creeping wolf

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- It’s incredibly easy for him to become jealous. He’s very protective and obsessive, he just doesn’t like anyone to even look at you the wrong way. He always has a hand wrapped around your waist or holding your hand in public– But that still doesn’t stop the creeps sometimes.

- Someone wolf whistled at you and you had to hold him back from punching that dude so hard. The guy cussed Saeran out before leaving, you swore you could have heard him growl before he pulls you into a hug. Seriously..? He’s like a little boy with candy bar. Never wanting to share nor give it up.

- He absolutely hates Zen with how much that man flirts with you. Almost got into a fight with him while drunk– Saeyoung had to break it up. He definitely needs a stern talking to once he’s sober– He cant be like this forever.

- He tries to brush it off when you bring it up, but you stand firm and finally he’s silent and listens to your say on things. He gets it, the last thing he wants you to feel is smothered in the wrong way– But he can’t help himself.. He just wants to protect you at all costs. He’s so used to getting everything he loves taken from him.. So it’s a hard habit to break.

- With time, he eases up a little more. Let’s you go out on your own when you want to, even let’s you and Zen stay friends. Just as long as he can still make fun of his ‘long ratty hair.’

- But he noticed how much you laugh around Zen. He even caught you blushing one time– He felt awful. Jealous? of course. He sent Zen a string of nasty messages on the app before slamming his face into a pillow; groaning loudly into it. He regretted it immediately, But why does that asshole have to be such a huge flirt? He cant find his own lover so he tries to steal others?

- He’s grumbly for the next few days– Finally Zen confides in you the messages Saeran sent, instantly you make your way up to his room to talk with him. Even calling him by his full name— He knew he was in trouble now.

- He’s covering his ears before you even open the door– Sometimes he could be such a baby. But he feels bad, so listens to whatever words you throw at him. He’s stubborn though, so an argument might spark. Saeran doesn’t like people yelling at him, it makes him uncomfortable– So it never gets heated. Just you two releasing a bit of frustration.

- He even mockingly calls Zen ‘your secret boyfriend’ as he rolls his eyes. If it really made him that uncomfortable, he should have talked to you about it. He’s said it’s fine in the past, if anything changed he should have told you. You let him know this, But the way you get excited and giggly around Zen frustrates him to no end.

- You assure him the only person that makes you truly happy is Saeran. You love him, him only. Now he feels extremely selfish.. he sheepishly apologizes with a sigh– You pull him in for a much needed hug. He’ll try his hardest to contain himself in the future; despite how hard that’ll be.

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Lydia touched stiles the ENTIRE time he was having the attack. She touched his face with both of her hands then forced herself onto him by complete surprise. She didn’t try to understand his situation or steady his breathing or take any time to really think about what was happening. But Scott did it the exact way he was supposed to. He asked stiles what was going on. He didn’t take stiles by surprise. He encouraged stiles to steady his breathing while helping him count on his fingers. This show clearly knows the correct way to stop a panic attack, but they are romanticizing it for the sake of the fact that it’s the only kiss stiles and Lydia shared, and because they want to please the fans. They are actually giving off the impression that this kiss “saves lives”. That’s repulsive and disgusting. The kiss wasn’t “magical” and it wasn’t “an amazing moment” like holland once said. Panic attacks are a serious thing that happen to millions of people who actually have trouble with them on a constant basis. Romanticizing this and making it seem okay? Srydia as a whole is just an unhealthy portrayal of a relationship. A guy who knew literally everything about a girl who didn’t know he existed, him having a 15 year plan to MAKE her fall in love with him, him not ever caring about her consent and making her seem okay with it, him yelling at her when she didn’t do what he wanted, him patronizing her about abilities she couldn’t control when she actually needed support (calling her a whackjob and a nutjob, telling her she made people commit suicide), putting either one of them in danger almost ALL THE TIME just so they can share a “special” moment on screen together, etc. And in the end, when the girl clearly showed no interest in him, making her have these “buried” or “hidden” feelings for him just like every other cliché. And the best part, she “fell in love” with him when she wrongly kissed him during a panic attack. Stydiots love to say stiles grew and matured and stopped being so obsessive. That doesn’t change that he was still obsessed with her. They say Lydia and stiles have “come so far” and “they are finally accepting that they’re meant to be”. No and no. Placing Lydia with her former stalker (yes, knowing where someone lives, knowing their exact height, hair color, eye color, birthday etc. when they don’t know who you are is basically being a fucking creep) is in no way romantic. Stiles yelling at her wasn’t him caring for her and being worried, him kissing her without consent isn’t cute, him stalking her isn’t him paying attention because he loves her, him letting her touch him when she was heavily drugged isn’t him just wanting a moment with his crush. Him almost letting her kiss him when she thought he was Jackson because he knew that was the only way she would even try to show him affection isn’t just something to brush off. This isn’t “reaching” or “exaggerating”. It’s paying attention and seeing it for what it really is and not having my head shoved up srydia’s toxic ass. You can think Srydia is healthy and romantic all you want. It doesn’t erase what’s clearly there, but you’re too blind and stubborn to see it because you want to believe it’s this amazing slow burn love story that was planned since the beginning. Nope, nada, zilch, zippo, NO. Bye👋🏼

