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Anyways, Happy (Belated) Valentine!!

For @waterlilyrose, author of one of my favorite stories ever, Ileenium manor. I feel terribly guilty I’ve not been leaving as many comments as I probably should, so everybody that enjoy her stories, please leave some love, let’s show our authors how much we appreciate them!

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anonymous asked:


*puts on perusing glasses for some tythan stream timestamps*

okay around 3:35:00 is when Tyler’s talking about the haunted bathroom and creepy noises in their house (earlier he mentions that he’s not living with Mark anymore) and while he’s talking about the creepy attic noises Ethan’s like “i live with you why do I not know of this” or whatever

-other times include-

3:39:19 where Tyler confirms that him and Ethan had to pose for the picture and they discuss the making of the “Love Too Soon” play scene

4:19:30 is when the screen was blacked out and you hear Tyler saying “i told you to leave your clothes ON, ethan”

around 5:07:00 is when Tyler talks about his favorite memory of Ethan and them going to a haunted house together

7:30:58 is Tyler talking about going up to try to massage Eth

at like 7:33:50 when tyler’s ass appears and Ethan’s like “hhh i hate that” and kathryn’s like “what youre not used to looking at tyler’s butt yet”

The Attic.

Niamh submitted:

Over the weekend, I went on a short holiday with some friends. On my way home, my mam told me that I would arrive to an empty house, as she and my siblings were at work/school. 

When I came home I noticed the framed picture of me on the floor. I picked it up and put it back in it’s place. Then, I went upstairs to put my bags back. To my surprise, my attic was left open. It’s impossible for my attic to open by itself as it has a lock and latch. Out of curiosity, I called my mam and asked her why she left it open. She told me she didn’t open it and neither did my siblings. She was the last to leave my house that day and it was closed. 

I decided to go to my friend’s house because I’ve been terrified of my attic since I was a child. In my room I noticed another framed picture of me on the floor. I quickly left my house.

To this day, we still don’t know what/who opened my attic.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

punkassplonker  asked:

Hey reverse, im sorry if this is kinda weird or like a bit much to ask but im kinda really upset at the moment, my parents are giving my dog away and i was just wondering if i could like get a hug from jacks egos, or if you could write a little fic of them getting along and having a nice time or something if thats okay

(Sorry about that, cutie pie, but I hope that this little fic might help you feel a bit better.)

Jack gives his Egos the old cabin for them to live in. Anti disappears into the creepy attic while Schneep and Chase take the rest of the house for themselves. They find Marvin a few weeks later, a little roughed up from living on his own, but once they get some food in him, the excitable magician agrees to stay. “Watch this!”

Marvin wiggles his fingers at his dirty dishes, and they hop up off the table and dance across the room to the sink. But just as they reach the sink, the dishes fall from the air and crash on the floor with a clatter. Chase plugs his ears, and Schneeple rolls his eyes. “Zat vas almost impressive.”

Marvin blushes deeply and ducks his head. “I’m still working on it…”

Anti comes down later on to find Marvin asleep on the couch. “When did we get a new one?”

“He’s not new. He’s Marvin,” Chase says with a smile as he pops a marshmallow in his mouth. “He cah do ma’ic!”

Anti glitches around the couch a bit before poking Marvin’s nose until the Ego startles awake. “Hey, you! That’s my couch yer sleepin’ on!”

Marvin yelps and tumbles off the couch, and Anti, with a proud smirk, glitches so he’s lying down in the spot that Marvin just vacated. “That’s better!”

Mockingjay Manor - Ch 6

Chapter One /// Chapter Two /// Chapter Three /// Chapter Four /// Chapter Five

Happy spooooooky Tuesday, everlarkers! Our last installment of Mockingjay Manor found Katniss and the gang trapped in the creepy attic laboratory, listening to a stranger approach from below. You voted for them to stand their ground and confront whoever (or whatever) is coming…

This week, the brilliant @appleblossomgirl0305 continues the adventure! Hang on tight, friends, the rating for this story has now been changed to M for canon-typical violence.

