creeps back into the fandom

Riverdale fandom got toxic as hell. Like I seriously got called a fuckhead for not using the couple tags (I guess?) but then also saw the same person go off on another person for using those tags? Seriously @becauseithrewgasandamatchonher , just spoiling for a fight for anyone for any reason. Not the only person, but goddamn. And some of my bughead people… c'mon. Jughead isn’t Cole Sprouse and Vanessa Morgan isn’t really Toni Topaz. You can say, I don’t like what they’re doing with this character or I’m upset at this turn of events. I mean, I am. Ugly fans ruin fandoms.

And I ain’t responding to whatever mess you want to leave as comments. Waste of my time.

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*peers around Voltron fandom*

*looks at recent messages in inbox*

*furrows doubtful eyebrows*

*slowly creeps back into Miraculous fandom, where things are usually okay and people are open-minded, considerate, and not hyper-critical/defensive of everything they don’t like/tend not to be as elitist as others*

Sometimes I forget what a unique place the Miraculous fandom can be.

Not that I don’t appreciate all the positive feedback about my Voltron story. Thank you, guys. I’ll be sure to at least finish that one XD