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So one thing that’s been reeeeally bothering me about the recent chapters is how,,,, how to say, desensitized to everything the Shinoa Squad is becoming to legit everything. It just seems like they don’t give a damn anymore? About their safety or anything. The last time they’d seen Guren, he’d fucking slaughtered half of his entire army, worked with Kureto, and straight up stabbed Yuu and not a second of hesitation had gone into seeing him again. They’re fooling around in a vAMPIRE MANSION. WITH A VERY ARMED AND VERY DANGEROUS™ PROGENITOR. And once again, no one (exempting those thousands of shots of Mika looking over his shoulder to gaze at someone questioningly which i assume is made to look like he’s suspicious or something) questions this seriously. No one wonders where the two other very Armed and Dangerous™ vampires who were at his side are. Why the fuck he’s helping them. Didn’t he try to kill you. They don’t even carry their weapons around. You mean to tell me that these tense ass child soldier war-driven motherfuckers who sTILL QUESTION MIKA’S INTENTIONS WITH YUU AREN’T A LITTLE SUSPICIOUS ABOUT FERID’S CREEPY ASS LAYING THE WELCOME MAT DOWN FOR THEM??

Title: Sith Lords Don’t Sunbathe
Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader
Genre: So floof, SO FLOOF, but also a lil spicy bc i was feelin it
Warnings: Language
A/N: Just some cute but also zesty fluff for the soul. It was really nice out today and I freakin LOVE spring (it’s basically spring here now ok) so this happened lol. Happy Valentines Day! :-)

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The sun above you warmed your bare legs, giving the skin there a subtle glow. You flexed your toes and stretched, lifting your arms up above your head and letting them fall backward into the grass. It had started out soft but now you were beginning to feel the underside of your legs sweat, and you bet that if you looked, there would have been thousands of tiny, grass-shaped imprints against your skin. A breeze floated by, carrying the scent of the flowering tree above you on the wind and filling your nose. Taking a deep breath you closed your eyes, letting the air roll over your skin. While it wasn’t exactly warm, it wasn’t cold, either; it felt like the weather couldn’t make up its mind on if it was still winter or late spring. It was the perfect temperature.

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So smol goat (aka Argania) is a bit of a creeper. I dunno if it’s just because of her personality, or if it’s a bit of brain damage as she did come in to my work 5 weeks ago having likely taken a glancing blow from a car and had/has neuro issues or what but she just stares at you. From across the room. Staring. She’s doing it right now. It’s actually creepy. Every now and then she bleats at me demandingly. I can take an across-the-entire-room-here-at-work photo as proof.

Creepy smol goat is creepy. I love her so much. But so creepy. Go lay down you creeper.

Exo Creeping

creeping creeping creeping 


~the sassy hunnie creep~

“I see you bae… you’re mine now”


~creepy horror film doll nini~

“Watchinggg…Always watchingggg”


~magic yeol creep~

“Hey babe wats up…you look so good from behind soo”


~nostalgic original satansoo creep~

“I know you wanna be this foam six already”


~cant even see his creepy eyebrows baek~

“hey there lady’ssss”


~sugardaddy suhodaddy creep~

“Dammm gurl… I’ll buy you all the diamonds in the world”


~creepy eyebrow wiggle unicorn lay~

“heh heh heyaaa there cutie”


~suspicious skill with yogurt dae creep~

“creeping creeping creeping…with my yogurt”


~suggestive cheek motions creep xiu~

“hola senoritaaaa”


~the creep who is proud of butt tao”

“don’t you just wanna touch it” 


~more yogurt skills creep with mr galaxy”

“I’ll just lick this off while keeping eye contact cause I can”


~china’s manly creep master lu~

“Ooo ooo oooo blow it like a flute babe”

EXO when you are "innocent"
  • Suho: *blushes* This means I'll be your first?
  • Luhan: You turn me on so much! I'll be your man! *creepy Lulu*
  • Lay: *doesn't get it* I am innocent too!! *angelical face*
  • Chen: *gives you all the tips he knows* We can try them together if you want *what a nice friend*
  • Sehun: I think we have to fix that babe *sexy voice*
  • Kai: *Smiles* There's nothing wrong with that. Waiting for the right guy is the best.
  • Kyungsoo: *hides under the covers* I-I am too...
  • Kris: *Kisses you passionately* Don't be afraid.. I know how to do this...
  • Tao: Where have you been all my life? *Can't believe how perfect you are*
  • Baekhyun: *having really perverted thoughts about you* hmm...
  • Xiumin: Should I show you how magic is like? Don't be afraid. *caring boyfriend*
  • Chanyeol: *gets close to you* Why are you telling me this? You want me to... *melting you*
Exo reaction when their kids say something creepy

Sehun: I was into some weird shit when I was little also

Kai:*still trying to process what his kid said*

Tao: He is so adorable when he tries to look serious 

Kyungsoo: What did my baby just say?

Chanyeol:*fake laughter* He is just kidding, don’t mind him. That was really funny kido, very funny, I can’t stop laughing

Chen: This is what I get if I let her play with kyungsoo’s kid to often

Baekhyun: Okay…I wasn’t the only one that found that creepy right?

Lay: Baby stop saying that cause that’s scary and you are scaring daddy so stop saying it

Suho: Where did you hear that?

Kris: Did your mom make you say this to me?

Luhan: Okay I will let your mom to deal with this

Xiumin: That’s funny kido *whisper to his wife* He lost it, don’t let him near luhan or kyungsoo

Exo’s reaction when you see him masturbating

Original: Hai ! I was wondering if you could please do an EXO reaction where you go to his house and hear him moaning your name in his room and when you open the door to find him master bating to pictures of you :/ sorry if it’s too nasty I just find post like this to be funnier. It’s ok if you no want to do it.

Kris: Y/N: “Kris…”



Suho: “How long have you been there?”

Baekhyun: *After some hours he would come out of the bathroom, but wouldn’t be able to look at you*

Sehun: “Why don’t you help me here, Y/N?”

Chanyeol: *Pretends to sleep*

Tao: *Acts sexy to convince you to join him* (I would join him)

Kyungsoo: *Staring at you with a creepy smile*

Lay: *embarrassed Yixing*

Chen: “Don’t act so inocent, i heard you moaning my name last night”

Jongin: “Come closer, jagiya”

Xiumin: “A little help, please”

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EXO Reaction when you jump on them and end in an awkward position

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Chanyeol: “Jagi? What are you doing on top of me? I thought you only wanted to sleep…”

Kris: *You accidentally put your hand on his member and he starts to act like a little kid* “Oh Y/N!!” *Giggles*

Sehun: “Oh Y/n… I’m not letting you go now!” *Pulls you close*

Tao: *Boner time* “What should I do… oh .. damn…”

Kai: *He is more scared than you, doesn’t even notice in the awkward position you two are*

Xiumin: “Do you want me to comfort you? I can totally make you forget about that movie…”

Baekhyun: *Naughty Baek* “Are you flirting with me??”

Luhan: *Runs away before you can even go to him* “THERE’S A MONSTER!!!”

Chen: *Does funny things so you move and you both don’t get awkward*

Kyungsoo: *Acts all innocent* “Come jagi… I’m scared” *Creepy Soo*

Lay: *Mental Breakdown*

Suho: “Stay here Y/N I’ll protect you” *Holds you tight and kisses you slowly*