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Jill the Ripper?

Many of us are familiar with Jack the Ripper, the unidentified serial killer from 1880′s White Chapel. But what if it wasn’t Jack at all, what if Jack was actually Jill. 

There is a theory that Jack the Ripper wasn’t a man at all, but rather a woman. For one if it was a female midwife they would be able to subdue their victims just by applying pressure on their pressure points thus making killing and mutilating their victim easier. Also the killer if she was female could disguise herself in the victims clothing to make leaving the crime scene easier and less noticeable. 

One of the ripper’s victims, Mary Kelly, was thought to have died between 3 and 4 am. But Mrs. Maxwell gave aw testimony saying she saw Mary Kelly not once but twice after she was thought to have died. When detectives asked if she was sure she was adamantly sure she had seen Mary Kelly wearing the outfit she was seen in earlier that day. Could the killer have been posing as Kelly to escape unnoticed?

In William Stewart’s book “Jack the Ripper: A New Theory” he narrowed down the class of who a female ripper could have been. He said that the ripper could have been a midwife-probably an abortionist- who was betrayed by one of her patients and then sent to jail. Her motive for killing was to get revenge on her own sex for betraying her. 

While there is not much supporting this theory it is an interesting one none the less and one I hadn’t heard of. We may never know the true identity of Jack the Ripper but it is fun to speculate. 


12x19 | The Future

I’m with Dean. This is completely f**cked up.

It’s creepy how Kelly accepts her role as nothing but a “container” for the divine. It’s even more creepy to see Cas support her in this considering how he himself once persuaded Jimmy to become a vessel of the divine, and then shamelessly abused the poor guy’s faith.

On top of that, it’s disturbing how Kelly readily chooses its powers over her child’s life, health and happiness. That’s not motherly love. That’s not even faith. That’s fanatism.

To quote Dean: You don’t lay that kind of crap on your kids.

ok so this character is really starting to take on a life of its own…

Okay. So lets talk about something that gets pushed under the rug when it comes to conflict in the Black community, more towards black girls. Because Lord knows I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, of the sexualization of little girls. Let me start off with this:
Infantophilia- The sexual attraction to very small children ages 0-4.
Pedophilia- The sexual attraction towards pubescent/prepubescent children.
Hebephilia- The sexual attraction towards early adolescent children ages 11-14
Ephebophilia- The sexual attraction towards teens ages 15-19.
So what does this picture fall under? It is absolutely disgusting the adultification and sexualization black girls are forced from a little age. Studies have shown that black girls are seen as “Less innocent” than white girls. Forcing them to grow up, mature, and be treated differently at such a young age. Why?
Let black girls be girls. There is NO correlation to baby clothes that happen to be stylish, to being grown. Get that toxic comparison out of your head. Putting a little girls hair in a bun or ponytail isn’t grown. Wearing jewelry isn’t grown.
And what makes me even more sick is the women who say “Stop dressing your child like this. They will attract men.”
*Takes a deep breath* You guys are justifying sexual adultification of CHILDREN by letting them think it’s okay to THINK this way. It’s NOT okay and y'all need to either help or lock up these sick men that y'all are telling peoples children that they shouldn’t dress because of. Y'all need to check them R Kellys and creepy Uncle’s that immediately sexualizes children and teens. I’ve been hollered at by grown ass men, every since I was 12. Black girls, developed or not, should NOT have to go through that. What would a 30+ years old want with a 21- years old anyways?
Get the disgusting mentality out. Stop sexualizing black girls and children. Stop defending sexual predators. Stop justifying their behavior. Let black girls dress up and still be innocent.

The Dinosaurs Will Turn to Dust

 *shows up to my own fic 15 minutes late with starbucks, wearing sunglasses*


i’m so sorry this is late!! one of my coworkers had to go back east because her mom’s in the icu so i’ve been working overtime lately…hopefully she’ll be back soon and my hours will kinda normalize.

okay, disclaimer: i have no idea how fast drugs would show up in a urine test. that, i am happy to say, i have never had to find out. having said that, i figured most drugs absorb into the bloodstream fairly quickly, and since your body is constantly filtering your blood to remove toxins which are then expelled through urine, a few hours would be leeway enough. let’s just pretend i know what i’m talking about. 

on the other hand, i’m actually kind of happy with an ending?? for the first time in forever?? *closes eyes and crosses fingers*

(i’m gonna try and get this crossposted on AO3 soon, when i have the time and the motivation hyoop)


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Veronica was hanging upside down on the monkey bars at the park by her house, giggling as she felt the blood rush to her head.

“I haven’t done this in forever,” she laughed, and JD smiled at her, one eyebrow arched.

“You look ridiculous,” he told her, and she grinned.

“I know,” she replied. “It’s fun. You should join me.”

“I don’t think so,” JD teased. “I’d spill our slushies.”

Veronica rolled her eyes, sitting up so she was on top of the monkey bars and grabbing onto them for support as her world blurred for a second.

