is Erik the Phantom of the Opera and I have long ebony black hair with purple and red streaks and fluorescent yellow eyes like molten gold and a lot of people tell me I look like Death Incarnate (AN: if u dare take off my mask get da hell out of here!) I’m not related to Giovanni but I wish I was because he was the only person who treated me with any semblance of kindness and respect in my deeply traumatizing formative years. I’m a monster but really i just want to be loved. I have pale yellow skin. I’m also an Angel of Music and I live in a place called The Paris Opera House in France where I terrorize the staff and kidnap sopranos. I'm a Phantom (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black shirt with matching lace around it and a black leather waistcoat, a black cloak and black combat boots. I was wearing black gloves, a white mask, black eyeliner and a frown. I was walking in the cellars. It was dark and creepy so there were no people, which I was very happy about. Joseph Bouquet stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.

Enchanted by Her

This was a request! Hope whoever put this in my ask is happy with the result! 

Plot: Harry simply cannot look away when he sees her whispering along to Pink Floyd.

Warnings: None. 

Pic isn’t mine. It makes me want to cuddle him so badly.

From the moment he saw her, he was drawn in. Everything about her had him instantly fascinated and in want for more, want for anything she would give him, no matter how small it would be. Gestures so simple like brushing her fingers through her hair, smiling or clenching her hands, seemed so magical to Harry he found it impossible to look away. His heart beat rapidly and his stomach fluttered. How was it possible for a woman to glow like that? Her hands were holding onto a vinyl record, her fingers clasping it so carefully as if she feared she’d break it otherwise and Harry watched with fascination how she read the back of the record.
He couldn’t quite catch what it was with her. He never normally felt such a pull to a woman, like he couldn’t leave the music store without having spoken to her. This girl… whoever she was, he had to hear her voice.
Harry brushed his fingers through his hair and frowned at her. She was standing by a different shelf now, one that was a bit closer to him and again she had picked up the headphones connected to one of the record players the music shop they were at offered, allowing the costumers to listen to the vinyls they were interested in. The woman held the headphones to her ears and Harry’s lips parted when he noticed how her eyes were shut, those kissable lips of her moving as she let herself be consumed by the music she was listening to. She drove him insane, had him under her spell and completely at her mercy.

Harry sighed and bit his tongue. He didn’t normally approach women he saw somewhere, always too afraid he’d come across as creepy, but he today he felt like he had to. Even though he was feeling very silly. This was a vintage music shop after all. You weren’t supposed to chat up women at a place like this and even if, what would he say?
She was still silently singing the words she seemingly knew by heart and now even began to slowly move her hips along to the music. Harry couldn’t hear what she was singing, but he knew the movements of her hips fit perfectly to the song’s rhythm.

Harry sighed. He knew he had to speak to her, he couldn’t leave this store without having heard her voice, at least once. Before his mind caught up with it, his feet already carried him towards her and before he knew it, his finger had tapped against her arm gently.

He suppressed the loud gasp about to leave his lips and instead forced himself to fake a relaxed smile, his eyes sparkling with excitement when she turned to face him.
Her beauty was breathtaking. His heart sped up. She had the brightest eyes Harry had ever seen and the softest looking skin, all he could to was imagine caressing it, kissing it even. Harry didn’t know her, but oh did he want to hold her body against his. The girl truly was overwhelming him. Harry truly felt enchanted by her.


Her voice was melodic, soft and kind. It send waves of warmth through his body, even his fingertips tingled.

“I’m Harry,” he spoke quietly. She’d confused him so, he had to take a moment to think if this really was his name, but once he was sure his words had actually made sense, he smiled.

The beautiful girl reciprocated the smile and held out her small hand. “I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you, Harry.”

“S'lovely to meet you, darling,” he hummed and took her hand in his, squeezing it gently. Their hands fit together so perfectly, he thought. Feeling her small palm against his own set him at ease.

Harry’s tummy fluttered once more when he noticed the flush of pink rushing to the girl’s cheeks when she looked at their fingers. She seemed as if she wasn’t used to having a guy chat her up. Harry wasn’t sure how he felt about that.

“What is it you were listening to?” Harry asked, his fingers still holding on to hers.

