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Hermione Granger

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my brain still hasn’t been able to process the fact that the actress who voiced lilo in lilo & stitch and chihiro in the english dub of spirited away also played samara aka the creepy lil demon girl that crawled out of the tv in the ring 

Mchanzo fluffy prompts

Since some people seem to be traumatized by that death comic, I thought I’d cheer you up

  1. Jesse and Hanzo go on a walk through forest in America. Jesse bluffs about there being a Bigfoot, Hanzo obviously doesn’t believe him, following that they hear a rustling and see something quite large. Bigfoot or bear, either way Hanzo has to help Jesse up a tree
  2. During their stay in Japan, Hanzo tells Jesse about “The girl from the gap” which is basically a spirit that appears in dark spaces in between walls and furniture and drags people to hell, that renders Jesse so paranoid that he refuses to sleep anywhere near any gaps and when Hanzo says that he’ll lay there instead if it’s a problem, Jesse refuses because “No way in hell am I lettin’ some creepy lil’ girl steal you away from me, nu-uh
  3. Jesse saves Hanzo’s pet cat
  4. Jesse and Hanzo babysit two very hyper children
  5. Jesse gets friendly with a cactus. Hanzo spends the entire evening pulling out the needles out of various parts of his boyfriend’s body
  6. Some dogs steal socks, or slippers, McCree’s dog keeps stealing prosthetics - Hanzo’s are his favourite, much to his displeasure
  7. When Hanzo’s hurt/sick, Jesse sits by him and plays songs with his guitar because it makes his boyfriend feel better