I glance over at Peeta and see his eyes wildly scanning the room for exits. But with the lack of light and terrors around every corner, I know there is no escape. Besides, this is my house now and just the thought makes me square my shoulders and grip the syringe tighter. We’re going to face whatever is coming up those stairs.

Peeta seems to come to the same conclusion and he nods at me, flashing me a heart-breaking smile just before he sets his mouth in a grim line. Even in this house of horrors, there is no one else I’d trust to have my back. A wave of gratitude washes through me that I’m lucky enough to have Peeta to fight by my side.

I press my back against the wall next to the door and Peeta takes up the spot mirroring mine on the other side of the doorway. I see Jo and Finnick, both still facing the freakish monkey, but moving backwards into the shadows before Jo’s cell phone light blinks off.

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Ghosts from the Attic

iquitedislikeithere submitted:

I come from a very superstitious / religious Sicilian family, and was told this story after working on a family history.

My grandma grew up in North Bergen, New Jersey in a giant house with her aunts. Most of the aunts husbands passed away at a really young age so they all ended up  moving into my great aunt’s house together. This was an incredibly old house, so much so that when my mom and her sister would visit they would find things in the attic that belonged to the owners who lived there in the mid 1800s. One day playing in the attic my mom found a trunk and asked my great aunt if she would unlock it, and she refused, as did my grandma. It was literally the only thing in the house that they werent allowed to “explore” for a lack of a better term. 

Years later my grandma finally told them why they couldnt open it. Sometime around 1940 my gradmother’s father passed away, so she had just moved in with her mother and brother to the aunts house. A few nights after his passing she had a dream about a red headed girl with pig tails who was motioning her to come closer. During this she could also faintly hear her father voice. As the story goes, her aunts also had an encounter with her father - they claimed that same night his ghost just walked into their kitchen like he had just gotten off of work and told them he wanted to see Maria ( my grandmother) and Phillip (my great uncle) and check on them. They say they talked to him all night, but that he never was able to see my grandmother. 

The next morning, before even hearing about her aunt’s experience with her father’s ghost in the kitchen, she opened the trunk where she kept fabrics ( the one my mom and aunt were never allowed to open) and there was a picture of the red headed girl from her dream. She had never seen the girl before, and no one in the family knew where it came from. They never opened the trunk again. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 6/10 Ooh, a story of a dream within a story within a story within a story!  Thanks for sharing the scares!

