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God, this show is so incredibly breathtaking - I haven’t watched it in awhile, that will definitely be on my to-do list once school is out for the summer. The day I sketch this was the day I possessed the ability to construct Mads Mikkelsen face with a pencil with literally little to no erasing.


My dear friend made a post about her excitement about this upcoming season of Renaissance Faire- and I felt like I should do the same. Last year was my first year ever having any kind of acting role at Bristol Renaissance Faire- let alone my first year working there in general. Being part of Danse Macabre was the highlight of my day, since I spent most of my day selling gorgeous costumes at Pendragon. I can not wait to do it again this year, and also possibly help teach some movement classes at rehearsals this summer for the upcoming season. :] I have a new costume design that I really think is going to be a big hit. This year is going to be a blast.

(Photo credit goes to Kathy Jaskulski and Creative VisuALs Photography, LLC)

anonymous asked:

Has anyone ever talked about how Samaritan chose a voice before The Machine? And how said voice is not from his analogue interface?

Let’s talk about it! (also sorry for the super late reply anon; I was traveling and didn’t have the internets for a while there)

I think choosing a voice was merely a convenience thing for SAM. It sees itself as a god and doesn’t have any particular loyalty towards any one individual. It doesn’t identify with humanity in any way whatsoever. It prob chose the first voice it came across (Jonah Nolan’s voice incidentally!), and might change it randomly whenever it wants to as well. 

TM, however, chose Root’s voice to honor her and remember her and love her. It was a way for her to comfort herself after she failed to save Root and had to watch her die over 12000 times. It represents Root’s idea that everyone lives on inside TM forever. 

I also love that hearing SAM’s voice was such a non-event and just happened randomly, whereas TM taking on Root’s voice was an event that was built up to and foreshadowed. It was the next step for TM’s evolution. 

(From a Doyalist perspective, I’m going to say that it’s likely that they weren’t able to get creepy kid back and Nolan thought it would be fun to voice SAM so they went ahead with that)