creepy happy meal


sega game slime


So in order to get the meal I really wanted at McDonalds, I had to get a happy meal. I begged them not to put it in the box but.. They did anyways… Anyways, the creepy dude isn’t only on the box. He’s on the apple slices package too. And even more terrifying… He’s opening his mouth to enormous proportions, looking like he wants to swallow someone whole. Then he has a huge hammer and is intent on squishing apples. Or could it be edited human heads? McDonalds needs to stop with this…


Some pictures of other Cosplacon attendees! If you see yourself, shoot me a message and I’ll happily tag you! (Plus a bonus shot of the crazy Cards Against Humanity accidental room party and the all-knowing Steak n Shake Card Czar hat~ c:)

Props to Creepy Happy Meal Guy. You win the most horrifying thing ever.

Will Graham: paxambabes
Pepper Potts: witty-even-in-retreat
Black Widow: @widows-bite
Lumpy Space Princess: pantstacular