“Ah, yes,” she said, “we can’t have that.”

She jumped lightly to the ground, leaning up to kiss JD as she took her slushie from his hand.

“Hey, don’t knock it,” he breathed, and she smiled.

“Of course not,” she chuckled, kissing him again briefly before pulling away and making her way over to the grass. She collapsed onto the ground, staring up at the sky as she saw JD sit next to her.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Veronica sighed, letting her happy smile fade away. “I guess I just have to accept the fact that my social life is ruined and do my best to protect Martha from the worst of the fallout.”

“Don’t say that,” JD replied, frowning slightly. “We’ll figure out how to make them stop. Our love is God, babe.”

Veronica wrinkled her nose and squinted up at JD.

“What is that supposed to mean?” she asked, confused. He shrugged and took a sip of his slushie.

“Nevermind,” he said, and Veronica decided to let it slide as she sat up and took a long drink of her own slushie, wincing at the now-familiar pain of the brainfreeze.

JD laughed at her, pulling her into his lap.

“You’re adorable,” he told her, and she scoffed quietly, eyes dancing.

“No, you’ve got it wrong, babe,” she said, casually intertwining their free hands. “You’re the adorable one here.”

“Hey,” he protested, chuckling as he kissed her nose. “I’ll have you know, someone once called me a Baudelaire-quoting badass, and she looked smart so I think I believe her.”

Veronica grinned, resting her head on his shoulder.

“I love you,” she said, and felt him kiss the top of her head.

“I worship you,” he breathed, and Veronica felt her heart soar.

They spent the rest of the day talking and laughing, and as they made their way to Veronica’s house from the park, she could have sworn her feet didn’t touch the ground at all as she held JD’s hand.

Veronica fell asleep quickly, nestled securely in JD’s arms. She didn’t wake as he slipped out the window and walked to the payphone down the block, dialing a number he hadn’t used in years.

“Hey,” he said as the voice on the other end greeted him. “What’s the going price for steroids these days?”


Veronica woke the next morning to JD humming as he read a thick book, sitting in the chair at her desk.

“I could wake up like this every morning,” Veronica greeted, sitting up and rubbing her eyes as JD grinned, dropped the book on the desk, and made his way over to press a gentle kiss to her lips.

“I thought of the perfect way to get revenge on Kurt and Ram,” he said happily, and Veronica smiled.

“Oh yeah?”

He held up two bottles. Veronica took one and read the label, furrowing her brow.

“What’s…methandrostenolone?” she asked, cocking her head to the side.

“Steroids,” JD said casually, and Veronica’s eyes went wide.

“JD, do you have any idea how much trouble they would get in for this? They could go to prison,” she hissed, and he shook his head with a fond smile.

“Relax,” he said. “The label’s fake. Those pills are just your common garden-variety ibuprofen. We’ll plant these in their gym bags, make it look like they’re taking drugs, but everything will come back clean, and they’ll be the laughingstock of the whole school.”

Veronica blinked as a smile spread across her face.

“You’re a genius,” she said, leaning up to kiss him once more.


Veronica straightened her skirt anxiously and knocked on the door of the locker room, knowing that Kurt and Ram were the only two in there.

Kurt swung the door open, squinting at Veronica.

“What do you want?” he asked, and Veronica held up two mugs full of green smoothie.

“Well, I wanted to thank you,” she said sweetly, “you know, for showing me such a good time at the party, and I know you guys like protein shakes, so I made these for you. It seemed fitting that I help you keep your…manly physiques.”

Kurt raised his eyebrows, but Ram had made his way to the door and grabbed a mug.

“Hell yeah,” he grinned, grabbing one mug and downing the whole thing in one go.

Over his shoulder, Veronica saw JD, who had entered quietly through the other door, slip one bottle of pills into each boy’s bag.

“Oooh,” she said, looking back at the two jocks. “That was impressive…but I bet Kurt can’t do that.”

Kurt’s chest puffed up angrily, and he snatched the other mug and threw it back even faster than Ram had. Veronica pretended to swoon.

JD gave her a thumbs-up and slipped out of sight, and Veronica smiled at the two boys in front of her.

“Well, I’d better be going,” she said, “but hey, maybe we should spend some…quality time together later.”

Kurt and Ram nodded, and Veronica forced a giggle, stepping back to let the door swing shut.

“Later,” she cooed, and the door shut. She heard one of them tell the other to “punch it in” and rolled her eyes, turning around and making her way out to the football field to meet up with JD.

While she had been distracting the two of them, he had gone to the football coach and faked concern for the two, telling the coach he suspected drug use, before sneaking into the locker room to plant the bottles.

She grinned as she saw him, relief and happiness spreading through her whole body.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” she giggled, and JD grinned.

“I can,” he said. “I can’t wait to see their faces when they realize what we’ve done.”

They sat on the football field for a while, talking as they watched the clouds.

