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new internet creepypasta: the next mp100 chapter introduces fishmob as actual canon

yknow I thought I was the cursed one for bringing the lords words to this reality


Clue references in Poe Party (55/?): When they split up, one member of the final pair is less than pleased with this arrangement

A late birthday thing for okolnir

because I’m a dumb fangirl let’s be honest for like, 5 seconds here. I would have done this sooner but school has been kicking my ass and I only just found the time for this.

I normally don’t do birthday drawings for people I don’t know on a personal level, but Shilin in an artist who I draw a lot of inspiration from. I actually seriously debate quitting art like, once a month and her art is one of the things that inspires me to keep drawing.

On a side note two toned hair is really hard and I have an even deeper respect for her being able to do it so easily now. Like, damn. I’d also like so apologize for her arm/hand. I don’t know what went wrong there-