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Do the creepies have any weird habits (besides killing) or guilty pleasures?

I’ve already answered habits so I’ll do guilty pleasures!

Jeff: He freaking loves Powdered Donets!

BEN: Secretly loves Gravity Falls and watches it all the time

Toby: Red Bull and other energy drinks

Masky: Secretly loves Michael Jackson

Hoodie: Surprisingly loves breakfast foods

EJ: Any type of scented candles

LJ: Loves vegetables but keeps it a secret to keep up his ‘image’

Jane: Slut for the color pink

Sally: Really enjoys coffee for some reason

Clockwork: REALLY enjoys PewDiePie

Slenderman: The smell of tea

Homicidal Liu: Nilla Wafers

~Guys, guuuys...

I’ve just learnt that Ben Affleck:

- has taught himself Arabic

- speaks Spanish and French too

- is so good at doing impressions that when he did one to Morgan Freeman, it was so accurate Freeman told him, “You ever do that again, I’ll kill you”

- won $356,000 by winning the California State Poker Championships in June 2004 - defeating some of the best poker players in the world in the process

- filmed four movies simultaneously in 2001: Pearl Harbor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Changing Lanes, and The Sum of All Fears 

- began an intense two-hour a day workout regime the day after he was cast as Batman

- received a lifetime ban from playing blackjack at the Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Casino due to his ‘counting cards’ skills

Which tells me:

1. He’s fucking smart. I mean, he can pick up/learn languages pretty well (one of which is Arabic, Damian are you listening and he majored in Middle Eastern Affairs in college) and he is a boss at poker/blackjack.

2. He’s a workaholic. Look, I’ve never made a film (or even a short video) in my entire life, but he did 4 in one year at the same time and I bet he’s done similar workloads throughout his career. Also, see: two-hour a day workout regime for more evidence.

3. He can do good enough impressions to freak the fuck out of God™.


= Ben Affleck is well on his way to being Ultimate Batman

All Hail the mighty Bat!

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(edit: someone didn’t like my previous gif-use due to literal-Superman-bashing, and I agreed. Sorry, I didn’t see Supes little face on the wee gif-screen. Here’s some batfleck just being the best Bat he can)

ignore me creepy internet researching the fuck out of him to get my hands on this info. i needed it to defend myself from absolutely no one. fucking fight me

Here’s the Cartoon Network and [adult swim] schedule for Monday 11 September to Sunday 17 September.

ADVENTURE TIME IS BACK WITH NEW EPISODES AND A NEW (and final) SEASON!! It’s so good to see the show on the schedule again since July!

Next week’s Ben 10: Alien of the Week will be Four Arms. It doesn’t say it on Zap2it, yet. But it did say it on TV Guide.

It looks like they’ll be airing Over the Garden Wall again (but only 8 of the 10 episodes will be shown, so it won’t be very consistent.) Why, you may ask? Because Autumn is coming right up, of course!

So, The Powerpuff Girls (2016) will have a 5-episode special called Power of Four. There will be a 5th 4th Powerpuff Girl. (definitely NOT Bunny) And she looks like a self-insert from some grown man’s creepy fanfiction! (see promo images and a screencap, taken from CN RSEE highlight reel, below)

UPDATE: Her name is “Bliss” and the special already aired in Africa months ago in the Summer.

It looks like they might be airing Classic Tom and Jerry at 10am weekdays after Tom and Jerry Tales. All swimming under the “Sea of Yellow.”

Infomercials are back, while 2 extra Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Stroker & Hoop, The Venture Brothers, and Tom Goes to the Mayor are next week’s 16th Anniversary [adult swim] shows.

[Error 404: Steven Universe reruns not found.]

Here’s what’s NEW NEW NEW NEW! on this week:

  • Ben 10: Alien of the Week: Four Arms - Friday at 5:00p
  • Teen Titans Go! - Friday at 6:00p
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - Friday at 6:30p
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Friday at 7:00p
  • We Bare Bears - Friday at 7:30p
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Saturday at 6:30a
  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:00a
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four Special - Sunday at 5:30p
  • Adventure Time - Sunday at 7:00p
  • Toonami - Every Saturday night from 11:30p-4:00a
  • Rick and Morty - Sunday at 11:30p
  • Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories - Sunday at 12:00a
  • Decker: Unsealed - Sunday at 12:30a

Top 3:

  • Teen Titans Go! - 152 - 49.4%
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - 45 - 14.6%
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - 41 - 13.3%

Aries - Jeff The Killer

Tauro: Jane The Killer

Geminis: Slenderman

Cancer: Eyeless Jack

Leo: The Rake

Virgo: Ticci Toby

Libra: Kagekao

Escorpio: Zalgo

Sagitario: Laughing Jack

Capricornio: Mothman 

Acuario: Ben Drowned

Piscis: Sally Play With Me