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Lady Wanderer?( Complete Thread)

Since the last escapade with a very green star nomad her curiosity to seek more was obvious. Her Intel at all the information desks at different planets was speaking about how rare a sight was. Rare was her liking. Not to brag she was the type to want to sign about all the glorious things she came across and did. Made her feel more important with her status. With her clues she wound up off the Zbornak planet into a place with plush fuzzed bundles. They were just like puffballs. Too cute for this world! She had jumped into a pile of them making snow angels. Bad move since they started to scream in terror.

Jumping away she stood to an elevation much taller than the rest to see someone also bit taller than them as well. Looked like a star nomad! Ah! Maybe she knew. “ Is your name Wander by any chance?”

Walky knelt gently patted one of the fuzzballs who had swarmed around her, since she radiated heat. It felt nice to be the taller one for once (though only because they were tiny.) The yellow girl looked up when she heard the voice. “…h-huh? Um…” she glanced around, before pointing at herself. “Me? I’m n-not Wander, my name’s W-Walkabout! …People ask that a l-lot for some reason…”

The fuzzballs were now crowding her as well; not as welcoming but more grumbling in their language saying god knows what. Probably cute profanities for squishing them like pancakes. Bepbo kicked a few off of her as she floated away from that mess closer to her. “ I apologize. I am running on little facts of your race.  Do you per chance know a Zack? I just met him not too long ago. I’m not sure if you are all family or not.”

“…no.” She frowned-that question seemed to hit a nerve. “I d-don’t have a family. Biologically or in the emotional sense.”

This caused a sour taste to dwell in her mouth. No family? Not even one being to rely on? This poor soul! She started to well up tears as she embrace Walkabout to give her means of comfort. “ How awful! No one deserves that. Rest assure you I will do whatever it takes to find you a forever home.”

Walky made a panicked sound that vaguely resembled a duck quacking as she frantically pushed the alien away. “Do not touch! Please do not touch! I d-don’t know you and am not comfortable with you! No touching!”

With that, the little one was dropped just where she was in her fright as well. Such a reaction caused her to panic herself. “ Pardon me! I am so terribly sorry! My word how impolite of me. Are you alright?” There was a few feet to the ground and that was a mighty fall.

“ If that is what you want… I understand.” She placed her footing to the ground finally to kneel down wondering whether to give her a hand or not since she did not like touching. “ Is there any way I could help?”

“…w-well you could help by telling me who you are.” Walky frowned and folded her arms.

She had completely forgotten. Must have slipped her mind. Curtsying to her, a smile wiped off all the nerves that she presented at the mishap. Thank you subject change. “ Bepbo. Techno icon extraordinaire at your service. How about you? What do you do for a living?”  

“I w-wander around. I don’t have a job.” Walky shrugged.

“ How is it your are able to afford such a luxury on a dime?” She earnestly wanted to know. This was baffling all in itself. There was a price to everything. Food, clothes, places to sleep, activities, and much more. It must be a difficult task.

“…Luxury? I s-sleep out in the open and only eat m-maybe once a week. It’s…n-not very luxurious.”

“ How is it you not starve? Do you have a small stomach?” What a fascinating history. She wanted to know all about it. Too many questions were running in her mind to get out.

“I, um…I d-don’t…technically…need to eat? I s-still get hurt from starvation and s-stuff but I won’t die from it…”

“ Are you an…” Her eyes glistened with wonder. “ immortal?” Her body was sparkling with flecks of light. It was like one of those creepy desu-kawaii scenes in anime.

“ Huh….” The end spoken in question did not leave her too sure if she was even mortal to begin with. Yet, if she wasn’t immortal- what label would she be considered under? “ do you heal really fast? Like when you get cut or get bruised?”

“..Who?” Walky tilted her head. “And I told you, I d-don’t have a family. I’m l-literally not related to anyone.”

“ I know I only assumed maybe that you are long lost sisters or some crazy assumption to your creation.” She was a theorist whom spoke out her ideas to lay out facts. “ never mind…”

“I h-have no idea who ‘Lord Dominator’ even is…”

“Strange… She’s the top most ruthless villain on the charts. Lava based. Really killar personality. I’m surprised you don’t know her.”

“I, um…I k-kinda don’t know anything about any viillains. S-sides from the ones I’ve already met, I g-guess.”

Floating over she rested her palms on her chin letting a leg sway side to side on her lounging spot. “ so you have met a villain? Which ones?”

“…I’ve r-run into a couple Watchdogs..”

“ Watchdogs?” Still brimming with too many questions it seemed.

“ have you now… Do you have a bounty on your head?”

“…? No? Why would I?”

“ Cause from the sounds of your abilities and your interaction with villains. Also being a wanderer you’d assume that you are most likely on the wanted list. Just outweighing the possibilities. Cause you are the same situation as Wander. Just like you but … not bleeding plasma.”

“Well maybe except I don’t do anything and I DON’T KNOW WHO WANDER IS! The p-people on the wanted lists are the ones who g-get in the way of the villains and I’ve n-never done that! I’ve never heard of most of them, even! I’m n-not wandering by choice you know!”

