It’s not my place to say, I know. My place is hiding behind the boring button-up shirts in your closet, my thin, gnarled fingers almost brushing your hand each time you reach for one of those milquetoast frocks on your way to another unsuccessful night trying to find someone who will make you more than you are.

The Faceless Old Woman

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 53 - The September Monologues

The House by the Tracks - An abandoned house in the depths of the Fens England. 


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The 60 Best Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix (2015)
From the "fun-bad" to the masterpieces of the genre, here are the 60 most enjoyable horror films (for whatever reason) currently streaming on Netflix.

So, I found this link posted to the horror subreddit and thought others might enjoy this, too. 

There were a lot of indie movies I hadn’t heard of before that I’m definitely interested in seeing.