Late Night Hauntswitch/Hiveswap Rambles

Y'all, I really want them to just alternate the Hiveswap parts and the Hauntswitch parts. Like… hive act one then haunt act one then hive act 2 ect. Cause like. Guys. I need some Jude. And Dammek and.
Y'all, I don’t know if you’ve relised this yet but.
DAMMEK IS GOING TO BE STUCK IN THE FRICKEN ATTIC AND I really want to see what happens cause. Like. Idk, I’m pretty sure they (the creators at WhatPumkin,) would make Joey drop the walkie talkie as she was going into the portal so Dammek would find it like she found his trapper keeper laptop. But the reception is lost in the attic so all Dammek would hear would be weird buzzing and fuzzy yelling from Jude MAYBE. And he’d be very stuck until Jude could get the key but THEY WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE CAUSE OF THE WALKIE TALKIE MALFUNCTION and they’d both be left in the dark (figuratively, the power’s back on,) , Jude wouldn’t go find the key and Dammek would be trapped for a while until the monsters leave and smart boy Jude decides to go and see (or, if the monsters aren’t gone he might just sneak around cause hed be very desperate,) what the big lights did and who came shooting down from the sky (cause you know if he saw Joey go up he saw Dammek come down) so then he goes on an adventure through the house (probably moving the army mummie and accessing the rest of his house, [that might be later though, idk,])to find the key while Dammek sits in the attic unable to do anything until Jude comes and unlocks it and they’re like “who da fuk r u?” To eachother and Jude starts ranting about how he was right about aliens and conspiracies and stuff and then freaks because it finally sets in that JOEY IS GONE AND THIS MONSTER TOOK HER PLACE (cause let’s be honest, a troll would be scary if you stumbled across one unknowingly in a dark creepy attic, so, obviously, first reaction would be “monster!” And then second reaction would be “ALIEN!!!” Knowing Jude,)
Then Jude shuts up and like. Idk, either runs away or tries to fight Dammek and Dammek is so done and tired and he doesn’t want to be there and now this stupid hornless light blue blood (his idea of Judes blood color based off of the color of his shirt symbol) mutant is screaming at him and ugh, just let him sleep. He’d be like “nah, you mid bloods have no right to treat us like that, and neither do highbloods,” and Jude get so confused like “wtf” and then they fight. Jude gets hurt and his blood is red and Dammek is so confused cause “isn’t your shirt blue???????? You lied????? I should have expected that, woops, stupid me,” and then some part of Jude reminds him of Xefros (you know he has to care about the poor boy, you KNOW, they’re moirails for fucks sake. Don’t diss him too much till you know him [what I see now is abusive but their society is so different than human’s and their ways of survival are so different, it sounds like he just wants Xefros to be strong to survive but is taking it much too far, I mean, look how happy they both look in their photos! They are happy when together, just look,]) like the blood color or the nervousness or fear or somefin (cause, let’s face it, Jude seems like the type to be brave until the enemy is known to be stronger or smarter,) so Dammek forgives him, dissing himself internally for being so weak (I mean. He’s seems the type to do that, idk), and they have a nice (sort of, I feel like Dammek would call Jude names [nerd, weeb, filthy mutant blood, grub fucker (except not because RATED E 10 AND UP) , ect. Only half the human could understand,],) and Jude would get cocky as soon as the danger is mostly gone [Dammek being an intelligent and human like being, therefore mostly open to compromise and listening,] and make comments to try and ‘burn’ Dammek and 'put him in his place’ but failing,) conversation. Dammek wants to go home and Jude wants his sister back (and byers, tbh,) so they form an allience, that Jude states is “highly temporary,”, to figure out how to reach their goals. Shenanigans ensue.

Okay, sorry for rambling, oops. Those are just… idk. I’m looking at the future too far, I should step away while I can. Congrats for reading so much if you’ve made it this far, thanks as well.

I type too much when I’m tired.

One last thing though.
Jude’s pet is a rat.
And, despite all of Dammek’s guns, his strife weapons are his drumsticks.
I said it here first, folks.

Thank you.



♥ it’s time to spread your podcast palette ♥

A very happy and hot July day to all of you audio drama fanatics out there! There’s so much to look forward to during the summer: the beach, the barbecues, and the bountiful amounts of free audio drama seeking out new listeners to tell their stories to.

Strap on and dive in, saddle up, and stay Scottish if you haven’t already because my selection will keep your summer’s filled with the most delightful sounds available. 

Looking for something fresh to please that sudden thirst for audio storytelling? Look no further as PodCake has six more podcasts you’ll certainly love. 

1. A Scottish Podcast

When washed up radio DJ Lee finds himself “between jobs” he decides to launch a paranormal investigative podcast series, inspired by the likes of The Black Tapes, The Message, and Limetown. Enter The Terror Files. Aided by his long suffering sidekick, struggling musician Dougie, the pair embark on their first investigation - by heading down into a newly uncovered vault underneath Edinburgh’s old town. 

Comedy and horror is a combination I barely see in audio drama and A Scottish Podcast is the answer to just how well the two can combine. With our host Lee, we get a look into a protagonist that functions his own show, providing some fascinating insight into the woes of audio drama management…albeit with some more supernatural elements sprinkled in.