The shouting caused her to cower. Bepbo was obviously causing her distress or to be upset with her constant prodding. “ Pardon. Think … I’ll be just going now. Excuse me. Did not mean to intrude. This won’t happen again.”

“…okay.” The air was still heated around Walky-the puffballs seemed to like it, but if it got hotter it would be much less pleasant. “…people k-keep mistaking me for Wander and I d-don’t even know who he is…”

She was just about to leave but getting smothered by puffballs she was engulfed in fuzz. Seemed they did not want her to leave until a resolution was made. Oh dear. You could not see her but she spoke out, “ -guess putting you in a category when you haven’t a clue was rude on my part. That is so unlike me… You are your own person after all. No substitute.”

“Y-yeah, none at all. N-not a single solitary person in the galaxy who has the same physical composition as I do.”

Popping up she was a monster of fluff not even able to see. Yet, she did look very much plushy. “ So no more speaking of him. Out the window.” Bepbo did a motion of zipping her lip, if only you could see it…

“You w-won’t tell me who he is either?” Walky sighed in frustration

“ Huh? Wait… hold on. I thought the whole point of this was not to speak about him.” She slumped her shoulders, scratching her head trying to put two and two together. “ I’m confused.”

“I s-said I was annoyed because I didn’t know who he was! This is pretty flarping clear!

“ OOoooooohhhh – so it was not because I was making the comparison to Wander. It was because you had no idea about him. Ohhhhhhh- It all makes so much sense now!” Doinks her head with her disk palm. “ He’s a star nomad, with a neat banjo cute voice, extremely sweet and always has everyone else’s best interest in mind. Not to add when you hug him he’s like a little plush.”

“Y-yes, as I started multiple times…” She grumbled. “S-so why would anyone mistake him for me? I don’t have a banjo.”

“ Cause you have the same body structure on the outside perhaps? Pretty much you have the female construction of their race.” Which is why there was the misinterpretation of being a nomad.

“Hmm….I g-guess that was the racial template chosen at creation. They d-did used to call me ‘nomad’ before I c-chose my name…internally I’m n-nothing like one at all.”

“ They?” Shaking off the remainder of the fuzzballs she was home free from the smothering. Warm but got a little too claustrophobic after a while. “ - and you chose your name? How?”

“I read a b-book, I saw a word, I liked it and made it my n-name. Simple as that.”

“ So.. you are not a star nomad and you were able to read when you were born to decide your name.” She plopped into sitting, back to hugging fluff. “ This is blowing my mind.”

“It wasn’t when I w-was born, I picked my name a few y-years later. I d-don’t think it’s that surprising. D-did you really think everyone got their name the same way? ”

“ No – but….” Walky did have a point, “ just so odd to see a different upraising. Yet, you have been opening up my eyes to many things.” 

“I’ve l-learned a lot about different cultures in my t-travels…if you want to know anything else.”

“ Would I!” Her whole life was dependent on improvement. If this could get her on the level of understanding with Walky she was more than willing. “ Tell me everything!” 

“A…s-starting point would be helpful. I’ve been to a l-lot of places.

“ Perhaps the Phunulon planet? There is so little I know about that place but plenty of positive words about the attractions.”

“Phunulon isn’ a c-culture, It’s a planet that was originally barren before a theme park c-company used it to make a planet sized park. It’s also n-not really a full sized planet, more of a dwarf p-planet.”

“ See? That goes to show how little I know about that location. The more I know.” Panning out her hands she produced a neon rainbow with sparkles to detail that last sentence. “ is there a planet especially for fashion may I ask?”

“Um…it’s a big g-galaxy and all, im sure there’s a lot of planets with countries dedicated to textile p-products and all….”

“ My planet is a textile planet also!” She exclaimed this with plenty of dexterity. “ So you could say we are on that production list. We are known for plenty of goods exported throughout the galaxy. Have you been to the Crafter world?”

“Um…n-no? Reminder, the g-galaxy is really flarping big!”

With that attitude she drew away from the sincerity and concern she was approaching onto her. This whole time she was making her feel like an imbecile. No more. “ Listen. There is so much I can take and this draws the line. I deserve respect. These are simple questions because yes I know little of you–”

Floating upward away from the fuzzballs she shook off, she was levitating poking a floating finger at her chest. “ I know little of you and every question you have prodded, ridiculed with your snark. How was I suppose to know you have not been there? You just said how much you knew.”

Going forward she folded her arms with her back to her. “ I hope you learn from this if I ever do see you. Yet after all, it is a flarping big galaxy so highly unlikely.” With that she was leaving. “ Good day.”  

“W-well I’m sorry but it gets really annoying being asked the s-same questions over and over again! and it’s n-not like you ever listened to my answers because you asked the same ones! and you’re the one who kept getting into my personal space and asked me p-personal things without any regards to how I felt!”

She was fuming inside. Did she not realize she apologized for that mistake? Excuse her for her curiosity and trying to get down to the bottom of things. Being one that was so vague it was hard to get anything out of her. Bepbo was only making small talk as best she could. Yet, it was only walking on thin ice with this one and a repetitive circle. With that Bepbo lifted her head upward not speaking. When she said ‘good day’ that meant this was the end of the conversation, flying off. Reputation or not, there was so much she could take. Some beings were just best to remain acquaintances.