creepy is as creepy does

my brother sleepwalks very frequently and last night apparently at around 3 AM he went into my mother’s room, into her bathroom with his phone flashlight and when asked what he was doing he responds “..I’m looking for memes”

and quite frankly if he did that to me I would have woken up the entire block by shrieking with laughter

I swear to god don’t leave me alone with my thoughts

Lance Headcanon #439

Since selfies are no longer a thing lance just screams until someone hears him and comes rushing in to help only to find lance posing and saying “check me out in this lighting i look fantastic”


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

I don’t think ya’ll realize just how much I love aro, ace, and aro-ace headcanons…. like if a character is gay I probably see them as gay ace…. if they’re straight they’re straight ace… bi aces, pan aces… if there isn’t a romantic interest there’s a damn good chance I headcanon them as aro or aro-ace, depending on the character…so many headcanons. So many characters to headcanon in so many different amazing ways. 

I'm kinda creeped out 😖

I was listening to vanoss’ newest video; Gmod Prop Hunt Funny Moments - The Ambition is Real (Garry’s Mod)

And around 4:48-4:52 I hear the creepiest breathing, I’m guessing it’s wildcat but even when he’s talking theres still breathing.

It really gives me the chills, anyone have a clue what it could be or who?

Penny is pretty scary to kids normally but in the Theater of Flesh she’s a way better alternative than the average resident. 

initially i saw this and i was like

is this a danganronpa reference? nah, can’t be

then i saw this and i was like



For David Tennant Appreciation Week day 6 - what would you like to see David cast in?

James Bond.  He’s a good actor, he can pretend he’s not a long streak of nothing.  Bless.