For those who enjoy more adult humor, A Scottish Podcast is guaranteed to give you your fill of tasteful yet vulgar comedy all wrapped up with some genuine heart and dedication to producing a one of a kind podcast.

2. The Haven Chronicles

The Haven Chronicles follows the mysterious events that have unfolded on Haven.

Step into the Haven and the Haven chimes back with a fascinating sci-fi adventure story. This follows the mission of a group of soldiers responding to a distress beacon from a backwater planet and getting a little more than they bargained for in the process. 

Complete with some excellent acting chops, atmospheric sound editing, and a gripping tale containing an underlying mystery, suspense, and just the right amount of comedy, The Haven Chronicles delivers and is bound to be a fun ride.

3. Wynabego Warrior: The Tale of John Waynnabe

A modern day old west tale, wrought with peril and danger, redemption, and renewal. The tale of a man determined to find the old west that he remembers from the silver screen of his youth. 

A very overdue recommendation on my part though Wynabego Warrior, one of many shows in the works by Audioblivious Productions, is the western podcast you never thought you were missing from your feed.

A unique contender drawing inspiration from old fashion cowboy tales, our lead John Waynnabe pursues a journey of self discovery with some bumps in the road as he finds both friends to stick by his side and foes interrupting his happy trails. 

4. Spines

Two months ago, Wren woke up covered in blood, suffering from memory loss, and surrounded by the remnants of some strange cult ritual. SPINES is the story of her search for answers, and the deadly, powerful people she encounters along the way. 

We’re all due for a summertime scream fest and Spines is here to deliver. With our lead Wren acting as narrator, we follow them through a twisted tale filled with all the icky, eerie details we seek in the best of horror podcasts.

If you’re eager to learn about bloody attics and creepy cults and can’t get enough delightfully gory mysteries, Spines will grant you a very spine tingling listening session.

5. MarsCorp

From the creators of The Bunker podcast - MarsCorp is a 12-part scripted comedy podcast about Station Supervisor E.L. Hob’s first year at MarsCorp, a terraforming colony established on the red planet in 2070. 

From the same minds behind the audio drama original The Bunker by Definitely Human, we have a sci-fi serial comedy for those looking for stories on Mars beyond The Penumbra

For fans of Wolf 359 dreading the beloved show’s conclusion, MarsCorp is a fresh and intriguing selection that is sure to give you that right fill of comedy and tragedy in a delightfully fun and futuristic setting. 

6. Under Pressure

A near future podcast about life aboard the underwater research station Amphitrite featuring deep sea scholars, love, oblique literature references, and chaotic neutral kraken.

Now diving twenty thousand leagues into a fresh podcast published this year. Those who may like aquatic themed tales such as The Bridge and Passage may find some common sea ground here as Under Pressure dives into the audio logs of Rebecca, a member aboard station Amphitrite alongside crew mates seeking information about the deep mysteries of oceanic life. 

One part survival story of both the dark depths of the ocean and survival boredom from being in said position, Under Pressure promises light comedy and sea creatures that will hopefully make listening something more sweet than salty.

now, get to listening.

Mockingjay Manor - Ch 5

Chapter One /// Chapter Two /// Chapter Three /// Chapter Four

Last week found our foursome exploring a creepy attic filled with sinister birds. Thankfully, common sense prevailed in the vote, keeping Katniss and her sweet cinnamon bun Peeta from being separated.

The always incredible @norbertsmom steps away from her posts of adorable puppies and cuddly kittens this week to amp up the spooky for chapter 5. A word of warning, while we’re still comfortably in T territory, this chapter could be a little scary for the sensitive among us. Reader discretion is advised.

As always, you have 48 hours to vote (in the comments or reblogs, NOT in the tags!), until Noon EDT on Thursday, September 28th.

I turn back to Jo, but I can already see that she knows my answer.

