creeping up behind you

Monsta X’s reaction to them wanting your attention cause they're bored but you're too busy studying


Shownu doesn’t show a lot of affection let alone emotions but it’s not a secret that He’s a warm and cuddly teddy bear….who doesn’t know how to control his strength. Shownu would ever so quietly creep up behind you and lift you up by the waist bringing you to the bed with him to cuddle cause he gets lonely too ya know!

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“Why don’t we study our bodies instead?” greasy grease grease I’m not even sorry

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Pout, pout, P O U T“Jaaaagggiiiiiyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!! PAY. ATTENTION. TO. MEEEEEE!” all that while lightly shaking you.

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“Fine. Two can play at this game. Binch you’re on”

would give you the cold shoulder until one of y’all finally gives in.

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would try to get your attention by throw something to you but instead this happens:

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“oOOOoOoOoOOoooooHhHhHhhhh come on Jagiya! How can you resist all this cuteness?!”

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“I’m sorry what? You’re too busy studying… pay attention to me??????”

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Hope you enjoyed!

Me: *is cooking dinner*

Husband: *is thinking he is sneaky trying to grab chips*

Me: what do you think you’re doing, I can see you, ya know

Husband: I want chips…….but I also don’t wanna piss you off….

Me: -_- just eat some damn chips, but you’re having dinner too.


Me: *peeling potatoes*

Husband: *creeps up behind me* you know there’s a faster way to do that, right? Power tools. I can bring my drill in here and-

Me: get out of the kitchen, already!!

Lmfao. Lord help this boy. Someone help me hahahahahaha

BTS Reality Show Part 7

Jungkook:/sits in the confessional booth/ Am I mad? You’re damn right I am mad as hell !Not only am I on lock down but I also got my ass beat  I’m grounded for life and now I’m stuck here with these idiots. But don’t worry your kookie will be just fine. 




Jungkook:/buries his face in his hands as he cries/ I fucking hate this family

~Meanwhile in the kitchen~

Jimin: / making cookies as he hums happily shaking his hips/

Yoongi:/ creeps up behind him and whispers/ Have you been having fun with your boy toy

Jimin:/ screams grabing his chest/ What the heck Yoongi?! You scared the crap out of me

Yoongi:/ simply leans against the counter looking at his hands/ You don’t have to do this to yourself you know… 

Jimin:/rolls his eyes as he makes the cookie dough/ Do what to myself? I love Tae and he loves me and for your information I’ve never been so happy in my life

Yoongi: You’re lying you know I’m the only one for you babe

Jimin: Um you have Hobi now /raises his eyebrow as he looks at him/

Yoongi:/nods/ Yes I do…

Jimin:/ puts the cookies on the pan/ Then why are you bothering me? Leave me alone you did plenty when you broke up with me let me go because I was too much of a distraction for you

Yoongi: /rubs his face furiously/ You know I didn’t mean that.. I know I fucked up..but please hear me out

Jimin: No Yoongi I don’t want to hear it..What about Hobi…he can be everything I wasn’t for you /puts the cookies in the oven/

Yoongi: no no I want to talk about it Jimin.. I want to talk about us.. because-

Jimin:/turns and looks at him angrily/ WHY?! WHY WON’T YOU STOP

Suga:/ grabs him and yells/ BECAUSE HE’S NOT YOU DAMN IT 

Jimin:/ shakes his head/ no no don’t say that

Yoongi:/loses it/ I TRIED JIMIN..I tried to forget and move on..but I just can’’re all I think about…All I dream about..

Taehyung:/ in the confession booth/ I overheard Jimin and Yoongi I’m not really the jealous type but the way he was looking at Jimin made my heart drop. I trust Jimin but I know that Yoongi knows just the right strings to pull when it comes to Jimin. But I am not about to let him take him from me..not when I’ve been in love with Minnie for years. I was madly in love with him from the beginning and I won’t let him beat me again.

Yoongi:/caresses his cheek/’re the closest I’ll ever get to heaven..

Jimin:/tries to push him away/ Don’t you ever get tired ..tired of chasing something you’ve already lost

Yoongi: For you I could never get tired…I can make you happy

Jimin:/looks up at him/

Yoongi:/pulls him in and hugs him holding him tight/ I missed you

Jimin: /sighs as he leans in and lets Yoongi hug him while he holds a look of worry with a sad smile on his face/

Taehyung:/ quietly watches them hug from the doorway/

Yoongi:/in the confession booth with a determined look in his eyes/ I won’t give up…I’ll fight for this love~/ he looks off in the distance of something that isn’t yet clear but possible/

Get your Dan and Phil Christmas Special album

The album contains such gems like:

  • Phil - Slendy in the window:

(lyrics) “Slendy in the window looking for the children…”

  • Do you want to see a santa
  • Static madness (ft. Phil who is interrupted by Dan again):

“You see the static then you will know when he is near, 

he’s creeping up behind you, and making you lose the game…”

  • Tired of ya shit (ft. Phil):

“You better not stop, 

you better not bant, 

Santa is here and he’s tired of ya shit, 

Slendy’s gonna eat your face…”

  • That was just a snowman  (Do you want to see a santa reprise)
  • Dan trying to get punched (ft. Phil trying his best not to punch him):

“We’re walking in the air, da da da ta ta 

give us a present tonight,

I’m really really scared, 

I’m going to shit my pants, 

right now, 


 from behind

 Santa Claus isSHUSH!

  • RIP headphone users

“He sees you when you’re creeping

 he’s always awake AAAHHH

A perfect gift to someone you hate! Get your gamingmas album now! 

Album title: FOR FUCK!

First Time - Jason Todd x Reader

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Requested by Anon-  Arkham Knight x reader’s first time


It was three days before Halloween when you were woken from sound sleep by the opening of your bedroom window. A shadow figure entered your room as you slowly and subtly grabbed the baseball bat you kept at your bedside for such emergencies. Quietly you rose from the bed, creeping up behind the figure when they turned to close the window. Raising the bat to strike, you prepare yourself to let out a healthy scream. The figure spun around to see you.

Panicking, you swing the bat only to have the figure catch it in his hand. A tiny squeak erupted from you, far from the scream you had wanted, as the bat was taken from your hands. 