Rejected - Part 1

Everyone in the Wayne family are vampires. That is why they mainly patrol at night, they don’t have to hide the fact that they aren’t human when they put on their masks. During the day a normal person wouldn’t be able to tell that they aren’t human. Vampires don’t burn in the sun, they don’t turn to ash, they just don’t like how bright it is, and it hurts their eyes. However you are not a normal person, so the first time you meet Bruce Wayne and Timothy Drake you know what they are, and they know what you are.

You are a werewolf. One without a pack, trying to survive in Gotham City. They can smell the wild in you, smell the way the forest runs through your blood. The vampires smell like darkness and blood. Even though Bruce knows what you are, he still hires you as his assistant.

The first time you meet Batman and Robin you are a wolf, that’s how you recognize their scent. The next day you confront Bruce on this and he invites you back to Wayne Manor in order to discuss everything.

“I’ll come, as long as you promise that your youngest son doesn’t eat me” you joke.

Bruce laughed and agreed. Later that night when you arrived at Wayne Manor you could smell three vampires that you had yet to meet. An older man answered the door when you knocked, he introduced himself as Alfred, one of the mystery vampires.

“Now if you would follow me Ms. Y/L/N, I will take you to the sitting room while I finish dinner”

“Please just Y/N is fine”

“As you wish Ms. Y/N”

Inside the sitting room Tim and Damian were arguing over what show to watch, Bruce was reading a books, one stranger was sitting in between the two squabbling teens, and another was standing by the window looking out at the dark garden.

Bruce stood as you entered, “Y/N I’m glad you could join us, you have already met Alfred, Tim, and Damian, the one sitting in between them is my oldest son Dick, and the one by the window is my second oldest Jason”

You went and shook Dick’s hand, but when you approached Jason he growled at you, “I’m not touching a filthy mutt” he snarled.

You flinch back at his words, “Jason!” Dick yelled, “She is a guest”

“I’m sorry” You murmur, quickly backing away from the second oldest.

“No, I’m sorry about him, I would have thought that I taught him manners” Bruce growled, glaring at Jason.

At this time Alfred walked back into the room, “Dinner is ready to be served Master Wayne, if you and your guest would come to the dining room I will serve everyone dinner.”

Dinner was uneventful, the only thing that made it uncomfortable was Jason’s constant glare. Much to everyone’s surprise Damian was the one who talked to you the most. He was the most curious about your wolf, about your heritage, about why you didn’t have a pack.

“My family was killed by some rabid vampires, my sister and I were the only ones to escape, but she wanted to go back, she wanted revenge” you sigh sadly “I couldn’t convince her otherwise, so we hunted them down, killing all but one, when we found the last one my sister didn’t make it through the fight, so I’m the last one left.”

“I’m very sorry for your loss” Damian murmured, placing one of his hands on top of yours.

“They are old wounds, little prince, they only ache now”

“Wolves, not good for anything, can’t even protect their own” Jason snarled, stabbing at his food.

Damian glared, “It wasn’t her fault Todd, and she did what she could.” He turned and looked at you again, “After dinner, may I see your wolf? When we met in the alley it was too dark to see what you looked like, if you don’t mind of course” Damian looked at you with hopeful eyes.

“Alright, we can go out in the garden when we are done”

Damian, and even Dick and Tim, were quick to finish their meals. When everyone was done you went out into the garden, surprisingly even Jason came out to watch. The change was quick, with almost no pain. Damian gasped, and for the first time you could see a childlike joy in his eyes, you could tell that most of the time he acted much older than his age.

“Can I touch you? Please?” Damian begged.

You huffed quietly and stepped forward, nudging his chest with your nose. Your shoulders came up to about eye level with the youngest Wayne, and your body was almost as long as he was tall.

Damian buried his fingers in the fur of your neck, and you saw out of the corner of your eye that Dick and Tim were creeping closer. As a wolf you have the ability to speak with others with your mind, in your human form this can only happen with you mate, but as a wolf it is with anyone that you try to. So you extend your mind to the other Wayne’s.