Before I can even open my mouth, Jo smirks. “Don’t worry about it, Brainless. You go with Loverboy. I doubt his muscles are as good against an intruder as my switchblade, though.” She stomps over to Finnick and grabs his arm. “Come on, handsome,” she demands as she starts to drag him off into the darkness.

“Hold up, Jo,” Peeta says as he grabs her wrist. She turns and glares at him, but before she can let loose a vulgar response, Peeta continues, “I think we should all stick together as we walk toward the other end of the attic. I just feel better if I have Katniss next to me where I can see her.” He gives Jo that endearing smile that always works on me, the shit.

Jo raises her eyebrows and mumbles, “Good idea.” She releases her hold on Finnick, who rubs his wrist and shakes his head with a smile.

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Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up to the sound of birds and nature. Teddy wanted to go for a swim so I sat in the shallow waters with him. He loved it. He was laughing and giggling. Sirius took a lot of pictures.

“Are you taking pictures because our baby’s cute or you just like seeing me in my bathing suit?” I laughed.

“Kinda both!” He smirked.

We had a lot of fun. It wasn’t so bad after all. The ride home was quick. It was raining a lot but no thunderstorm on the way. Arriving home, Regulus layed on his makeshift bed in the living room.

“You won’t need to sleep there anymore Reggie.” Sirius said, Teddy in his arms.

“Are.. Are you kicking me out? It’s okay.. I can huh.. I can go back to the house.” He said, looking down.

“No. I don’t want you there, it’s not safe for you.” Sirius said.

“Well.. where will I go?” He asked.

“Follow me.” Sirius said, going up the really tiny stairs that lead to the attic.

It wasn’t a small and creepy attic. We only call it that way because the walls are really low because of the rooftop’s form. Sirius and I arranged a little room for Regulus in secret. We wanted to suprise him and show him that he was always welcomed here. That it was his home too. Regulus followed him and when he saw the comfortable little loft, he gasped.

“Is that.. Is that for me?” He asked.

“It is. We wanted you to feel at home. You deserve your privacy after all.” Sirius smiled.

“Thank you Sirius!” Regulus said, hugging him.

“No problem Reggie.” He smiled down at his younger brother.

“Thanks for letting me stay Remus.” He said looking at me.

“It’s nothing Reg. You’re a part of the family. And we need a babysitter!” I laughed.

He laughed too and took Teddy in his arms.

“Wegulus!” Teddy said, as Reggie layed him in his new bed.

“Want to play a bit Ted?” Regulus said.

And Sirius and I went downstairs to take a small break.

“Tea?” Sirius asked.

“Sure!” I smiled, sitting on the couch, Sirius joining me moments after.

We talked a bit, enjoying the quietness of the home while Teddy and Regulus were occupied. When suddently the doorbell rang. Weird. We weren’t expecting anyone. Sirius got up and opened the door.

“Peter? What are you doing here?”

We haven’t seen Peter for weeks.

“I’m just here to give you back this pair of socks i stole from you in third year. Oh and also, I’ve gotten myself in some trouble..” He said.

“Do you need any help or?” Sirius asked.

“No.. i’m just going to run off on some island and build myself a house. Anyway, I just wanted to give you your socks back. I have to go give this pen to James also.. stole it from him in first year haha…” He smiled.

“Okay… Thanks.. I guess..” Sirius said.

“Remus i would give you back that chocolate bar i stole from you last year but i kind of ate it… Oh and I never liked that leather jacket of yours, Sirius. Bye! Ciao Remus! Have a good life lads!” He said, running out the door.

There was a long moment of silence. Sirius and I looked at eachother.

“What the actual fuck.” Sirius said.

“Yeah.. like you said..” I laughed.

And we just bursted out of laughter. We laughed for a good five minutes until Regulus came down with Teddy in his arms. He had silent tears running down his cheeks and his knee was slightly bleeding. His hair were purple. I guess it symobolized being hurt? I stood up and took him in my arms.