“(Y/N), it’s me,” the figure said, flicking on the lamp to reveal himself to be Jason Todd, your…well you weren’t entirely sure what he was to you. Calling him your boyfriend seemed wrong. The closest title you could think to give him was soul-mate.

You sigh with relief, holding a hand to your chest. “God, you scared me,” you scold. “Announce yourself next time.”

“Sorry,” Jason said, moving to set the baseball bat in it’s rightful place. “I had to see you.” It was unusual for Jason to come by so late. Obviously, you were happy to see him anytime, but he never came when you were sleeping before. You blush when you realize this is the first time he has been in your bedroom.

 “Oh,” you say as Jason turned to face you, looking at you with his dazzling blue eyes. Your heart melted.

Placing his hands on your shoulders, Jason stared at you with a seriousness you had never seen before. “You need to leave Gotham tomorrow.”

“What,” you asked, confused by what he meant.

His hands tightened on your shoulders as his eyes bored into yours. “Something bad is going to happen, and you need to leave while you can,” Jason explained. His eyes developing a wild look. 

“Jay, I don’t understand,” you say, reaching up to stroke his cheek. Your fingers traced the “J” scar. Jason’s eyes closed for a moment, enjoying the feeling of your hand on his cheek.

“Please,” Jason begged, taking your hand from his cheek. “I need to know you will be safe.” He squeezed your hand so hard, you thought he’d break it. The fear in his eyes froze your heart. How could you refuse him?

“Okay,” you agree, finding yourself relieved as he looked soothed by your answer. “I’ll leave, but what about you?”

Jason let out a breath, looking away from you. “There is something I need to do, but I’ll find you after everything is over.” You wanted to ask what that something was, but you decided against it. After all, you trust Jason to come back to you.

“Alright,” you say, wrapping Jason up in a hug. He returned it just as tightly. A moment later, his lips met yours with a passion. You felt him pick you up before laying you gently on the bed. He crawled on top of you, carefully to keep his weight off of you while never losing contact with your lips.

“You know,” you begin after Jason placed kisses down your throat. “It will be quite a while before I see you again. Maybe we should go farther this time.” Jason and you have made out before, but you never slept with each other yet. It wasn’t because either of you didn’t want too, you both did, but it was rather because it would be the first time for both of you.

Jason paused his kisses at your throat to look into your eyes. “Are you sure? We might mess up,” Jason worried, studying your face. “I don’t want to leave you on a bad note.”

You laugh before bringing his face down for another kiss, “We’ll be fine.” Smiling, you reached for zipper of his sweatshirt, pulling it down. Jason smirked at your actions, whipping off the sweatshirt and his t-shirt before crashing his lips into yours.

Your clothes and Jason’s were thrown about the room in your passion. Feeling his naked body against yours felt right, making you wonder why you two never did this before. You both fell into utter bliss. 

You woke up the next morning to movement around your bedroom. Barely opening your eyes, you saw Jason was already dressed and ready to leave. He was bent over your desk, writing something. You closed your eyes to pretend you were asleep because you couldn’t bare to see him leave. 

He set the pencil down, and you felt him approach you. Jason bent down, placing a light kiss in your hair. A few seconds later, you heard the window open and close. Your heart ached, you didn’t want him to leave. 

Opening your eyes, you got up slipping on your bathrobe before going to see what Jason wrote. The note was written on the back of an old envelope with a stack of hundred dollar bills next to it.  

 Here is some money to help you get out of the city. Be safe, and I’ll be with you soon. Love, Jason.

Two months later, you had just finishing hanging up your last picture on a wall in your new apartment when a knock sounded from your door. You open it to find Jason Todd standing there with a bag over his shoulder. He smiles sheepishly at you while you stare at him shocked. Recovering, you jump into his arms, kissing him hard. 

“I told you I’d find you,” Jason said once you let him speak. He tightened his arms around you.

“I know,” you say, raising your eyebrows at him. “I’m just surprised you didn’t use the window.” 

Merry ‘Kiss’mas

- Holiday Prompt Day Twenty - December 20th- 

wonho x reader

fluff x smuttish

851 words

anon nymph wished – could i request a hoseok scenario with 12, 16 and 22 from your holiday prompt list that gets steamy at the end but is more fluffy throughout? tysm love 🙃

#12 I’ve never seen a white Christmas

#16 It’s cold in here, cuddle me damn it.

#22 Snowed in! In a.. Cabin!

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Request: I wanted a jk scenario where he is on we got married or something similar to the show where his ideal girl is paired with him so his gf who not necessarily hid type Start to wonder if he will lose feeling for her so she and him end up getting in a fight that pretty bad );

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Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2.301

♛ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine (The End) | Epilogue

You were standing in front of the oven, cooking dinner for you and your boyfriend, happily humming along to the songs playing from the stereo. All lost in your own world, you didn’t notice how Jungkook had gotten home and was now creeping up behind you. 

His cold hands slung around your body, quickly moving your shirt up and placing his icy fingers on your tummy, making you squeal. You jumped away, turning around in shock but sighing in defeat when you hear Jungkook’s laugh. 

“Hey babe”, he laughed while gently pulling you back onto his chest, kissing your head. “I see you didn’t even hear me throw my shoes around in the hallway, huh?”

You hit his chest and grabbed his hands, interlacing your fingers with his. “Yah, I was daydreaming!”, you laughed and pecked his lips, turning back to the sink to wash your hands quickly before serving dinner.

Turning the water on, you heard him coming closer again. He pressed his body against your back and you tried to ignore it, slightly smirking to yourself as you dried your hands off with a kitchen towel.

“Daydreaming, you say? About what?”, he whispered into your ear, his hot breath making goosebumps appear on your arms. “Or should I rather say, about who?”

Cockiness was already dripping from these words, so you simply turned around and wiggled your eyebrows at him, still with the same smirk on your face. He laughingly stepped back and let you open the oven to get dinner, as he started to set the table.

You followed Jungkook to the living room and you two sat in front of each other, enjoying the food and each other’s presence. Your eyes wandered over Jungkook and you couldn’t help but smile to yourself. He was everything you ever asked for, never failing to make you the happiest you could be.

“Are we daydreaming again (Y/N)?”, Jungkook asked with a huge grin on his face, raising one eyebrow at you. His plate was already empty while you hadn’t even touched your food yet. It was amazing how a fast he could eat.