You can touch me, I promise I won’t bite

“Wow!” Dick exclaimed, “That is so cool! I didn’t know you could do that”

Suddenly three new pairs of hands were petting you, you glance over and see that Bruce had joined his sons in their exploration. Jason just continued to glare.

You reach out with your mind toward him, “Jason?

You whine when your minds touch and you can hear Jason gasp. Your minds latch onto each other, you can’t pull apart. Jason’s eyes locked onto yours and with a snarl he storms to his motorcycle and drives away. You can feel your heart breaking as Jason gets further and further away. You lay down on the ground and whine, ignoring the questions being asked by the other Wayne’s. You were heartbroken. Your mate had just rejected you.

  • stiles, dreaming about lydia: ...lydia??? why are you here??? this is really weird and NOT RIGHT OR NORMAL ALSO I AM DREAMING IN MY BED NOT FALLING ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL #JUSTSAYING

Cassandra: When she first hears, she just goes white in the face. Her lips and eyes are blank, trying to process this, but her fists are clenched and shaking, knuckles white. After a few moments, she goes red and yells in outrage, needing to hit something. She feels betrayed. By the end of their adventure, she considered Solas a friend. She trusted him. She respected him. And now… now that was all gone, and he was a liar. Above all, though, she feels awful for not seeing through him. The others reassure her of otherwise, but she never fully forgives herself for not discovering him earlier. She vows to help the Inquisitor, no matter what the costs, hunt him down.

Iron Bull: After the initial shock wears off, he curses and growls to himself. He thought there was something off about him, though he could never place what it was for certain; at most, he had him pegged as spy, at most. But this… this wasn’t anything even he could have seen coming. Like Cassandra, he feels bad for not figuring Solas out, and drags one of the Chargers out of the tavern to hit him with a stick, hard. The Dread Wolf had fucked over The Iron Bull, and he wouldn’t stand for this.

Blackwall: Stares, wide-eyed, as he hears the news. The man looks down, shaking his head. It was too much. He thought he was the only liar of any significance, but he had been proven wrong. Solas was worse. Much, much worse. He doesn’t move for awhile, unable to figure out how to process this information. He never imagined any of the elven gods would be real in any regards, but to know that the Dread Wolf had been among them the whole time… He thinks back to all the times they played Diamondback or just talked. He had considered him a friend, and now? Now his heart was heavy.

Sera: “What? No, he can’t– that doesn’t– fuck!” Sera lets out a million curses, horrified and outraged. She had accepted that the elven “gods” were just “mage-y nobs,” but the thought that Fenny was fucking with them the whole time boils her blood. One of the original elfy elves had given her shit for not being elfy enough after almost destroying the world once in the name of elves, and he was going to do it again. She finds Cassandra and demands to be part of whatever team is hunting him down. She wouldn’t take this lying down.

Varric: “Shit.” He’s seen too much to even be shocked by this, and he just sighs, deeply, wondering how he’s going to explain this to Merrill. To Hawke, fuck, to anyone. He tries to decide if this is above or below Corypheus coming back on the list of “what the fuck is this shit” he keeps in his head. He writes the first few paragraphs half-hardheartedly, then stops and takes a breath. He’d have to do this in person. He was viscount now, damn it, it was a responsibility he wasn’t looking forward to. He crosses his arms and lowers his head into them on the table, moaning a muffled “Maker damn it, Chuckles.”

Cole: He had almost forgotten Solas, from when he made him forget him to protect his plans. “He wants to help, but he’s going to hurt. Their throat raw from screaming, like being pulled apart, coming free but not together. I am sorry, sincerely, sorrowfully. He pulls back the Anchor, walking, not looking back, he’ll regret looking back. He is a sad wolf, a scared wolf, who growls and bites at the unfamiliar. I want to help him not be scared, but… he won’t let us. Part of him wants to stop. Why won’t he let me help him stop?

Vivienne: Laughs. Of course the Dread Wolf was creeping alongside them the whole time. Of course. It only made sense; she had for so long wondered quietly where all his knowledge came from, and here it was. It was worse than she could ever imagine. Vivienne decides to handle this in the calm, matter-of-fact way she will. She approaches the Inquisitor later and simply, seriously, tells them that a plan and people are required to handle the threat, yet another she would help them meet and defeat. If the Inquisitor has elected to try to redeem Solas, she argues that the only suitable course of action is killing him, much to their dismay.

