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Okay so like, i'm sick rn and my skin is really hot n sensitive so imagine the yandere MTMTE crew realizing this and one of them has you in their room and gently brushing their servos over your skin to here you whimper cos it feels nice since your body is overheating and they just keep you there. and like then always give you a little medicine but enough to keep you there cos they never want you to leave... you're theirs and they need to protect you when you're weak... I'll be TG anon btw ;)

(Hey TG anon!  :D)

The medics have everyone beat in this department!  Ratchet, First Aid, Ambulon, and Velocity will all team up to take care of you and shoo the other well meaning, but less qualified bots away.  (Helpful?  Yes.  Ulterior motives?  Almost certainly.)  

You’re practically not allowed to lift a finger as they constantly fuss over you.  They’ll keep you at a constant temperature and bring you anything you might need from ginger ale, to books, to a fresh pair of pj’s.  They’re constantly at your beck and call.  You want them to run you a cool bath?  No problem!  You’re muscles feeling sore?  They’ll gladly give you a massage.  You just want to lie down and take a nap?  Come curl up on their chest plate!

You have to admit all the attention is pretty nice, but you can’t but notice that they don’t want to seem to let you out of the medbay.  “What’s that?  You feel much better?  Well, that’s all very well, but you really shouldn’t push yourself.  We recommend having you stay another few nights with us.  Just to be on the safe side…”

Are there seriously fucking people who try to find out where YouTubers live and go to their homes? Like adults, but also parents who are willing to take their children to these homes and they think that’s OK? If these people are in public and you say hello, that’s one thing, but going to someone’s home - the one place where anyone, especially a celebrity, should feel safe -  is so creepy and disrespectful. 

Creepypasta #1271: Coming Home Past Midnight

Length: Short

So I’m currently on an extended vacation in South Korea. I don’t know if you guys know this, but because South Korea is such a small country, they tend to build upwards instead of outwards. With that being said, most of the buildings in Korea are a minimum of 4 stories, with most apartment complexes being a minimum of 15 stories. I currently live in an apartment on the 12th floor of a building, after a while you don’t really think much of it.

One night after drinking with some friends, I came home around 5 AM, when it’s still dark but getting light out. I admit I drank a few drinks with my friends, but I was sober nonetheless. I entered the apartment complex and went to the elevator, only to find it was going under repair service, which meant I had to take the stairs. The stairs have motion detecting lights which I was thankful for, otherwise I would’ve camped out on the first floor until morning.

As I was heading up the stairs, I heard someone coming down. It was a Korean girl, who looked to be in high school from her uniform. I politely greeted her but she ignored me and just kept going down. I didn’t think much of it and decided to look out the window, to watch her leave the building and see which way she went. She was pretty cute, and since I graduated high school not too long ago, this didn’t make me instantly pedobearish. 

As I stared down out the window, I noticed that it was taking her way too long to leave the building. I finally decided to just go to my apartment and sleep. Once I was finally in my apartment and under my covers about to fall asleep, a realization hit me.

1.    She was always staring at the ground (Not unusual, but creepy.)

2.    Although it’s common for Korean students to go to school early and come home late, it’s NOT common for them not to have a backpack or books with them.

3.    None of the lights from the upper floors were activated.

4.    She never came out of the building, and there’s no where else to go. The elevator was broken.

Needless to say I turned on all the lights, made myself some coffee and watched T.V. until morning.

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What Are Doppelgängers?

Doppelgänger is the name given to a look-alike or exact double of a living person. They have been regarded as a paranormal entity or a bad omen, commonly believed to bring death. Some refer to a doppelgänger as an ‘evil twin’ or ‘alter ego’. Whatever they are, they’re extremely creepy, and more common then you’d first think.

Doppelgängers have been reported all over the world. Usually, a family member or a friend may see their loved one in one location, only to find they were actually somewhere else (sometimes even in a different country) at the time their double was seen. There have been many reports of Doppelgängers in places that have also been reported to be haunted or that have some level of paranormal activity. A common occurrence linked to doppelgängers is the phenomenon of hearing a loved one’s voice, only to find them to not have been the ones that spoke.

