Chapter 6


“The casts of My Roanoke Nightmare spend some nights in the Miller’s House for a reality shows but everything ruins not as planned. A member of the crew, the cast, and the management died.”


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This episode has officially terrified me! Even if you don’t believe in the paranormal, I’d highly recommend you watch this. This is the home of serial killer Dorothea Puente who murdered 9+ people. She looked like a sweet old lady but was obviously evil as hell. This investigation gave me so many chills, particularly the evidence from the dead victims. If you watch this one, please let me know what you think.

In July of 2002, a man in his 60s named Joseph Newton Chandler was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer and committed suicide a month later. With no will or immediately reachable family members, the state set about distributing his worldly possessions and money – a task that quickly turned disturbing, but not for the usual reasons.

One of Chandler’s friends started by tracking down the references he had listed on his lease, but they all turned out to be fake names and addresses. Next, he hired private investigators to try to find out where Joseph had come from, which led them to a small town in Texas … where Joseph and his parents had died in a car crash in 1945. Joseph was 8 years old.

Thirty years later, a 41-year-old man claiming to be Joseph Newton Chandler requested a Social Security card in South Dakota, and that’s where the trail ends. Identification has been difficult, since Joseph mostly kept to himself, had few friends, and paid his taxes on time (perhaps the creepiest detail yet). Fingerprints are tricky, since he was cremated, and scouring his apartment and books for prints only turned up smudges, as though he was purposely trying to conceal them. Alternatively, he may have just been one of those people who lick their fingers before turning pages. Either way, there was something deeply, deeply wrong with him.

U.S. Marshals have taken up the case, believing that Joseph may have been a violent fugitive. They have contacted family members of fugitives all over the country to collect DNA samples in the hopes that one of them will show a match to Joseph. Without anything else to go on, however, police have speculated that he could be anyone from an escaped Alcatraz inmate to the Zodiac Killer, though we can’t conclusively prove that the latter theory wasn’t put forth by a certain former presidential candidate in the hopes of taking the heat off him.

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If you’re daring, then you may have participated in a Ouija Board session. The Ouija dates back to the year 1894, and has been insanely popular with those wishing to make contact with the dead ever since. A lot of paranormal experts, spirit mediums, and demonologists warn against the dangers of the infamous Ouija, and a entity called Zozo is a terrifying reminder why.

Reports of this demon date back to the early 20th century. When using the board, the planchette or glass performs strange figure eights or “inverted Zs,” and answers become repetitive and seemingly boring. But it does not take long for an encounter with Zozo to turn negative. This story, sent in by and anonymous follower, highlights how intense a meeting with ZoZo can really be:

“I was about 15 when I played with the Ouija Board for the first time. I played with 4 friends, we came into contact with a couple of my friends family members, Then Zozo came up. At the time, none of us had any idea who or what it was. So without knowing it was a demon, we carried on playing. He acted like a nice spirit, then without any warning, he spelled out “MURDER”. That’s when my friend sitting across from me began to act strangely. She started to twitch and fidget in her seat. I asked if she was ok, and she just shook her head with tears in her eyes. That’s when we decided to say GOODBYE to Zozo. Suddenly, she got up and screamed. She said that her back was on fire. We pulled up her shirt quickly and discovered a scratch spelling “ZO” on her back. It was so deep that she was bleeding. Safe to say, I haven’t messed with the Ouija since.”

Black & White is a god-simulator PC game, meaning you can be a benevolent deity who answers the prayers of his subjects or a dickish one who laughs and sips Mountain Dew as everyone starves. Both the original and its sequel are great games to play late at night while wearing headphones, due to a feature where you’ll occasionally hear a creepy voice whispering“deaaaaath.” This informs you that a villager has passed away, but when you hear it whispered directly into your ear as you’re sitting alone in a dark room, it also serves as a friendly reminder of your own unavoidable mortality.

But don’t worry, it’s just a game – it’s not like the game is whispering that word to you personally. What’s weird is that, every once in a while, instead of saying “death,” the voice will actually whisper your real name.

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Creepypasta #952: The Test

Length: Medium

“It’s called PPT. Penile Plethysmography Test,” the doctor said as he made some final adjustments to the monitor. “All teenage boys must take it. Ever since the nuclear fallout of 2060, we’ve been using this test to monitor the blood flow to the cavernosal arteries.”

“I’m sorry?” Luca responded.

“We’re trying to determine if you are capable of getting an erection.”


“The procedure is totally harmless. Simply step into the VR chamber, and observe the visual stimuli. Once you pass the test, you will be cleared for partnering and reproduction. Shall we begin?”

Luca nodded and stepped into the VR chamber. The giant egg-shaped chamber was riddled with tiny mirrors which shone Luca’s reflection across the spectrum of infinity.

“Try to relax,” the doctor instructed as he closed the chamber door.

An audio recording started a countdown to when the simulation would begin. Luca closed his eyes, just as he was instructed to and when the countdown completed, he opened them.

He was in cozy-looking den. A roaring fireplace illuminated the room with dancing light and shadow. A blonde woman, dressed in a satin red dress stoked the flames with a poker. She turned to face Luca and smiled.

Luca didn’t elicit any response.

Outside the chamber, the doctor made a note:

No response to heterosexual stimuli

The doctor made some adjustments to the program. Suddenly, the woman morphed into a dapper looking young man.

Still Luca didn’t budge.

No response to homosexual stimuli

The air around Luca swirled simulating wind and Luca suddenly found himself in a park. Luca’s attention was drawn to the laughter of a little girl in a flowery sundress that ran up to him.

“Hi! My name is Mary! Do you want to play with me?”

Luca remained frozen.

No response to pedophilia stimuli

The VR images ran through a spectrum of programs, including a series of subroutines that tapped into every known male fetish and fantasy. None of which aroused Luca.

The doctor was dumbfounded but decided to try one last program.

The scene changed to a dark unfinished cellar. A young woman was tied to the central joist with shackles and chains.

“Please!” The girl screamed. “Please let me go…I promise I won’t tell!”

“Do you see the hammer on the work bench Luca?” the doctor asked through a microphone.

Luca confirmed that he did.

“Good! Pick it up and smash the girl in the head with it.”

Luca picked up the hammer but hesitated.

“Hit her Luca,” the doctor ordered. “Don’t worry, it’s all just part of the test.”

Luca lifted the hammer and descended it with remarkable precision.

The PPT monitor beeped several times and the doctor took note of the reading. “Well now… that is interesting.”

The doctor picked up a phone handset on an adjacent panel.

“Yes, this is Dr. Sorenson in lab 228. I need to get through to General Thorne, I believe I have found another candidate for the Enemy Infiltration and Terror Program.”

Credits to: MechDog2395