“Shut up”, you giggled and hid your face behind your hands, feeling a blush creeping up your cheeks.

“Awww no need to be embarrassed babe, I know I’m handsome”, he joked and flexed his arms in self-display to underline his words. You rolled your eyes at him and laughed. “Whatever you say.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”, he burst out laughing. “They don’t call me “The Golden Maknae” for nothing!”

“Oh by the way”, he looked at you with sparkling eyes. “I have news.”

You stuffed your mouth with food and looked at him with puppy eyes. “What is it?”, you mumbled.

Jungkook grinned at you, eyeing you while you swallowed your food and waited for his reply. “You know how Army always wanted one of us to be in a reality show? Like a guest appearance at “The Return of Superman” or be part of “We Got Married”?”

You nodded and kept eating, while Jungkook’s grin got wider and wider. “Why are you grinning like that?”, you asked as you swallowed again, tilting your head to the side.

Jungkook leaned forward and placed his thumb on the corner of your mouth, gently wiping something away before softly pressing his lips onto yours. “You’re so cute (Y/N), I love you”, he chuckled and sat back down. “Oh and you had some rice on your face.”

“I love you too Jungkook”, you chuckled back and your heart beating increased when you heard his words. “So what were the news you wanted to share?”

“Oh right”, he seemed to get back to reality. “The producers of “We Got Married” asked me to join the show. Isn’t that cool?”

You placed your chop sticks next to your plate. “Jungkook that’s amazing! When are they planning to start filming? And who’s going to be your partner?”, you asked genuinely interested. Since you knew the boys, they always wanted to be part of that show at some point, so obviously you would be happy for your boyfriend to finally get the chance.

“You will not believe it”, a huge smile spread on his face. “IU is going to be my partner and filming starts in a week.”

Your jaw dropped and your eyes grew wide. What did he just say? “IU?”, you repeated. “The IU? The one you always fanboy about?”

His head frantically nodded and his eyes started to sparkle. “I can’t believe it either! I didn’t even think I’d meet her one day and now we’ll be married!”, his whole body screamed pure joy and excitement while your thoughts were a complete mess. On the one hand you were extremely happy for Jungkook. You knew how much he adored IU and her music, so being paired with her was a dream coming true for him. But on the other hand, the insecure part of yourself couldn’t help but be scared. While you were Jungkook’s girlfriend, you never had been his ideal type. He loved you and you knew that. Yet, he had confessed to you that in the beginning, he never thought he would fall in love with you because you weren’t the typical girl, he’d get attracted to. Jungkook didn’t mean to be rude while saying that, he just wanted to be honest but deep down it still hurt. Since the first time you had laid eyes on him, you knew that you’d fall in love with him. Knowing that he didn’t feel the same way had bumped you a little bit. He had also told you multiple times before you started dating who his ideal type was - no other than IU herself. He had adored her for years, her looks, her character, her talent, her everything. Just like you had adored him. 

“Did she- uhm- did she accept the offer already?”, you asked hesitantly, not looking into his eyes but faking a smile. You didn’t want Jungkook to know that you worried. 

“Yeah apparently she immediately agreed as soon as she heard that I’d be her partner”, he chuckled and his cheeks flushed as he ran a hand through his hair. It was like a knife being slammed into your heart. He was flustered because she didn’t even think twice before accepting him as her partner. It was like all his dreams were coming true at once while yours were being destroyed.

You simply nodded, unable to say word and kept a fake smile on your lips while you stood up to put the plates away. You hadn’t touched your food again after you had placed your chop sticks down and now after hearing the news, your hunger was gone.

Jungkook looked at you surprised. “Aren’t you going to finish that?”, his index finger signaled towards your plate. Shaking your head slightly, you still avoided his gaze. “No, I’m not hungry, I’ll safe it for tomorrow.”

His eyes stayed on you for a moment before he got up and placed his hands over yours, stopping you from putting the plates away. “(Y/N) what’s wrong?”, he asked concerned, letting his thumb stroke over your hand.

“Nothing”, you managed to say while looking at his face and squeezing his hand. “I’m just tired so I’ll clean this up and go to bed.” You kissed his cheek and moved on to the kitchen, placing the plates in the sink. As you turned around, Jungkook was so close to you that you crashed into his chest and let out a small huff. His hands cupped your face and made you look at him.

“(Y/N) we’ve been dating for 2 years now. I know when something’s up”, he pressed his soft lips against yours, supporting his words. You closed your eyes and left them closed even when he had parted already. “Please tell me what’s wrong.”

A sigh escaped your lips and you looked down at your feet. “It’s nothing Jungkook, really.”

His hands dropped and now he was the one sighing but his seemed more out of frustration. “Listen, if you don’t tell me what’s wrong, I can’t help you okay? I can’t read freaking minds.”

His tone was getting harsh and you realized he was getting mad at your stubbornness. He only wanted to help you. But how could he help when the reason you were being like this was pure jealousy and insecurity?

“I don’t need you to read my mind, Jungkook. I’m fine”, you answered grumpily and crossed your arms in front of your chest.

He rolled his eyes at you which made your blood start boiling. You hated it when people rolled their eyes at you and Jungkook knew that. “Then why are you being like this? Are you on your period or something like that?”

Clenching your fists together, you tried to stay calm at his comment. “Being like what? Am I not allowed to be tired and not hungry if I’m not on my period?”, you asked sarcastically through gritted teeth. You were both staring at each other dangerously.

“Goddamnit (Y/N), you know exactly how you’re being. What is it? Did I say something?”, he stopped for a second and a light bulb seemed to be clicked on in his head. “Or are you jealous?”

You slightly flinched, upset that he had found out so fast. Furrowing your eyebrows you lifted your chin up and now you were the one rolling your eyes at him.  “Jealous? Why should I be jealous?”

Jungkook raised one eyebrow. “Oh I don’t know, you tell me. I saw you flinch (Y/N), so don’t lie to me”, his tone was harsh and his face was stone cold. He knew you too well, not even something small like this could be hidden from him.

“Okay yes I’m jealous. So what? Can’t you just let me go to sleep and forget about this? It’s not like this is the first time that I’m jealous”, you mumbled the last part more to yourself than to him.