“Pink Floyd,” Y/N replied, gesturing to the vinyl with her free hand.

“Oh.” Harry let go of her and stepped closer so he could peek over her shoulder and onto the record. “I actually know that one. S'good.”

“It is,” Y/N agreed and smiled warmly. When her teeth sunk into her soft bottom lip, he felt like he was going to lose his mind. Could she possibly be any more adorable?

“Saw you whispering along to the song,” he continued, his hand now resting on the shelf so he could rest part of his weight on it. His body was now completely turned to Y/N, as he wanted to give her his full attention. He wanted her to be sure of his interest in her, if she wasn’t used to a guy chatting her up, he wanted to be certain she’d know of her attractiveness. Even if she ended up rejecting him, Harry liked the thought of encouraging her self confidence a little.

The redness in her cheeks increased and her eyes widened. “Oh no, that must have looked so weird.”

Harry chuckled to himself when he somehow couldn’t speak louder than in a tone just above a whisper. Something about this girl made him want to be softer, gentler, somehow like… her.

Y/N’s fingers played with each other and Harry hoped it was because she was nervous.

“Not at all,” Harry quickly reassured her, giving her a smirk, “I like seeing people caught up with something they love.”

“Oh really?” Y/N giggled, “Do you like to observe people then?”

“M'not that creepy, love,” Harry chuckled and cleared his throat, trying to get all of his courage together, “Just you. Couldn’t look away when I saw you today. You’re really beautiful.”

A nervous laugh fell from Y/N’s lips and she turned away, her cheeks now a deep shade of red. Harry even noticed her fingers shake a little.

“Oh, ehm. Thanks, Harry. That’s really nice of you to say.”

“Don’t be so shy,” Harry mumbled and reached out to take the vinyl from her trembling fingers.

“Sorry,” Y/N sighed with a smile and looked to her feet before hesitantly meeting Harry’s eyes again, “It’s just you’re…”

She trailed off and Harry’s heart sunk a little. He was just what? Her next words probably weren’t going to be good, her tone indicated it. Maybe she hated his music? Maybe she thought he was a pretentious asshole celebrity? Though Harry had always been a fan of Pink Floyd himself, his own music didn’t resemble it too much. Perhaps Y/N found his band too mainstream and not good enough. He’d understand. Hell, Harry felt like he wasn’t good enough for her himself, why wouldn’t she think so, too?

“’M what?” Harry mumbled, almost defeated.

Y/N shrugged and grinned shyly. “You’re really handsome. And I’m not used to guys coming up to me, so… I don’t know. You make me a little nervous.”

Harry smiled so widely at her words his dimples popped. He turned the record in his hand, momentarily looking at it before his attention was captured by the girl in front of him again.

“Let me propose a deal.”

Y/N’s eyes widened and she nodded, still smiling widely. “I’m listening.”

Harry chuckled.

“How about I buy you this record,” he began and winked at Y/N, making her raise her hand to her mouth to cover the laugh falling from her mouth, “and in return you agree to go out with me sometime?”

Her hand was still clasped over her lips and his mouth went dry when her eyes actually teared up. Please say yes, his head screamed at himself, please please please!
He had to see her again, had to know more about the girl in front of him and somehow, if he was lucky enough, manage to make her love him, because he could have sworn he already felt himself fall for her. His skin screamed to be touched by her, his ears yelled for him to make her speak again so he could hear her wonderful voice.

“What do you say?” Harry pressed on, “Do we have a deal? Pink Floyd in return of a dinner with me?”

“Couldn’t imagine anything better,” Y/N said quietly and smiled, before surprising both of them by stepping closer and onto her tip toes, reaching up so she could press a kiss to Harry’s cheek.  

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You're The One

Request: Hiii (: I was wondering if you could make an imagine with Luke where he realizes you’re “the one” ya know I’ve really been loving your writing! 💗💗

Sunday afternoons were always the same for Luke. All of the boys would gather at one place and attempt to write something. And today was no exception.

All of the boys were at mine and Luke’s place for the afternoon, writing in the basement. I could see Calum’s son from my chair in the kitchen, he was watching tv in silence. For a three year old, he was an angel.

