A Creepy Encounter: Taxi Driver

By Emily

One night I went out with a friend near Liverpool St, London. We were in a pub and I wanted to draw more money out so we could get more drinks. I left the pub and walked down toward the cash machine, drew out my cash, then came back. As I went to enter the door to the pub a cabbie pulled up and got out and said “Hey, excuse me?” I said hello back. “I just won the lottery!” he said. “I’ve got champagne and I’m going to have a party, do you want to come?” I laughed it off and told him no thanks and went into the pub.

Months later I was reading the paper on the tube and saw that a serial rapist had been arrested. He was a cab driver operating in London and was luring women into his cab by saying he’d won the lottery and had champagne. I’m guessing it was the exact same guy.

A Creepy Encounter: Ouija Board

This creepy encounter was found here. 

In started when I got my Ouija board and I never read the ‘rules’. My friends were too chicken shit so I did it alone. I talked to two people that day by myself. One was a little boy named Tim who was disowned by his parents and died in the forest. The other presence was much darker and for 2 questions I asked, IT would reply “death” which was not a valid answer. I got angry with the 2nd one and yelled at IT to prove it’s malicious nature to me. Nothing happened. I packed the board away, feeling as if maybe it was me the whole time which is the common notion for disbelievers.

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On July 19, 1991, 12-year-old Jared Negrete, was hiking Mount San Gorgonio with his Boy Scout troop when he wandered off. When the troop discovered that Jared was nowhere to be seen, they called authorities who set up a rescue team. The team came across items and foot prints which belonged to Jared. They also managed to find his camera which contained 12 recent photographs which were immediately developed. Most of the images were taken before he disappeared and were of the landscape, but the last image was a photo Jared had taken himself after he had disappeared - it was a picture of himself. He had only managed to capture his eyes and his nose and from the picture, it was evident that Jared was terrified but of who or what, nobody knows. He has never been found.