“No, I cannot. You do realize that I will spend almost 24 hours with IU right? For several weeks, maybe even months. So you better say whatever you feel like saying now before the show starts”, he spat.

You flinched again at his tone and you were getting mad at his attitude. “What the fuck Jungkook? You better say whatever you feel like saying now before the show starts. Or else what? Are you threatening me?”

He shrugged arrogantly. “Well, you’re obviously jealous but you’re not telling me why. Fact is that no matter what the actual reason is, I bet it’ll get worse as soon as I start spending time with IU. Especially because I’ll be spending more time with her than you. I don’t know if I want to handle your jealous self during the whole filming time. It might even get worse when the show airs because fans might start shipping me and her. They don’t know about us, so they wouldn’t know that it’s inappropriate to ship me with her.”

He was right. He was right with everything. You were already jealous and the show hadn’t even started. You were scared to lose him to that woman and already imagined how good they would look together and how much fun they’d have, while you sat at home, waiting for him to come back and he’d only be disappointed because he had to leave his dream girl behind and come back to you. You imagined all the fans being happy about IU and Jungkook finally spending time together, preparing shipping names and making baby edits. Your lips started trembling and tears welled up in your eyes.

“So what? What do you expect me to say Jungkook?”, your voice started trembling but his facial expression didn’t show any kind of concern.

“I expect you to tell me why you’re jealous”, was all he said as he stared at you, crossing his arms.

Closing your eyes, you thought about his words. If you told him, he might always see you as an insecure little girl from now on. Maybe he would even agree to your concerns and finally realize that you were not worth his love and attention, that IU was the one for him and not you. You were scared that your words might influence his feelings and thoughts, maybe even future decisions.

“Isn’t it obvious?”, you stepped closer to him. “She’s everything you ever wanted. You’ve adored her for years. She has the perfect styling, the perfect makeup, the perfect body. She’s talented just like you and works in the same industry, creating an instant bonding between you two that I don’t have. She’s funny and sweet but also sexy and sassy, just like you like it. She’s everything that I’m not. She’s your ideal girl. I’m not.”

Tears had started to fall down your cheeks and you quickly wiped them away. Jungkook just stared at you, thinking about your words. Deep down you had hoped that he would immediately deny all your words and comfort you. You had hoped that he would have wiped away your tears, holding you close and telling you how much he loves you, that he would never leave you for someone like her. Instead, there he was, standing still and seemingly in deep thoughts.

When he spoke, you swore you felt your heart break into million pieces. “You know what else she is that you’re not?”, he didn’t even wait for your answer before responding himself.


He turned around and grabbed his bag he had laid down beside the couch when he entered your apartment earlier. 

“I think we should take a break”, he mumbled, giving you one last glance before leaving out of your front door.

Safe & Sound (Jason Todd x Reader)

Warnings: none, just fluff a/n: this is my first one-shot…so I’m a nervous wreck ☆☆☆ 

 The sound of a window closing shut made your heart leap in your chest. Panic arose to your senses as you quietly, but briefly stood up from your bed. Creeping up behind the wall dividing your living room from your bedroom, you were one hundred percent sure there was an intruder. 

 That is until you heard a familiar voice. “(Y/N)…”, None other than Jason Todd himself, called. 

 "Jason?“, You almost gasped, stepping out and flipping the light switch on. He stood there. Drenched in rain water and smelling like smoke. His weapons laid on the floor, his hands were painted red.

 "I’m sorry.” He managed to whisper, fighting to stand on his two feet. “Oh, Jason.” You ran over to him, wrapping his left arm around your shoulders for support until you got to the nearest couch. You sat him down.

 "I’m sorry, (Y/N).“ His voice cracked. "I hate putting you through this, I-” “Shh.” You held his cheek. “I’ll patch you up, then we can talk.” He turned his face towards the ceiling, tightly shutting his eyes while you took a good look and fixed the deep gash on his stomach. Apart from the huge wound, he had multiple ugly bruises surrounding it.

 All the time, he studied you intently, pure adoration and confusion etched across his blue eyes. You two had been roommates for quite some time. This was the fifteenth night he had come home like this. Never had you been bothered one bit by it.

 "Care to tell me what happened.“ You inquire, handing him a dry shirt and putting away your first aid supplies.

 His eyes gazed at the floor while pulling the shirt on, not saying a word. "Jason,” You sigh, holding his hand in yours. He looked up to meet you in the eye.

 "Care to tell me why you put up with this?“ He mumbled your question back, inching his face closer to yours. You gave him a tired smile, but you couldn’t bring yourself to say it after ten months of sharing the same place with him. "Maybe it’s because…because,”

 "Gosh, Jason. I care about you. Okay? I sleep on anxiety, worrying about whether you’re going to get home, or not. I worry about you. I make sure you never miss a meal, a hug and, oh my God…“ You close your eyes shut, fearing what your emotions were going to cause you to say. 

 He neared even closer, gently cupping your face in his calloused hands. "You…care, about me, (Y/N)?”, he slightly raised both eyebrows, as if wanting to hear what you were going to confess. “I think, oh my God, I….” You looked deeply into those blue eyes that you had grown to cherish so dearly. “I think I love you Jason Todd.” He paused right before completely closing any gap between your lips.

 "Then what a coincidence, (Y/N). Because I just can’t bring myself to live without you, too.“ You finally kissed him, with all you had, knowing that someday, he would say it. For now you were content, letting all your feelings off your chest and to have him home, safe and sound.

pairing: unknown/reader
notes: [1/?]
so……. I heard y’all wanted an unknown route, huh? takes place after the prologue bad end; mentions spoilers from the secret ends, but only obliquely for now. content warning for, uh, kidnapping.

You hadn’t even known he was there.

Well – that was the intention, you suppose. If you’d felt like you were being watched on top of all the other strangeness inherent in the situation, you might have just turned tail and went right back into the elevator without even trying to find the apartment.

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#118 SHINee being at the hot springs together with you. Requested by @momoko8

Note: These are all mixed hot springs. So both male and female use the same facilities. Some are private or more like rented places as well.


