creepy happy meal


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One Nordic country is not like the others

So I got curious and decided to search Nordic countries with their native language names here

I was not disappointed

Here are the screenshots that show what the tag was mostly about, Denmark up first

pretty nature shots and the sea, DUH, little mermaid much

Up next Norway

Here’s nature and sea and viking stuff, very pretty

Iceland keeping up with the pattern

Well, there’s ice, and horses! Also rocks and snow. NATURE

Then everyone’s favourite neighbour, Sweden

More nature and pretty photos, also EUROVISION FUCK YOU SWEDEN

then there’s Finland

On the left: Moomins, swearing and sexy cheese. On the right: Shipping politicians, comparing our prime minister to the creepy happy meal box, and amusing movie screen shot

Someone is clearly adopted


So in order to get the meal I really wanted at McDonalds, I had to get a happy meal. I begged them not to put it in the box but.. They did anyways… Anyways, the creepy dude isn’t only on the box. He’s on the apple slices package too. And even more terrifying… He’s opening his mouth to enormous proportions, looking like he wants to swallow someone whole. Then he has a huge hammer and is intent on squishing apples. Or could it be edited human heads? McDonalds needs to stop with this…