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[Swindle's human business] Swindle kidnaps only a few different humans at first to try out this business with, to see which sell the best. Turns out all humans sell really quickly because aliens love the wide diversity of shapes, colours and personality that humans come in. "They're simple organics yet so full of character, amazing!" - review from a random loyal customer at Swindle's human adoption site.

[Swindle’s human business] Some humans are kept with other humans to remain strong-willed and spirited for those who want a wilder human. Some are isolated to eventually become completely dependent on Cybertronians for any kind of social interaction and affection. “Don’t forget, humans are simple pack animals so make sure to give them very little to no alone time”… The amount of truth in Swindle’s ‘Humans: how to care for’ booklet is questionable. And costs a bit extra.

I can totally see Swindle cataloging all the things humans (supposedly) like to help prepare their buyers!  <3  He probably teams up a lot with Lockdown as well.

It’s a very efficient operation.  Swindle gets a call from an interested buyer with a list of desirable personality/physical traits.  He then scours various online social media and dating sites until he finds what he’s looking for.  The he either catfishes his prospective target into meeting up, if possible, or just gets their contact info from their profile.  Afterwards he calls Lockdown in to deliver the goods >:3

More Babqftim

Because why not. I might do more fan work on other stuff too. This is failed attempts of the story. (Except for the throwing Bendy one. That’s already in the first shorts)

Actual quest AU - @thebbros

On and off set AU - @thebbros-studios-on-and-off-set

Tutu scene


Boris: Come on…


Cup: Bendy~

Mug: Heh heh heh heh

A few hours of chasing later… 

(Director Rouge joined)

Director Rouge: GET BACK HERE!

Another few thousand hours later…

Everyone: *Dying on the floor*


“Bendy can’t get a girl”

Bendy: *Still sulking*

Boris: You can get up now.

Bendy: *Continues to sulk* 

Boris: You can stop sulking.

Bendy: *Proceeds to sit in corner and sulk*


Bendy: My voice is dying from screaming. 

Director Rouge: *Pours bucket of ink on Bendy* You got more ink scenes to go!

Bendy: Ugh……


Director Rouge: *Types* Both very stupid (cuphead is slightly smarter then mugman, but both of them are still idiots)

Cup: Hey, who are you calling stupid?

Director Rouge: You. (Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m sorry.)


Cup: *Finds picture of Bendy and Boris as kids* Cuteeeeeeee!

Bendy: Give it back!

Mug: Bendy’s still shorter than Boris though.

Bendy: *Proceeds to sit in corner and sulk*


“Why is it to get rid of them? Who’s making you?”

Cup: None of your business, creepy voice in my head!

Director Rouge: Cut!

Cup: Oh god sorry I was so rude I’m so sorry please forgive me!


“You guys are terrible people. Just because of your selfishness, so many people are dying because of you.”

Cup: Don’t make me sympathise with people I don’t know, it was either them or us! We only care about surviving!


Cup: … *Looks at message again* We are so mean! 

Mug: In the show.

Cup: We killed so many people!

Mug: In the show.


Cup: Don’t worry, it’ll be quick and painless.

Bendy: *Knees Cup at the uh…*

Cup: You little…that’s how you wanna play huh?


Cup: But seriously that hurt…

Bendy: Oops, sorry!



Mug: …I’m not dead. What is this stuff? *Gestures to “blood”*

Director Rouge: HELP I’M SORRY!!!! *Getting chased by Sans*

(Look’s like someone’s gonna have a bad time. Life lesson: Don’t touch San’s ketchup kids.)


Director Rouge: So you have to act angry and go wild, chase after Bendy and Boris.

Cup: I get to go wild? (This is a bad sign.)


Cup: *Chases after Bendy and Boris*

Director Rouge: Cut!

Bendy: Cup, you run fast!

Cup: *Continues running from behind and going crazy*

Bendy: Uh…you can stop now.

Boris: Cup?

Cup: *Continues running at full speed*

Bendy: Sh*t. Run!

After Cup gets tired…

(The set is in ruins.)

All except Cup: *Ponders over how lucky they are to not have died* 

I have way more but I’ll stop this one here first. (Proceeds to sit in corner with Bendy and thinks about life choices)

…Do I submit this?…Or message it?

You're okay
Comic: humunanunga Voice: going-to-grillbys
You're okay

I made this because I’m a weakling.

(See part one here

Warning: This one’s creepy

Voiced with permission by @humunanunga. Original post here.

(If you want to hear the bare Gaster audio in all its creepy glory, here it is)

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i keep trying to think of a noncreepy way to be like ‘OR you can let me examine your muscles’ but its not working

pip come 2 seattle and you can [significant pause, ludicrously exaggerated wink] examine my muscles 

Petsa Party

I waited 25 years for Betty and Jughead to say “I Love You” to each other, and it happened. Bughead, finally.

So, I’m going to hang onto this tiny shred of hope that Sansa and Littlefinger share an epic smooch or something, because you know what? I DESERVE THAT MUCH.