I kept reading some papers for work, not that I was supposed to work during weekends. But I loved my job so working during off days wasn’t that big of a deal to me.

“Hey,” I heard Luke say as he sat on the chair beside me. He looked awesome with his beard, his short hair and a somehow annoyed look on his face. His face turned slightly to look at Calum’s son, just to make sure he was okay.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, making his eyes meet mine. I knew Luke probably even better than I knew myself, so it was easy to tell something wasn’t going quite good.

“I’m not creative today, apparently,” he mumbled as he placed his elbow on the counter, his head falling against his palm. “Can’t write anything good.”

I leaned in and kissed his cheek before I stood up from my chair. “Want to eat something? A grilled cheese maybe?”

“I can do it myself, babe,” he said as I grabbed the bread. I glanced at him and he quickly understood I wasn’t going to let him.

As I made his grilled cheese, I kept an eye on Noah, Calum’s son. Luke stayed silent, looking annoyed with himself. I didn’t try to cheer him up, knowing it wouldn’t work right now.

As the grilled cheese was being cook, Noah walked towards me. He had sad eyes and his arms were lifted in the air, as if he wanted me to pick him up.

“Pick me up,” he whined, tears in his eyes. Luke watched me as I carefully picked him up in my arms. Noah wrapped his little hands around my neck, his head falling on my chest. “I miss mommy,” he said.

I rubbed his back as I faced Luke. “She’s going to be back in a couple of minutes, Noah,” I explained to him. I walked to the pan and flipped Luke’s grilled cheese. “She’s with your sister at her dance class.”

Noah stayed silence and did not loose his grip on me. I grabbed a plate and put the grilled cheese on it before handing it to Luke.

“Thanks,” he said.

I smiled at him, watching him take his first bite. “Want something to drink?” I asked.

He looked at Noah in my arms and stood up from his chair. I placed my free hand on his shoulder so he could sit back down.

“What do you want?”

He rolled his eyes before replying he wanted some orange juice.

A few hours passed by, the guys all left after they had pizza and a few drinks. I made my way to the living room since I was done cleaning the house. Luke was sitting there with music on the tv. He looked at me as I sat next to him, a small smile forming on his lips.

“Whoa Luke is smiling,” I exclaimed. Today had been a creepy day for him, he barely had smiled.

Luke chuckled, making me smile. He wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“What’s making you smile?” I asked as I watched his baby blue eyes.

“I’ve realized something today,” he stated, a grin on his face.

I offered him a smile, waiting for him to tell me.

“I think you’re the one,” he muttered as he cupped my cheek with his hand, softly rubbing the skin of my cheek with his thumb.

Color rose in my cheeks, “Why?” I whispered.

“You’re everything I need and everything our children will ever need,” He said as he stared into my eyes. I replayed our afternoon in my head, knowing why he was telling me this. “That’s why,” he mumbled before he kissed my forehead.


Oz Comic Con - April 13th, 2014 (Sun) - part two

As complete a summary as I can be bothered with of Benedict Cumberbatch at the Oz Comic Con Sydney event (Sunday April 13th, 2014). Some parts have been paraphrased and others left out completely, so don’t take it as gospel, more as generally what went down.

continued from part 1.

12. His favourite childhood movie? Ghostbusters. Woo. The “asymmetrical comedic genius” of Bill Murray should have evaded him at the age he watched it at, but Murray’s extraordinarily brilliant, and there was something that made him go back to the film a lot. He liked that bit where the creepy music came in and the ghouls were just colliding into Manhattan, and loved that they were contained on this island, and at the centre of it was Peter Venkman. All three of them were brilliant. It was a fantastic creation. The idea for a kid that ghosts could be funny and scary was extraordinary. The dogs that guarded her were pretty terrifying, yet when Rick Moranis squeaks down the wall everyone carries on eating. It was very funny. “You should ask my mum this question.” She’s not in here today, but you should ask her. He wasn’t a geek, not too obsessive, but loved Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Woo. Quite liked Bond - he saw his first one, Octopussy, at quite a young age. Didn’t quite understand the seduction of beautiful women, but he liked the gadgets, was a typical boy in that sense. Indiana Jones was really cool.

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