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MAAAAAAN, you guys know that terrible horror movie, The Bye Bye Man

Well, apparently the description in the book that the film is based on is IMMENSELY more creepier than the film version (and has the much better title, The Bridge to Body Island).

And that weird hellhound that accompanies the Bye Bye Man that’s never explained? That’s Gloomsinger, a creature who was literally sewn together from pieces of The Bye Bye Man’s victims. Even more bizarre, Gloomsinger is always deteriorating, so The Bye Bye Man has to kill more victims to gather the eyes, tongues, and other parts necessary to restore him.

WHAT THE CRAP!? They had all this potential, but didn’t even bother to make it REMOTELY scary!!! 

The Black Stick Man Phenomenon

A new strange paranormal phenomenon known as the black stick man has emerged. They are just what you would think…walking stick men. The figures have been described as unusually tall, black in appearance, lacking any facial or bodily features and very lean. The figures move smoothly as if gliding, they do not make any sound although the air around them is reportedly charged with static.

Many people have claimed to have seen similar “creatures.” Let us know if you’ve had an encounter with such a creature.

What The Heck Is A Malec

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Summery: Alec is ordered to find a troublesome warlock a legal guardian or she will be executed by the clave for causing centuries of trouble. When he becomes determined to care for he turns to Magnus.

Magnus x Alec

“The clave can’t do that, surely.” Clary chirped on as Izzy followed Alec in an attempt to get him to stop passing.

“They can, she’s had several warnings but she refuses to listen.” Izzy sighed.

“If this goes wrong I’m finished and done for.” Alec groaned and Izzy patted his back as he finally stopped.

“Why don’t you just find her first, then we can try and help you from there.” She smiled and glanced at Clary and Jace who shot him strained smiles.

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