creepy meg

The Ending of Love Never Dies
  • <p> Erik: *takes a deep breath*
  • Erik: I lo-
  • Meg: Yes, you love Christine, I know, you love Christine so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Christine, I KNOW, you love Christine, you fucking love her ok I know, I get it, YOU LOVE CHRISTINE, I GET IT, FOR FUCK’S SAKE
  • *gunshot*
  • *Christine falls*
  • Meg: shit</p>

Headcanon: What if Meg is called Doll Face because, after meeting Ryan/Vagabond, she decides she wants a cool little mask for herself too, and then stocks up on those porcelain masquerade masks, unpainted. She then spends the next week painting each and every one, making sure they’re all perfect. Adding ribbons to the sides to completely secure them to her face, making sure they can take everything she can throw at them. And sure they’ll break if she fucks around too much, but honestly they look pretty cool and creepy shattered and broken, and the cuts left on her face are badass.

The Phantom fandom.

- *insert gina beck reaction gif*
- pizza rolls
- hugh panera bread
- @ doctor who fandom our harriet jones is not the same as your harriet jones
- ben lewis’ crazy eyes
- leon
- my chemical raoulmance
- hadley fraser’s guy liner
- @ west end and us tour star princess dresses please get your shit together
- the theory to christine’s madness is ramin karimloo
- jeremy stolle’s vines
- when that meg takes buquet’s part in magical lasso
- the famous us tour table dance
- someone: opinion on love never dies?
phantom fan: what is that you speak of
- otto the cat was trying to save us all from hell

A mix for those monsters who like to get down and dance while still being creepy

  • Wolf - First Aid Kit
  • Monster- Meg Myers
  • Search into your Soul- Stop Light Observations
  • Bartholomew- The Silent Comedy
  • Blood on my Name- The Wright Brothers
  • Barton Hollow- The Civil Wars
  • Demons- Sleigh Bells
  • Maneater- Blue Eyes Blondes
  • Here Come the Punks- Haezer ft. Circe
  • Help I’m Alive- Metric
  • Run Boy Run- Woodkid
  • Teeth- Lady Gaga
  • Psycotic Girl- The Black Keys
  • She Wolf- Shakira
  • Bottom of the River- Delta Rae