Almost three hours had passed when a siren whooped from the parking lot, and Veronica craned her head to watch as two uniformed officers made their way into the locker room, followed by a man holding two plastic cups and some paperwork.

“What’s he doing?” she asked, and JD hummed, turning his head to look at the man.

“Oh, those are drug tests,” he said. “Looks like the instant-result kind too. They’ll know in seconds if it’s positive or negative.”

Veronica waited anxiously as five minutes ticked past.

The door burst open again, and Veronica squeezed JD’s hand as Kurt and Ram were led out in handcuffs by the two police officers, followed by the coach and the drug-test man.

“Wait, what?” Veronica gasped, watching as the drug-test man said something to the coach. Kurt and Ram were unceremoniously helped into the back of the police cruiser, and it drove off.

She heard JD laugh, and whipped her head around to look at him. He looked back with a gleam in his eye that scared her.

“What the fuck did you do?” she demanded, and he bared his teeth in a chilling approximation of a smile.

“Don’t worry, Veronica,” he soothed gleefully, a hint of hysteria dancing in his tone. “They won’t be able to hurt you for a long time.”

“You lied to me?” she screeched, not caring who heard. “Those drugs were real?”

“Of course they were,” he laughed, and Veronica shuddered at the manic glint in his eyes.

“This will ruin their reputations,” Veronica cried. “They’re going to have a drug conviction now, and they’re…wait, how did the drugs even get in their systems?”

“I made those smoothies,” JD chuckled. “Easy enough to slip a few ground-up pills into it.”

Veronica’s jaw dropped, and she could only stare. He rolled his eyes.

“This is a good thing,” he reassured her. “Now they won’t be able to hurt you anymore. Our love is God, Veronica.”

He pulled her into a hug, and she let him hold her, not knowing how he’d react if she pushed him away like she so desperately wanted to. She wanted to rage and cry and scream, but she stayed silent and motionless.

“Our love is God,” JD repeated, squeezing her arm.

“Our love is God,” she echoed back, and felt him laugh as she fought back the urge to scream.


Night of the Comet (Thom Eberhardt | 1984)

“Since before recorded time it had swung through the universe in an elliptical orbit so large that its very existence remained a secret of time and space. But now, in the last few years of the 20th century, the visitor was returning.”

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It's hard to imagine that Jennifer Morrison's creative choices are the ones to blame for S6 Emma's wardrobe. She's the one who said that Emma's princess costume is her leather jacket and her gun and that she loves how strong and independent Emma is. This is the opposite of what S6 meant for Emma, which I would think is why she wanted to leave, so it's hard to believe the creative choices were hers.

Yes, TheTimesTheyAreAChangin!Anon, but when did she say that? All I have to do is show you JMo’s outfits and makeup for her personal appearances for 2016 and 17 (found by Googling) and let’s see if they track to her S6 outfits/hair/makeup:





(x) This is from 2016 but I’ll let it slide



(x) This is creepy Grace Kelly cosplay from the neck up



(x) This was for an article titled “Jennifer Morrison at Home.”

Case closed, Anon. Note the light makeup, braids, tight ponytails, high collars, 50′s vibe, and lots of flowers– all the WTF hallmarks of S6 Emma. What happened to Emma’s character is on the writers. What happened to Emma’s hair, makeup and wardrobe is kind of on the actress.

Things that happened when I made the Always Sunny gang in The Sims 3:

  • Charlie kept carrying a keyboard around with him and playing it everywhere
  • He also chased a cat several blocks
  • Dennis tried to give Mac flowers resulting in Mac slapping him in the face
  • Dennis also flirted a lot with Charlie (I told him numerous times not to do so), actually he flirted a lot with everyone
  • They were all terrible to Dee

I swear I didn’t make them do any of this, they just acted really in character.

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can you tell me the nicknames of bruins players?

  • bergeron - bergy, st. patrice, perfect patrice
  • campbell - soupy, soup, actual gay
  • caron - ?? horse
  • eriksson - loui, idk something about his pedo creepiness 
  • iginla - iggy
  • kelly - chris kelly 
  • krejci - krej, the matrix
  • lucic - looch, he used to have so much more omg but everyone just says looch now 
  • marchand - marchy, brado, lil shit, little ball of hate, asshole, pest, bird/beak/etc, 
  • paille - pie, pie yay
  • smith - smitty
  • soderberg - if u fucking call him anything other than carl he’ll give u the most real silent treatment 
  • thornton - thorty
  • bartkowski - bart, i’ve heard Mart but das a joke
  • boychuk - johnny
  • chara - big z, z 
  • hamilton - dougie
  • krug - ?? torey ?? 
  • mcquaid - quaider 
  • meszaros - mesz
  • miller - millsy, mills 
  • seidenberg - seids, seidsy 
  • chad johnson - chad johnson 
  • tuukka - tuukks, tuukk, save by rask