Originally posted by jinkis-sarang

Onew and you will be staying at a really old fashioned hot spring. The architecture alone makes any normal person try to be quiet and relax, without making any noise at all. Onew on the other side didn’t seem to have this natural behavior instinct as he playfully splashes you with hot water from time to time. He swims around in circles instead of staying at the same place to relax. ‘Jagi~’, he will slowly creep up behind you, as you have your eyes closed. Right as he stands behind you he will loop his arms around your waist in preparation to spin the both of you around. Causing big waves to form and everyone else to stare at you two he will enjoy being dorky with you. 'Onew!’, you will rather loudly scold him, as the looks the other people give you are rather cold. Only because you scolding him is a rare sight he will look around, finally noticing all the gazes fixed on him. A loud sigh will leave his body as he calms down, letting your waist go in the same movement, 'Sorry. I didn’t notice it had this much of an impact’. A forced smile will decorate his face as he swims to the side, leaning against the side to attract as little further attention as possible. When you follow him and see his cute little pout you won’t be able to resist kissing these cute lips, 'You don’t have to totally adapt to those grandfathers and grandmothers. We can still have fun’. His eyes will look at how many other people are inside while he thinks about something fun to do. After a while he will look at you again, seeing you with your eyes closed, relaxing makes him forget what he just came up with. Just for a few minutes he will let you relax the way you want to. Smiling he will watch you quietly as his own body calms down a lot. Since he hasn’t spoken in a while you will open your eyes again to be meet with two beautiful eyes looking at you lovingly. 'I thought you will tell me something fun we could do’, you will ask smiling at how handsome he looks with his hair halfway dry. 'I had something in mind, but seeing you so happy and thinking about them being mad again, I decided we can have fun alone later and relax now.’, his hand will cup your cheek gently as he leans in for a small peek on your lips to not anger the elders any more.


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You and Jonghyun will stay at a small but exclusive hotel. He had chosen it because it featured mini hot springs per booked room. Like this you two didn’t have to worry about other people seeing you naked, or used separate baths. As soon as he sinks down into the water his face will loose all of its tension. 'Y/N quickly come in this is awesome’, he will quickly call you before he lets his face sink into the water until only his top hair is sticking out. 'Coming’, you will follow what he did joining him in the hot water, 'So hot’. He will giggle seeing you struggle a bit with the water temperature, 'You will get used to it quickly’. Once both of you were comfortable he will pull you close into an open hug with one arm around your waist, 'If I turn of the lights we should be able to see the stars tonight. There are no clouds. Should I?’, pointing up at the clear dark sky he will smile as you nod faster than he was able to finish the question. 'Okay’, for a short time he will be out of the water to turn off the dim lights that were more decoration than actual light sources. As he sinks back into the water he will be next to you in one motion again, keeping you close to cuddle as you to lean against a round stone. 'It’s pretty’, you will whisper, your head leaning against his shoulder as both of you watch the night sky. He didn’t know why, but being with you in that exact moment, seeing the stars and feeling the hot water against his skin made him feel free of problems. There was absolutely nothing bothering him and while he thought about why, he got the feeling it might be because he was with you. Smiling due to his thoughts he will pull you in front of him, your back against his chest, his arms around your waist and his head on your shoulder. Feeling your skin on his made the moment even more intimate and when you try to turn around he will stop you gently, 'Can we stay like this for a minute?’. His voice is quiet and muffled as he presses his lips against your shoulder for a little kiss. When you nod his face will be pressed against your neck as he enjoys ever second of hugging you like this in this setting.


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Key will be fully prepared for a nice long beauty and relaxing evening with you. Right after you arrived he will be busy going through his back pack searching for something. 'What are you looking for?’, you will feel the urge to help him. 'Sheet masks’, his whole concentration will be on the bag, 'I know I packed it … just where’. When you grin and shove the second bag at him he will notice that he has searched in your bag instead of his own. 'Sorry’, grinning he will now easily find the sheet masks, 'Now were ready’. You two will walk up to your small rented hot spring. 'Slowly’, Key will be worried about you getting into the hot water too quickly. 'I know. I know’, happy that he cares so much about you, you will follow his instructions and get into the water slowly. Next to each other you two will spend a couple of minutes inside. Key had the principles that ten minutes are great and fifteen the maximum he could handle without feeling dizzy. So when the time was up he sat down on the edge of the water with his legs hanging in the water, 'Jagi~ do you want one too? Then you have to come and sit next to me and hold my hand for the whole time’. While you are getting out of the water to do what your whining boyfriend asked for, he will be preparing your sheet mask. 'Look here’, he will be careful while applying it on your face, making sure that it sits perfectly on your skin. 'So pretty’, he will grin as he hands you his sheet mask, 'Will you help me too?’. Smiling with his eyes closed he will wait for the cold feeling he is looking forward too. Feeling your fingers carefully placing it onto his face will make his heart race fast. One more reason why he keeps his eyes shut. If he would open them and see your concentrated face, he would fall even deeper in love with you. His skin is always something he likes to take care of and you always try to help him as much as he can, which makes him flustered every time you surprise him by remembering little things. When the pressure from your fingers on his face lessen he opens his eyes to see you smile satisfied. 'You did great Y/N’, he will place a peek on your lips, careful not to move the mask. With your legs hanging in the hot water the two of you will lie your torsos down on the naturally heated stones. 'I love you Y/N’, Key will watch you happily as you are everything he has ever wanted. Someone he loves, that excepts him with every flaw.


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Minho and you will have gone to a mixed public hot spring. The only thing he will have made sure of is that it isn’t one where the young people go to often. He wanted to spend some time with you without having to worry about his fans noticing him in a hot spring. The thought of you two spending time together already had a booster effect on his mood in the morning where he had made you breakfast. When you two finally arrived at the hot spring in the hours of the evening he will be the one carrying the bag you two packed. 'Wait a second baby’, he will place a kiss on your forehead while he manages all the paying and small talk with the receptionist. 'We can go in now’, he will say his hand already searching for yours. Hand in hand you two will enter the facilities. When the time had come to enter the water he will hop in first, his hand signaling you to wait. Inside he will turn around instantly, holding his hand out for you to take, 'Come here Y/N. Carefully it’s really hot and you could slip’. His grip around your hand will be tight to keep you stable as you slowly enter the water. Inside his hand that had hold you will find it’s way around your waist, 'Hot right?’. A grandpa grin will be painted on his face, as he enjoys the hot water way too much. For a while the two of you will enjoy the water silently. Apart from you a couple elders will be present too. 'Minho’, you will slowly make your way next to him as the water had you two drift apart a little. 'Mhm?’, his eyes will stay closed as he had entered the water until right under his nose. 'It’s too quiet’, you will tell him honestly. Neither the elders nor Minho are making any sound. Even the water sounded as if it had stopped moving. His eyes will slowly open as he turns around to look at you smiling, 'You should enjoy the sound of silence for a while Jagi~’. He hand will break through the surface of the water to brush gently over your hair. Your face is enough for him to understand that that wasn’t what you wanted to hear, so instead of saying more he will take a quick look around. When none of the elders seems to be looking his way he will lean forward to place a rather wet kiss onto your lips. 'Better?’, smirking he will look around again, looks like he could kiss you again without anyone seeing it.