Dorian: Was initially fascinated by everything he had learned from this adventure through the eluvians, but his fascinated had turned into horror, fear, and anger. He knows a shitstorm is on the horizon, not just with Solas, not just with the Imperium, not just with the Qun, with all of Thedas. “I need a drink.” he moans. He and Solas hadn’t gotten along exactly perfectly, but he had respected him for his skills and his intelligence. Now he couldn’t feel anything but disgust and betrayal. He promises whatever aid he can lend as a magister, knowing fully well the next few years would be chaotic.

Is completely stunned and doesn’t know how to react for several moments. Finally, after having stared unblinkingly and losing all the color in her cheeks, she excuses herself to her quarters when it is appropriate and cries. This is the most betrayed she had ever felt. She had considered Solas a friend, respectable man, and completely trustworthy. All of that was gone, and all that was left was a monster. The Inquisitor finds her and sits with her while she gripes about it in terror. She had thought that Thedas was finally safe, that she had done her part to protect her world and her family, their fortunes finally coming back, and he threatened to take it all away. She huffed, eyes darkening. She would help stop him, somehow; she wouldn’t allow it after all that’s happened.

Cullen: Cullen had thought he had seen and heard it all, but this? To summarize in one word: furious. Absolutely livid. The culprit responsible for leading Corypheus to the Breach had been under their noses the whole time, and now he was free, ready to try to destroy the world all over again. A man he had grown to trust and respect was said culprit, and it only made it hurt more. He thought it was finally over, but no, things were far from safe and done. He begins blaming himself for not seeing through Solas earlier, but eventually stops. Now was not the time for self-pity. Now was the time to get back to work.

Leliana: She just sighs, heavily, shaking her head. She isn’t shocked or furious; she’s just disappointed. So, so disappointed. Her eyes harden and she heads to speak with the Inquisitor, ready to start working immediately on efforts to find and stop Solas, no matter the costs. There was no room for bemoaning what could have been done, what could have been prevented; any of that was nothing but a distraction. She’s been through enough disasters; what’s one more to stop? She starts by testing all of her agents for loyalty, and firing many of them who fail. No room for error here.

Solas: Watches the chaos unfurl as his former companions, some of them friends, react to his identity. He watches in the Fade, walking through the Winter Palace as the anger and despair roils. He feels a pang of guilt, but he reasons to himself, it is necessary for the greater good. “What is the greater good?” a spirit of wisdom asks casually as they walk past him. He doesn’t respond, and the spirit says nothing further, carrying on as they will. A small part of him wants to stop everything, but in the end, he shakes his head, and walks away from the scene as it fades away. Nothing would stop him now.

Celebration- Dean Ambrose x Reader

||Request- Wolf Dean; he retains his title against Dolph. And pregnant reader celebrates with him!||

You stood in the back with everyone else watching the tense match up between Dolph vs Dean. You could feel your heart skip every time Dolph had the upper hand. But you knew your lover boy would be scheduled to win.

Your right hand rubbed your pregnant stomach, you were due soon. And you could feel the pups kick everytime you were stressed. Roman squeezed through the group surrounding you.

“Hey Y/N! Dean’s doing pretty bad on his defense,” Roman said leaning down to speak to you. You shrugged, “he likes to reserve his energy for big moments. Then he comes back to bite them in the ass!”

Roman laughed, “Oh I know. So when are those babies coming?” You shrugged again, “any day Rom. Any day.” “Well, just take it easy in the meantime. Okay Y/N?” Roman said as he started rubbing your back.

“I know, I know. But I love just getting up and doing stuff. Sometimes I just wish I could go out there and manage someone. But I wouldn’t hear the end of it from Dean. He always has to watch me.” Roman stopped rubbing, “well duh. You’re his mate. When you have that type of bound you stick close to each other.” You looked up to Roman and giggled, “Yea, true. It feels amazing being near him. It’s like those teenage years where you first date and you have millions of emotion berating your brain. And the belly butterflies are ten times worse.”

You quickly turned your gaze back to the TV when you felt a hard throb hit your back. You had felt the same punch Dolph threw to Dean’s back. “Ay Rom, keep massaging my back. Dean’s getting a lot of strain on it.” Roman started rubbing your back again, “it sucks feeling the same pains he does, doesn’t it?” “Yea, especially when carrying these pups!” You said with an annoyed tone.

Few minutes later Dean pulls a Dirty Deeds and lays Dolph flat on the mat. He went in for the pin and won.


Dean grabbed his title and paraded it to each side of the ring.

Pack is protected and I’m still king.

The wolf was creeping in for good for the night. A lot of the time doing something straining, like a match, would wake the wolf.

Dean rolled out of the ring and smirked all the way up to the gorilla. “Congrats Bro!” Roman was the first to greet and slap him on the back. “Thanks, where’s Y/N?” Roman looked around, “well the last time I saw her she was wobbling her way up behind me.”

