Homeward, Part Seven

Pairings: Ward x friend!Reader, Danny x friend!Reader

Prompt: Reader is an abusive relationship with a member of the Hand and seeks out her childhood friends for help. (prompt by @rune-of-a-writer)

Warnings: Swearing, Implied Domestic Abuse, Angst

Word Count: 2,334


Homeward, Part Seven

“You gotta warn me next time, Danny,” you said after you managed to avert being asphyxiated by a piece of fruit, watching his face go from faintly tan to beet red within seconds. It was actually quite impressive.

“Warn him about what?”

The question came from a very groggy, very rumbly voice from the doorway. You looked up to see Ward slowly making his way toward the pair of you, his hair a mess as he rubbed his face with his hands. He hadn’t even bothered to button up his shirt, and the sight of his sock-covered feet shuffling across Danny’s tile floor made you want to start madly giggling. Clearly, you needed more sleep.

“Nothing,” Danny said quickly, moving away from you a few inches as he shook his head with a jerky, nervous motion. “Coffee’s in the pot.”

“Thanks,” Ward croaked as he stopped rubbing his eyes, converging on the coffee machine like a man in the desert finding an oasis. “Head hurts.”

“Yes, well…”

Don’t say it.”

Danny gave him a smug grin and stated, “Hangovers will do that.”

Ward gave him a dark look that would have been more intimidating if not for the redness around his eyes, and said, “I’m not hungover. I know you wouldn’t understand this, Mountain Man, but most of us are accustomed to sleeping in beds at night.”

“My couch is hardly roughing it, Ward,” Danny responded with a quirk of his brow. You continued to eat your breakfast while watching the exchange, trying to hide your inevitable smirk. “City life has made you soft.”

Ward scoffed and rolled his eyes before lifting the steaming mug to his lips, drinking the coffee black. As you watched, you must have made a face because he shifted his gaze to you and grumbled, “What?”

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