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How would you describe the way Mitch feels about Joey and vice versa? I am just wondering what they see in each other.

oh man as someone who is extremely emotionally-constipated this miiiight be a bit of a challenge for me to explain but bear with me

mitch has had a crush on jonas practically since they first met as TWEENS, before he even fully realized he was gay. he,, thinks the world of jonas. practically obsessed LOL. as far as mitch is concerned, jonas is perfect mostly because he is nothing like mitch. he sometimes has trouble conveying his feelings tho. here is a handy diagram of what goes on in his brain

as a boyfriend, mitch is a bit smothering and anyone else might find it a little uhhh Too Much but for jonas its ideal

jonas comes from a weird place and kinda reacts to relationships in a different way. he and his sister were abandoned as kids and grew up in a household with not a whole lot of outward and obvious love? so he attaches somewhat quickly to people who show him real affection, but also has frequent fears of ppl he cares about leaving him. he’s pretty needy and needs to be constantly reminded that he’s loved and won’t be abandoned or forgotten. AND even though he’d probably never admit it he needs to feel safe and protected LOL he’s a very soft wimp (when he cant use his powers in public etc) and mitch keeps the scary ppl away. bc       hes scarier

they also balance eachother out quite a bit. mitch is a lot more conscious of how he acts and mellows out when he’s with jonas, while jonas becomes a little more self-confident!

SO UH jonas is afraid of ppl leaving him, and mitch has a rly hard time accepting the idea that anyone would actually love him (oh my god im sorry) THEYRE A MESS but they make it work and they make eachother happy so thats whats important

yuri on ice AU where Yuuri wakes up on some rocky little formation in the middle of the sea after falling off a boat, and as he’s climbing around trying to see if there’s any hope of rescue being nearby and wondering how the hell he even got where he is in the first place he happens to look down at the water right below where he’s standing to find Merman!Viktor staring up at him from a like a foot under the water with his long hair floating around him and his Too Large Eyes and Equally Unsettlingly Large Pupils and smiling at Yuuri with far too many shark-y teeth like some sort of fucking Sea Phantom and Yuuri of course screams and falls on his ass trying to get away from the Uncanny Valley Horror and just keeps screaming for his goddamn LIFE

meanwhile Viktor pops out of the water and just keeps watching Yuuri with an unblinking stare like ◉‿◉ ‘wow I love him’

and Viktor, bless his weird, fishy heart, keeps trying to woo his beautiful, leggy human BUT HE JUST KEEPS SCREAMING.

'I brought you fish?? I brought you jewels???? I haven’t eaten you????? ?!??!?WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME?!??!?’ he says, but it comes out as *ETHEREAL & HAUNTING SCREAMS OF FRUSTRATION* which only makes Yuuri scream more