You came around a corner with a big smile and open arms, “baby you did great out there!”

Mate! Happy! Sweet. Proud. Lovable. Warm.

Dean grabbed you up in a hug, “oh baby doll! I missed you.” “Oh but honey it was just for a couple of minutes!” You said backing up and holding his free hand. “But it always seems like a century when I’m away.”

Dolph came over and congratulated Dean on his win, “dude that was a good match. But the crowd never popped.”

A growl crept out of Dean’s throat.


“Dolph I think it’s better if you just go on about your business else where,” Roman piped in shifting his eyes between the two men. Dolph smirked, “calm down big bad wolf, you won fair and square.”

The growling became louder. Dolph finally took the advice and scampered away.

Still a weakling.

You jerked Dean’s hand sending him back into reality, “come on and change. I wanna celebrate with some food! Like ice cream and meat!” “What a pairing of food. You sure have some strange cravings,” Roman smiled.

Pups crave.

“Okay, I’ll be right back and we’ll go and get something to chow on,” Dean said slapping your ass before walking to the locker room. You blushed bright red, “oh my gosh,” you mumbled under your breath.


You unlocked the hotel room’s door and stepped aside. Dean carried in what seemed to be three loads of groceries in one go. You then stepped in and closed the door. Dean dropped all the bags on the bed, “why must you crave ALL of this food? Three tubs of ice cream. Too many packs of ham and turkey to count and pickles!”

You laughed and pulled him into a kiss, “because what the pups want, the pups get. Plus I just like pickles!”

Puppies. Food.

Dean sat on the edge of the bed and talked to your tummy, “you guys are little hogs! Including mommy.” You gave him a playful whack, “HEY now!” Dean stood up and handed you a tub of ice cream, “here, go to town on this. Sweet tooth.” You laughed and grabbed the tub. You plopped down on your side of the bed and you playfully yelled, “Deeeeeean I neeeed a spoooooon!”

Dean looked back at you, “tough titty, I don’t give spoons to people like you.” You cutely bit the tub of ice cream; giving him puppy dog eyes. Dean broke and got up, “Fine,” he found a spoon and handed it to you, “this is only because you’re the cutest thing ever.” You smiled and viciously ripped the lid off of the ice cream tub and chowed down.

Mate is beautiful. Her scent still arouses me.

Dean rushed to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. He felt the familiar pains of wanting to shift. He sat on the toilet trying to collect his thoughts.

Mine. Alpha. Dominate.

He ran a hand through his hair, “fuck.” He sighed and gave into the wolf. He stripped and threw his clothes into a corner. He sat on the cold tile floor waiting for the wolf to claw it’s way to the surface to shift.

You opened the bathroom door, “hey babe? Why are you..naked..on the floor?” Dean looked up feeling relief, “I thought I was gonna turn but- since you interrupted, I don’t feel it.” You started to slowly close the door, “well I can just close the door and-“

“No don’t! Stay here,” he whined. You gave a head tilt, “are you sure you’re okay?” Dean grabbed his clothes, “Yea, yea. Just had a moment-”


“-I’ll just pull my clothes back on.” You nodded and went back to bed to wait.


“So all the groceries are put away, I almost had a wolf crisis, and now I have a cold beer; what could make the night better?” Dean said holding you in his lap as you browsed Netflix. “Well a nice movie would complete the celebration!” You said.

Dean downed his beer, “and once you do put something on, I’ll probably just pass out.” You shrugged, “at least I won’t hear your drunk complaining.” Dean pulled your hair back and whispered in your ear, “you know you like my complaining.” The whisper sent a chill down your spine.

“I guess celebrating with sleep is good too,” you said as you turned the TV off. “Yay,” Dean mumbled in excitement. You rolled off of his lap and grabbed the covers up to pull over yourself.

How was I Iucky? Mate and Alpha.

Dean kissed your forehead, “Goodnight baby.” You could smell the alcohol on his breath and it surprisingly comforted you. “Goodnight babe,” you snuggled into him. His hand traveled to your tummy, “goodnight little shits,” he laughed as he whispered.

After a few minutes of getting into a position that would support the pups and put you to rest; you slipped into dreamland. Dean checked his phone, 2:25AM. He yawned and placed it back on the night stand and fell asleep.


The difference between Sterek and Steter.

  • Sterek: “I didn’t think Stiles was smart enough to frame us for murder”
  • Steter: “Peter respects Stiles too much to force the bite on him”

And that is why the Steter dynamics are so much more fascinating to me.