Originally posted by leetaemined

Taemin and you really won’t be good customers to the hot springs. When you two grew bored from the motionless 'enjoying’ of the hot water, both of you decided it would be nice to play some games. 'What will we do when you win?’, Taemin is already mentally preparing himself for rock-paper-scissors when he tires to come up with a winning price. 'A mask treatment and if you win?’, you will grin rolling your wrist in preparation. 'A massage’ 'Deal’ Since you two are still inside the water your game is more than loud, with both of you cheering yourself on and the water splashing with every movement one of you takes. 'YES!’, Taemin will shout after the third round, lifting his hand symbolizing a stone into the air, 'I won!’. Thinking it could make up for you losing he will lean in to kiss you deeply, not caring about everyone else around you. 'A massage it is right Jagi’, grinning he will observe your face. It’s not that a massage is bad, but you hated that it sometimes hurt so much. Taemin will hop out of the water first, helping you up in order for you to have it easier. Hand in hand you two will book the massage. Now lying down and waiting Taemin will grin, he can only see the floor right beneath the whole he had to rest his face in, 'Jagi, are you there?’. His hand will aimlessly try to find you. 'Yes, here’, you are still sitting, grinning to yourself as you soundlessly lower yourself to the ground. Fast you will shoot your body forward to appear in front of Taemins face without him noticing beforehand. 'YAH!, he will have jumped a good 5 centimeter before he relaxed again, 'That wasn’t funny’. Pouting he will not talk to you until the massage started. He was the one choosing the massage so he couldn’t scream, but he really wanted to. It hurt way too much this time due to his sore muscles and the tension that had build up while he prepared for an album. 'Y/N’, his voice will be pressed out, as he can’t help but press his teeth together, 'We need to go back  into the hot water again after this …’. Your massage isn’t hurting half as much, so you can’t help but grin at the sound of his voice, 'Why Minnie?’ 'My muscles hate me today’, is all he get’s out until he massage is done. Looking as if he has just survived the tests of a mad scientist he will have problems standing straight, 'Please … the hot water … for a minimum of an hour’. Slowly he will make his way there again. He won’t be able to stay in so long, but you made sure to give him enough time to relax his muscles again. 'Next time we should do the mask treatment instead’, he will be able to smile again after a while, but regret is written all over his face.

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Comatose_Kaldur’ahm x Injured! Reader

Comatose_ Kaldur'ahm X Injured Reader.

Originally posted by spacewasteland

Warnings: Violence , gore and swearing.

Word count: 1,266

Pairing: Kaldur’ahm/ Aqualad x Reader

Summary: Reader jumps in front of a flamethrower to save Kaldur and ends up in a coma. Fluff and shit.

Master List

The mission went wrong. They knew you were coming and they knew how to prepare themselves.
Everything went well at first. Nightwing was kicking ass, Aqualad was swinging his swords, nothing unusual. That is, until you saw someone creeping up behind Kaldur with the all too familiar shape of a flame-thrower in their hands. You abandoned the opponent you were fighting and raced across the room.
“Aqualad!” you shouted. He turned as you got close enough to shoving him away. Time slowed down as the Atlantean stumbled away. You saw the gas spark and you closed your eyes tightly. Pain overtook your senses and you screamed. The battle continued around you as you fell to the floor your vision turning black.

“Will she be alright?” It was Kaldur
“Most likely, we’ve put her into a medically induced coma to allow her body to heal. She will be asleep for some time.” A doctor maybe? The voice was unfamiliar.
“I cannot adequately express my gratitude. Thank you so much.” his voice started to dim and you fell away from it.
“Please, please get well Y/N. The team is lost without you.”
“I’m right here Kaldur! I’m okay!” you tried desperately to shout. But no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t move. His voice sounded so defeated and it broke your heart. You sighed internally as you started to drift off again
‘Am I Flatlining?’ you thought 'Wait no!’
“Doctor! Help! Someone get a doctor!” you heard Kal shout. You started to drift out again but it felt, different, like you weren’t going to wake up again.
“No!” You screamed in your head “I can’t leave yet! Don’t make me!” you fought hard against whatever was pulling you down. Eventually you freed yourself and a rhythmic beeping replaced the flat one. You heard Kaldur make a sound somewhere between a sob and a sigh of relief.
“She’s quite the fighter.” the doctor? “Just a few more weeks and we’ll be able to wake her up.” You 'sighed’ in relief before you started to drift off again but not before you heard Kaldur’s response.
“I certainly hope so. I could not forgive myself if I let her die without telling her how much she means to me…” Your heart swelled. You wished you could hear the end of the sentence.
*Tick tock tick tock tick tock*
*beep beep beep beep beep*
*vish vish vish vish*

