creepy elsa

ARGH! DARN IT! I’M SO SORRY FOR MY LATENESS! and I’m sorry for my creepy-childish-ugly-bad Chinese handwriting by the way, 新年快乐! 恭喜发财!

Here you go! Enjoy the love from our lovely couple girls! 

All characters belong to Frozen, Disney.

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Do you wanna summon satan?,Come on lets cut some throats, 
I never kill anymore, lets find a whore, Or maybe kill some goats! 

We used to kill some virgins, but now theres not, any that we can find. 

Do you wanna summon satan?, or maybe just a demon, ok fine 

Do you wanna summon satan, or sling our blood around the walls, 
I think some company is overdue, ive startded talking to the great Grand'rhal! 

it gets a little lonely, all these dead bodies,just watching them covered in flies! 

Elsa please I know your in there, satan is asking where youve been 
he says kill people ,and im trying to,but I need you ,just let me in 

we only have till midnight its just you and me 
who are we gonna kill?do you wanna summon satan? 

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