Jeffrey Ross Hyman 

Douglas Glenn Colvin 

John William Cummings 

Thomas Erdelyi


R.I.P. Tommy Ramone

Guys I’m literally crying

This is just depressing

this fucking post is making me tear up ugh why

They’ll always live on. At 45 rounds per minute on our turntables. Rest In Peace, Tommy. 

Hey Ho! Let’s Go! 10,000 notes! Wow.

What better way to say FUCK YOU to valentines day then going out on Friday the 13 and banging your head ( and finger banging?) to some rock n’ roll!  Come join LOOKER ( creep rock) and ELECTRIC STREET QUEENS ( lounge music for demented people) while we sweat it out to some good ol’ rock music. If that doesn’t get your panties wet in between sets JUST JOAN will be spinning everything from the Runaways to Motorhead.  So come on down to the milky way and shake off those winter blues !

*flyer painted by coco roy layout/design by Avi Paul Weinstein 

Dear Rock Action,
Thanks for giving the groove to punk rock.

"Things have been tough
Without the dumb dumb boys
I can’t seem to speak
The language
I remember how they
Used to stare at the ground
They looked as if they
Put the whole world
Looked as if they put
The whole world down”

David Alexander: 1947—1975
Ron Asheton: 1948—2009
Scott “Rock Action” Asheton: 1949—2014
Iggy Pop: 1947—???


We’re crashing the Lily Pad on the 30th with future spa and radio control ! its also the premier of Bobby Abraham on electric guitar, which means you’re gonna be dodging panties and bras being thrown at the stage  ( nothing we’re not used to).  and dont forget to get there early i hear the line might be down to the S and S diner. see you on the 30th! sweaty, salty never dry - ESQ