Someone said time reset and my mind wandered…

Fallen leaves crunched under Caroline’s boots as she walked alongside Bonnie through the cemetery. The October breeze carried a chill that chased away the remnants of the lingering Virginia heat and painted goosebumps across Caroline’s bare legs.

“Why are we walking home through Creepsville?” Caroline asked, glancing around at the ancient graves surrounding them.

“Grams said it would be good for my magic to get in touch with the spirits of my ancestors, ” Bonnie explained, looking at the faded names on the graves as they passed.

Caroline rolled her eyes with a laugh and watched as Bonnie knelt down to brush dirt from an old grave. Caroline squinted to read the name. Emily Bennett.

“Was Emily a witch too?” Caroline asked, skeptically.

“According to Grams,” Bonnie said, rising to her feet after paying her respects to her ancestor.

“Right,” Caroline said with a smirk.

“So, what are you wearing tonight?” Bonnie asked, her loose curls blowing across her cheek prettily.

“Hmm, I haven’t decided,” Caroline said, mentally weighing her options, “something with cute fuzzy ears or a tiara and little else, ” she said with a scrunch of her freckled nose.

“So, your go-to Halloween look, ” Bonnie said with a playful smirk.

“Shut up!” Caroline said with a smile, lightly smacking Bonnie’s arm with the floppy sleeve of her sweater.

Bonnie laughed and deflected the soft blows.

“Or maybe we should go as witches, considering your so-called new-found talents,” Caroline teased.

Bonnie huffed and rolled her eyes, grabbing Caroline’s arm to stop her.

“Okay, just look,” Bonnie insisted, kneeling onto the cold grass of the cemetery and cupping a pile of leaves in her hand.

Caroline crossed her arms, raised one eyebrow and watched skeptically as her friend gathered a pile of dead leaves. Bonnie closed her eyes and the leaves floated out of her palms, dancing around in a circle before falling.

“See?!” Bonnie said, excitedly.

“What? The wind?” Caroline asked.

Bonnie groaned in frustration, standing and brushing the dirt from her knees. Caroline put her arm around her friend and pulled her into a hug, laughing.

“Don’t be mad, ” Caroline said, releasing Bonnie, “ Hey why don’t you conjure me up a date for tonight? Now THAT would be magic. ”

Bonnie smiled in spite of herself before stopping in front of an extra large gravestone. Caroline stopped next to her and looked at the mossy headstones.

“Salvatore,” Caroline read, looking at the names of the family of four eternally sleeping there.

“One of the founding families, ” Bonnie said, remembering the name from years of history lessons in Mystic Falls.

“I guess none of them survived, ” Caroline said, looking at the dates, “The two boys died young.”

“17 and 24…too bad we can’t bring them to the Halloween dance, huh?” Bonnie joked.

“Yeah, don’t you know they were rich, young, handsome, perfect gentlemen,” Caroline laughed, “If I were one of my Forbes ancestors I’m sure I’d be all over…” she checked the name, “Stefan…Stefan Salvatore,” she said the name elegantly.

“Oh, I bet so…Caroline Salvatore,” Bonnie said, trying the name out.

Caroline’s head spun a little and she felt the soggy grass beneath her sink beneath the heels of her boots. Green eyes crinkling at the corners with a shy smile, friendship, devotion, loss, pain, love…warmth spread through her chest. She caught herself on the tombstone and brought her hand to her head.

“Woah, you okay? ” Bonnie asked, reaching out toward her friend.

“Yeah, yeah,” Caroline said, shaking her head clear and straightening, “I just got lightheaded there for a minute, I probably shouldn’t have skipped lunch.”

Bonnie looped her arm through Caroline’s and pulled her away from the tombstones.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here before we marry you off to a corpse, ” Bonnie laughed.

“Hey, I’ll take what I can get,” Caroline joked, her head still foggy.

“So, definitely fur ears, right? ” Bonnie said as they left the cemetery.

“Definitely, ” Caroline agreed with a smile.

She looked back once over her shoulder at the graveyard. It seemed alive with the ghosts of their ancestors, Bonnie’s swirling leaves, the long-dead Salvatores still charming girls as they passed. She tried to shake the feeling that she had dropped or forgotten something, because she knew she hadn’t.

“Coming Mrs. Salvatore?” Bonnie called after Caroline.

She turned her back on the past and the dead and ran to catch up.