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The Villains Of Beyond Belief | A Thrilling Adventure Hour Fanmix

Final TAH Villain mix, this one focused on the supernatural creatures on the other side of The Doyle’s door. 

  Thriller/Michael Jackson//Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)/David Bowie//Dead Man’s Party/Oingo Boingo//Walking With A Ghost/Tegan and Sara//Bad Moon Rising//Creedence Clearwater Revival//Howl/Florence + The Machine//Bite Of Another/Kirby Krackle/Season Of The Witch/Donovan//Walking On Air/Kerli//Creepy Doll/Jonathan Coulton//Live/Paul and Storm//Pentagram/Cake//Little Drop Of Poison/Tom Waits/Disturbia/Rihanna//End Of The World As We Know It/REM

Set your radio’s dial to spooky.

~Following Blogs~

Okay, so I just unfollowed a bunch of blogs that I didn’t care for anymore or were inactive or something of that sort. That being said, I’m going to want some more blogs to follow!

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