“Dadda..” Teddy cried.

“He fell and got hurt. I couldn’t catch him in time..” Regulus said, feeling guilty.

“It’s okay Reggie.. It’s not you fault.” Sirius said.

“It’s okay baby.. Padda will fix you up.” I smiled, wipping a tear away.

“Padda?” He asked.

“Yes, Padda will help you okay baby?” I said, sitting Teddy down.

Sirius waved his hand slowly around Teddy’s hurt knee. A bright orange light came out of his palm and the scrashed healed itself instantly, confusing Teddy.

“Padda.” Teddy said, hugging his dad close to him.

“I love you so much my little Teddy bear.” Sirius said.

“Lowe yoo too.” Teddy said.

I love them so much.

April 19th 1978

volturisecretary  asked:

Who's the most extra person in the Volturi? And what's the most ~extra thing they have done :p.

I feel like there’s a four-way tie between Aro, Sulpicia, Caius and Demetri for the Most Extra Person award. 

  • One time, Aro decided that he was going to get Sulpicia the best and most wonderful present ever, because ain’t love grand? So he decided to make her a cursed painting. Not buy a cursed painting, to be clear. Actually make one, from scratch. He painted her portrait and spent the next two hundred years making sure that everyone who owned it died horribly. (He started fires! He did something to the water supply! He led a couple of minor peasant rebellions! He founded a cult! He hung around in attics, making creepy sounds!) Anyway, after destabilizing Europe, making Caius and Athenodora even more dead behind the eyes, and generally being a nuisance, Aro gave Sulpicia her evil painting, and she loved it. Totally worth it. 

  • The Siberian coven doesn’t really get werewolves as a threat. Caius, sick of not being understood, found an infected human and snuck him into their city on the evening of a full moon to prove a point. He may have attached a note to the effect of “How do you like werewolves now, Sergei?”

    (Sergei replied with a postcard  which read, “This is an excellent wolf. Reminds me of the bear I killed when I was seven, but smaller and weaker. You’re a good friend for bringing back treasured childhood memories.” Caius has never forgiven him.)

  • Sulpicia just… poisons politicians for fun. It’s rainy and she’s bored? Poison. Aro is winning a bet and she feels bad? Poison. A dress she really liked in the picture actually looks weird on her and she waited three weeks for it to ship? Poison. 

    ( “Sulpicia, can you not? We have HBO now. Come watch the show with the dragons instead,” Athenodora pleads. Sulpicia is undeterred. Assassination > dragons.)

  • Sometimes, Demetri needs to remind people of his gift’s awesomeness. So he tracks them wearing a fancy, bright outfit which doesn’t blend in at all. Or he takes a few days off to visit some tourist attractions and take selfies there. Or he seduces some fancy noble-lady, starts a scandal, is chased out of France, and only then resumes his mission. It’s his ostentatious way of saying, “I’m better than you with both arms tied behind my back and not even trying.” 

    ( “Demetri needs a nap,” Heidi and Felix tell each other, exhausted.)

Something I enjoy about The Secret World is that it’s a modern setting.  It’s a nice break from all the fantasy games out there with their fantasy antics.  Even if there is plenty of magic in TSW, it still feels nicely grounded in the modern era.  

And wouldn’t you know it?  No time travel!  MerriAuthor is a happy monster hunter!  Why, just look here - modern day, as the events take place right around Halloween.

There’s lots of spooky atmosphere as well.  Check out this creepy attic I found.

Oh, hey, a suspicious mirror!  Let’s poke it!


Okay, the whole place is different now.  That’s troubling.  I’ve gone to different dimensions a few times before, including a mirror-dimension, so maybe this is just that same thing…

The sudden sepia tone is worrying me.  Maybe this helpful calendar will–


Okay, okay, I can fix this.  I’ll just go poke that mirror again.  That always works.