creepy mailbox

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Are the dogi's axes much smaller than in the game because they're alive, and younger? I'm not sure what the deal is with those eyes.

Those axes are so strange! In game, the eyes on the axes react when hit, so those weapons could be just as alive as the dogs are! (Or they’re… magic?)

I can’t confirm or deny your speculation, but I’ll say this: the downsizing of the axes was intentional.

thriller halloween plot ideas.

features slasher/supernatural/paranormal plot prompts

a verse where it’s like boyfriend/girlfriend go and visit the abandoned house of a local serial killer. then a few weeks later they start getting creepy notes in their mailbox, photos of them enjoying dinner, and oh shit who planted these camera’ all over the house? then eventually…someone has to die.

i want to do like a interview with a vampire au plot where your muse has turned my muse into a vampire and it’s really this daddy/lg help me i’m hungry but i don’t want to kill anyone oh wait oops i killed the maid and i actually kinda like this can we do this some more kinda thing…. (could totally be switched with the vampire role being a woman or m/m, f/f)

i want a fucking serial killer plot like say muse a and muse b have been dating for the longest fucking time, they’re totally in love, and then at like 2 am one night, muse b comes back home fuckin covered in blood like “ok usually i have time to clean up, you weren’t supposed to see me like this but they had 911 on speed dial and i had to come home” and it’s muse a like oh, oh shit i’m in love with a serial killer and muse b like well fuck the love of my life knows i’ve killed like so many people and idk i feel like this could go places u know

lets do an age gap plot gone wrong. muse a is an older man new to the neighborhood that one day while out walking his dog runs into muse b who is the sweet 16 year old daughter of his next door neighbors. after some heavy flirting one thing leads to another and they have sex and start this crazy secret love affair. soon however muse a realizes something isn’t quite right with his new love and after trying to break things off and move on he starts to recieve photos of them together in the mail with threats to report him to the police. muse b isn’t ready to let him go and is willing to do anything to make him stay including killing any new girl he brings around.

what if muse a and muse b are madly in love with each other, so madly in love they are ready to kill any and everyone who stands in their way? a natural born killers au where the two of them are on the run from the law after a wild crime spree and are road tripping across the country robbing banks and falling even deeper in love until one day muse b grows tired of running and just wants to turn themselves in. muse a can’t let that happen so now their partner in crime has become their captive. (additional plot can include muse b secretly being pregnant and trying to escape for a bettter life.)

lets do a supernatural plot where muse a is a century old vampire who has fallen for muse b who is a werewolf and leader of their pack. the two of them are learning how to live together and co-exist but whoops muse a keeps killiing people and drawing attention to them, muse b has to choose between their pack who wants muse a killed or the love of their life.

finally what if muse a and muse b are a loving couple ready to be married. the night before the big day however muse b is killed in a terrible car accident leaving muse a all alone to pick up the pieces and live all by themselves in their new house. one night muse a wakes up to find all of muse b’s things scattered on the floor and hearing a loud noise goes downstairs to see the letter magnets on the fridge spelling out ‘i am still here’. learning to communicate with one another muse a finally finds peace in knowing their love isn’t truly gone however their efforts to reach out to them has let another spirit into the home. one more more evil and determined to make muse a’s life a living hell.