You groaned at the noises and attempted to open your eyes, which took a considerable amount of effort on your part, and closed thin again. Everything was so bright white. After many tries your eyes finally adjusted and you could take in your surroundings. A multitude of machines and wires were gathered around your bed and you were covered in a thin blanket. Bandages covered most of your body and your throat and mouth were incredibly dry. You smiled when you saw Kaldur in the chair next to you, his usually impeccably clean appearance was replaced with a tired one.  His hair had grown out some and a light scruff graced his jaw, but he looked peaceful as his head rested on his hands and he slept. In an attempt to wake him up you said his name but it came out as 'Kalduackch’ followed by several minutes of coughing, which definitely woke him up. Eventually though you managed to breathe like a normal person and were immediately pulled into a pair of strong arms.
“Okay, ow, ow, ow, ow!” you croaked, you skin burning at his touch. Kaldur backed away as if he had been burned and look away with a guilty look on his face.
“How are you feeling Y/N?” He asked
“Like my skin is on fire, which it probably was. How long was I out?” You asked getting straight to the point.
“Five. Months that is.”
“What?!” you exclaimed, eyes widening. “I slept through Halloween! Are you kidding?!”
“No. You were put into a medically induced coma to conserve your energy and to help with the pain. You have second degree burns on most of your body as well as some third degree in the areas closest to the flamethrower.
"That explains a lot…” You grumbled. An awkward silence passed between you before he spoke up.
“You shouldn’t have done that.”
“Oh sure, and let you die? No thanks, I’d rather be gravely injured than to see you dead.” you replied with a sarcastic tone.
“Even as such, this is entirely my fau-” you cut him off.
“Oi, none of that! I made my choice and guess what? I’m not dead.”
“Just as well, it should be me in that bed. You do not deserve this pain.” He replied. 

“…I Could not forgive myself if I let her die without telling her how much she means to me…" 

"Hey, I could hear you, you know. Talking to the doctor.” He looked away “What do I mean to you?”
He sighed and sat back in his chair. “I’ve always believed that being emotionally attached to someone was a disadvantage. That it made one weak and vulnerable. When I was introduced to you, I tried to hide how I felt. When you took the blast of that flame thrower it hurt so much. We all believed you were going to die. And seeing you, full of tubes and wrapped in bandages I blamed myself. I realized that if I never saw you again, I would never know if you loved me too.”
“Y-you love me?” you asked tentatively.
“More than anything.” he said with conviction.
“Good, because I do too. Now get over here so I can kiss you.” Kaldur complied, moving his chair closer. Soon enough there was no space between you. His large hands cupped the non-burned skin of your cheeks and you powered through the pain to lace your hands around his neck. It would have gone on longer but an awkward cough sounded across the room. Quickly you jumped apart to see the rest of the team and a hoard of nurses in the doorway. You groaned in annoyance as both groups swarmed you. The nurses checked the machines and the team 'hugged’ you and asked questions, being generally happy that you weren’t on the brink of death anymore. Eventually the excitement wore off and everybody left except for Kaldur who refused to leave your side.
“Hey but on the bright side I’ll have some really badass scars.”
“You are ridiculous Y/N.” He said laying in the recliner and gripping your bandaged hand.
“Just part of my charm.” You chirped “Now sleep Kal, you need it more than me.”

One month later.
“I’m free!” You cheered throwing your arms up from your position in the wheelchair. Kaldur chuckled.
“Only because the doctors were tired of your complaints.”
“Good enough for me!”
“You are silly Y/N.” He said.
“Oh shut it, you’re secretly happy I’m coming back to the base with you.”
“It is really no secret.” He said giving you a chaste kiss.
Your burns had healed some but they still hurt, at least you could lay down without screaming now. And that was exactly what you did when the bio-sphere brought you to Mount Justice. Almost immediately you laid down in utter exhaustion and Kladur didn’t hesitate to join you, not entirely caught up on sleep yet. He still blamed himself for what happened but you were over it and you knew eventually he would be too.


"You'll Be Fine After" (Part 4)

A/n: This was long anticipated SORRY I KNOW BUT HERE YALL GO 💕 Tell me what you guys think or any predictions you guys might have ;))

Type: Badboy!Luke Series

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

The pain that spread through your arm made you pass out, waking up in rusty, vacant shed of some sort, darkness being the only thing you could see besides the light from the bottom of the door creeping in.

You were tied up in a chair, arms behind you, wrists in scattered knots along with your ankles. Basically your typical movie hostage kidnapping scene was taking place right before you.

You had a cloth in your mouth and god knows where that’s been, screaming for help was not an option. You tried wriggling free but that seemed to only make the knots grow tighter, giving up you stopped. Wishing Luke was here you couldn’t help but let a tear escape your eye.

This morning may have been the last time you ever saw him. Your heart was pounding in your heart like a hammer, scared wouldn’t suffice how you felt. Ever since Luke told you about the Rascals you couldn’t help shake this gnawing feeling in your chest that something untoward may happen. And with just your luck it did.

The door opened, making an ungodly squeak resonate in the gloomy air. You already knew who they were. You just didn’t know what they were going to do to you.

“Hey gorgeous.” His voice made you want to vomit. It sounded like he smoked a pack of cigarettes a day.

He turned the lights on, revealing him standing there, black leather jacket, black jeans, tattoos down his neck, looked almost like Luke but nothing like him as well.

“And my my, you are gorgeous. It’s a wonder why your boy just left you out there in the open huh?” He slowly made his way over to you, knife in hand as you looked behind him and saw another man, dressed the exact same but face covered by the darkness the room emitted.

“You don’t have to be scared. As long as we get what we want you’ll be home in one piece.” He mumbled. “Well more or less.”

That made your stomach churn. They have to have informed Luke by now. Right?

“I hope your boyfriend comes on time. Or else who knows what’ll happen.” He slid the knife from the column of your throat down to your chest.

“Fuck you.” You spat. “He will come.” You don’t know what came over you but if you were going down, you were gonna go swinging.

The knife sliced down near your shoulder, a gasp leaving your mouth at the sensation. You felt the blood drip down, regretting even speaking in the first place.

“Don’t back talk. It won’t end well.” He reached in his pocket taking out his phone, dialling a number as you sat there, hoping, wishing, praying Luke would come find you.

“Lukey my boy how are you?” Your head snapped up at his name as you saw him hold the phone to his ear.

“You’re probably wondering where your girl is right? I mean I saw all your texts to her.” He brought your phone out of his other pocket as you realized yours wasn’t in the security of your back pocket.

He smiled mischievously at you as he put it on speaker. “Say hi to your boy.”

You scowled in return. He came over and grabbed your hair, tugging your face up to look at him. “Talk.” You let out a yelp at the harshness of his actions.

“Baby are you okay?! Randy I swear to god if you even touch her I’ll-”

“Luke.” You muttered as Randy threw your head back. You couldn’t help but cry now, you were always so strong but this was getting too much, beaten black and blue.