There are many theories linking doppelgängers to paranormal phenomena, such as demons mimicking us, but one theory that is particularly interesting is the theory linking doppelgängers to dimensional shifts. The 18th Century poet,  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, documented an encounter with his own doppelgänger whilst riding. He passed an exact double of himself wearing a grey suit with gold details riding in the opposite direction. Years later, he was riding down that exact road when he realized that he was wearing the exact same clothes as he had seen himself in before. This raises the question, are doppelgängers our future selves? Are they glimpses of ourselves in alternate dimensions?

Unfortunately, we do not know for definite what these entities are, or even that they exist at all. Heautoscopy is a symptom of several mental illnesses such as schizophrenia where the sufferer has hallucinations of themselves from a distance. This may be an explanation for the doppelgänger phenomenon, but how does that explain the sightings of doppelgängers by individuals with no history or symptoms of mental illness?

After researching this phenomenon I seem to have come away with more questions than answers. Truthfully, this unexplained event is just that - unexplained. One thing is for sure, however, when I look out of my bedroom window at night, I sure as hell don’t want to see a duplicate of myself smiling back at me.

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You know unlike Night vale, where all the weird creepy stuff is so common place and accepted, what I love about Alice isn’t dead is that our narrator is legitimately scared and terrified of her experinces. She isn’t used to things like this and I think that’s what makes it seem more real whereas Night vale seems real because they talk about everything in such a nonshalant way you begin to believe that’s just how the world works. And yet you still get those touches of surrealism from time to time.

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[My little sister and I watched “Armaggedon Game”, and when Julian reminisces about his old love and says, “She had the most exquisite feet,” my sister recoiled because the line was so unexpected. So I explained that it’s common, not creepy, to occasionally notice weird things about people, that for example I kept thinking someone in a certain show had aesthetically pleasant eyelids. She decided I was insane, so I didn’t mention that the show was DS9 and the person was Bashir.]

With pregnancy comes cravings for the darnedest things. Blaine finds out the hard way when his husband starts whipping up concoctions that only those in dire straits might eat - and that’s not the most of it!


Warning: Lots of food talk in this one. If you aren’t keen on reading a fic about food mixtures (think: chocolate and hot sauce, etc.) I’d pass this one up! Just lettin’ ya know what you’re getting into. (Also, the final food Kurt eats in this one is something I ate as a kid. Because my tastes were… ummm yeah! Ha!)

It started off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a spoonful of grape jelly.

The first (countable) pregnancy craving Kurt ever had came after a normal dinner of spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread. He was in his sixteenth week of pregnancy and they’d been in the process of cleaning up the mess from their meal when Kurt turned to Blaine and muttered something about dessert. All of a sudden, Blaine’s pregnant husband was dishing out bowls of ice cream and plopping one hearty glob of sticky purple jam onto his portion, the hungry look in his eye increasing tenfold when the jelly rolled down the side of the frozen dessert and settled into the bottom of the bowl.

It was unusual to say the least, especially to a very confused Blaine. “Grape jelly? Normally you loathe grape flavored stuff.”

His husband could barely answer, the spoon already in his mouth while a small smudge of jam dripped down the side of his lip. “Huh?”

“Nevermind… how’s the ice cream?”


“That good, huh?”

Kurt just hummed in response again, savoring the taste and ignoring Blaine in the meantime. He didn’t even move from his position at the kitchen counter; the silverware and bowls, tub of ice cream, and the jar of jelly sat neglected around him as he ate. The only thing that mattered at that very moment was his dessert and all Blaine could do was smile and watch as his hubby enjoyed the strange concoction he normally wouldn’t eat any other day.

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what's your opinion on That Kiss in captain america: civil war?

okay listen:
I’ve always been creeped out by the trope of people falling for ex-lover’s relatives? Like I don’t know, especially if that ex-lover is dead? I feel like it’s really, really, really creepy. But it’s so common? Is it meant to be sweet? No, it is creepy. 

come on girl your aunt died like two days ago and you already mackin on her guy that’s unbelievable. did peggy wink and tell her to go for it? doubting this but peggy was a pretty forward kinda gal so who knows 

the worst part about it is imagine… steve accidentally calling sharon peggy 
because you know without a doubt that would happen at one point
that is a deal breaker sson i would never date anybody if there was the risk of them moaning out my dead aunt’s name in bed i wwould be so outtie there 

let’s just get something straight: if a girl doesn’t text you back, doesn’t show interest in your conversations, avoids you in public, blatantly TELLS you that you’re coming on too strong, she is NOT playing “hard to get”. when someone is not interested in you, it is not an invitation to try harder and basically harass the person. it’s an invitation to leave them the hell alone.

