creepy jewellery

“I am KALI, the dark mother of India. I preside over death and rebirth. My cruelty, in clearing away the old, grows from my creativity, in making way for the new. I complete the circle of life.”

(via cinemaofthemind)

Vipers by Jack du Rose….

Jack du Rose created this piece as part of a one-off jewellery collection called Danger, it includes moths, frogs, octopus, lions and vipers. The beautiful colours and masterful craftsmanship lures you into seeing these creatures in glamorous guises? The Jack du Rose Vipers piece is created with white gold, rose gold, palladium, black, white and pink diamonds, and enamel.


Another box I painted as a gift :)

Kinda Halloween/haunted house themed, but with a sneaky Weeping Angel.

Acrylic paints on wood

My other painted box is HERE