Yartsa gunbu is the Tibetan name for the sac fungus Ophiocordyceps sinensis, which loosely translates in English to OH DEAR GOD IT’S A FUCKING ALIEN MUMMY WORM.

Yartsa gunbu is a caterpillar fungus that invades the larvae of the (as if this isn’t already creepy enough) ghost moth common across Tibet. The relationship is all cool for a while, like that cousin who crashes on your couch but it’s not a big deal since he doesn’t eat that much. But then you realize that your couch-crashing cousin is some kind of obscene amalgamation of Ed Gein and the face-hugger from Alien.

The fungus mummifies the caterpillar from the inside out, then bursts through its little wormy face with a disgusting stalk of fungus. Then, humans will dig them up, wash off the dirt, and make soup out of them.

Oh, did we mention that people pay thousands of dollars for it?

The 6 Most Horrifying Health Foods in the World

All things creepy *5sos pref*

Anonymous requested: can you do one where you’re obsessed with all things creepy! pleaseeee 4/4!!

A/N: Doing these blurby-prefs is my new favourite thing!! Sorry if Ashton’s kinds sucked… wow so much crossed out for Cal and Ash oops


I think Michael would be sort of surprised. He would’ve thought that you would’ve hated his creepy video games, like Slenderman, or all the horror shows, so when he found out your favourite thing to binge-watch was The Walking Dead he was happy, albeit a bit taken aback. “You really like this stuff?” he’d probably be hiding behind his hands as someone gruesomely killed another zombie and you’d nod, eager to see more gore but he would just laugh, and kiss you on the cheek. Tbh, he’d probably think it was the cutest thing ever to see you get all excited about the new season of American Horror Story coming back; but in the back of his mind he’s be a bit disappointed. ‘Great, Clifford, now your girlfriend is even more punk rock than you…’


Luke’s reaction would be similar to Mikey’s in the sense that’d he would be really surprised. Like he had this great plan to put on Annabelle or something and then you’d be terrified and jump into his arms for comfort, but little did he know you’d be the one comforting him when the creepy little doll advanced towards the screen. “How are you not terrified, y/n?? I mean, look at it!” you just laugh as he nuzzled his head into your neck more, while you wrapped your arms around his back, rubbing small circles into it for comfort. “Don’t worry, Lukey, I’ll keep you safe” and you couldn’t help but laugh out loud at his grumpy expression, which soon changed to fear as she popped across your screen again, making him jump. “Ok, ok, you win, just cuddle me!” and the rest of the evening would be spent with you cuddling him until he felt better aww Luke


Calum would probably be completely unaware about it until one day you were showering together because it’s Cal and this huge spider would start crawling down the wall my actual biggest fear and he’d like squeal and back away and you’d laugh and put a towel around you and just pick it up and carry it out and carefully give him or her, I’m no expert on spider-genders a quick exit through the window, putting it on a leaf, and when you’d go back to finish the shower Cal would just be staring at you like wtf who are you, woman?? and you’d brush it off but he would be persistent, “Babe, that was a big-ass spider! How were you not scared?” and you’d be really confused because “I thought everyone could do that??” and he’d just laugh and kiss you on the forehead and think to himself ‘fuck yeah, Hood, you got yourself one bad-ass babe’ and if you think he’d think anything else fight me (not really)


Ash would probs think it’s the coolest thing in the world and when it came to Halloween you didn’t really want to be anything too ‘mainstream’ and would insist on being some sort of freaky, demonic thing which Ash would be a little scared of cos he’d want to go as like a Disney character or a Ninja Turtle and he’d try and convince you to co-ordinate costumes but you’d be like “Fuck no, Irwin, this is the one time of year everyone shares my common interests; creepiness” and he’d sigh and give up and you’d be super happy and he loved seeing you happy so he even let you talk him into doing his make-up and you made him so beyond freaky he hardly recognised himself in the mirror. “I guess I’ll just be Hercules next year” but he couldn’t be that disappointed about it cos you were all excited and happy and giggly and that made him all happy and giggly and you would probably make-out until you had to leave for the party you were going to I can only think about that scene from iCarly where Spencer and that girl have paint on them and they’re like ‘you painted my mouth blue’ ‘you painted my mouth red’ ‘wanna make purple??’ sorry I’m weird like that