“Y/N.” He sighed in relief hearing your voice, knowing you were still alive at least. “It’s okay love I’m with you yeah? You’ll be fine after all this-”

“And that’s enough from lover boy.” Randy took the phone away from you as you sat there, defeated.

‘You’ll be fine after’, those are the exact words you said to him, right before you broke up with him and left.

“There, you see? She’s just fine. Now come with the money, or she won’t be.” He spoke.

“If you fucking lay a hand on her-”

“I’ll be waiting.” He singsonged as he hung up, turning around to leave. “Watch her.” He said to the guy who was still hovering around the doorframe the entire time. He clicked the lights off as he exited the room, making the stranger move inside, shutting the door behind him.

He came in, opening the shades of the tiny window just enough for the light to illuminate his face.

Your eyes went wide, throat dry as you took in the man in front of you.

“Calum?” You whispered, barely audible and shocked to say anything else.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” His voice was low as he came towards you. You looked away, disgusted with him. He was one of Luke’s best friends, more like a brother to him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” You shouted, appalled that he would be working for the Rascals. Their rivals for god knows how long.

“Keep your voice down.” He gritted, coming to stand in front of you. You were taken back by his words, the harshness in his eyes, the sharp jawline, you weren’t used to seeing this side of Calum. Despite him being in a gang, Luke rarely let you in on any thing that he does with the boys. You’ve never actually seen how they were when it’s game time. And truthfully, you didn’t want to.

He let out a sigh at your horrified eyes, still not believing he would betray Luke and you and all of the boys like this.

“They were gonna hurt Mia.” He whispered, just loud enough for you to hear. “They were gonna take her away from me. I couldn’t let that happen.”

You remembered always babysitting for Calum’s daughter. Mia was a doll and at only 5 years old she knew more than you did in school. But did that give him the right to go behind the boy’s back the way he did?

You didn’t know how to feel, what to say, you loved Mia as if she was your own, and God forbid anything ever happen to her.

“I understand if none of you forgive me for this. I wouldn’t either. But I have to okay?” He pulled out a knife from his pocket, identical to the one Randy had.

He shot you a sympathetic look, coming closer until you felt the blade on your skin again, the same shoulder Randy dug into.

“Calum.” You whispered, hurt evident in your voice. “Don’t.”

“They’re gonna get suspicious if I don’t lay a hand on you Y/N. I’m sorry.” He sliced into your skin, making another bloodcurdling scream elicit from your mouth. He looked away, mortified with himself, you were like a sister to him. But a choice had to be made. Did he make the right one though?

“I fucking trusted you.” You croaked out, the pain only fuelling your anger towards him. You dropped your head down, your hair tangled with strands fallen out of the ponytail you had this morning, nausea taking over you with your head feeling like it was about to combust into tiny particles into the atmosphere.

“Y/N I-”

A gunshot was heard in the distance, snapping your head in the direction of the sound as Calum retreated towards the window, looking out to see the commotion.

“I’ll be back.” He said, jogging out and making sure the door was locked before he left.

You let out a heavy breath, alone yet again in the eerie confines of the shed, with nothing more than you and your ever so increasing gruesome thoughts.

You knew you were going to die. It was inevitable. Luke wouldn’t get to you in time. If Calum was working with the Rascals who knew who else they could have infiltrated in Luke’s gang to join forces with them with nothing but a simple threat to hurt their loved ones being the decision turner.

Wiggling your wrists again you tried to escape the ropes but instead of hoping they got looser, they only seemed to defeat your already low expectations.

Someone was going to die tonight. And it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Part 5


Hey can you do an imagine where the joker saves the reader from sexual assault and he takes her home with him and keeps her I don’t know if this makes sense lol 🙂

A/N: Here it is I hope its okay

Originally posted by hesmypuddin

You were just minding your own business walking to your car after work. It was only 8:00 but because it was winter the sun was already down. Causing what little of the moon there was to cast creepy shadows around you. You had always been told to pay attention when alone at night, especially in Gotham. So when a man came creeping up behind you in the alleyway that lead to your car, you noticed right away. You began walking a little faster, trying to press the car alarm on your keys, hoping the noise would scare him off. But when you’re shaking hands let the keys slip to the ground. You wanted to start crying, the man was now right behind you. And you still had 20 ft until you came into the open parking lot. You heard a gun click, and you stopped in your tracks. They had never told you what to when someone had a gun.

“Going somewhere?” The man said closing in on you.

He placed his hands on your hips. When he touched something clicked in you. You threw your head back, feeling it collide with his nose. His hands went to his nose, as you took off. You were almost out of the hallway when a heavy force colliding with your back, causing you to crash to the ground. You got your breath knocked out of you, and your nose was bleeding.

“Good try. But you’re not that fast.” The man said flipping you to your back.

You struggled under his weight, trying to free your legs from his, and arms from his grasp. He slapped you hard on the face.

“Please stop!” You begged, as he pinned your hands under his knees.

“Help! Anybody help me please!” You screamed out earning you another harsh slap to the face.

His hands began wandering, feeling you up over your shirt. You were a crying, whimpering, mess when his sticky fingers began to pull your skirt up your hips. You closed your eyes willing all of this to be just a bad dream, and that you’d wake up in your bed any second now. Then suddenly his movements on your body stopped. You felt a warm liquid drip onto your chest. You slowly opened one eye. You gasped out loud upon seeing your attacker with his throat slit, as blood trickled out of his carotid artery down onto you. He body began to slump backwards, you quickly wriggled your legs from under him. Slowly you tired getting to your feet, but gave up when you realized you were shaking to bad for that to happen. So instead you placed your head in your hands, as your body was wracked with sobbs.

“My first time helping a damsel, and what do I get? Nothing. Not even a thank you. And people say I am impolite.” A smooth voice, purred out.

You jerked your head up to look for the source. Your eyes locked onto a pair of husky blue ones.

“You did that?” You asked, nodding your head towards the corpse.

“Are you usually this dumb, or did you fall and smack your little head on the pavement?” He said in annoyed tone of voice.

“I am not dumb.” You snapped. “It just seems out of character for the clown prince of crime to save someone.”

“You can’t always trust the media doll. It never tells the truth. Why I bet if a camera crew followed me around for a day showing all the good I do. I bet I would be idolized. HAHA!”

“SIKE!” He said, upon seeing the confused look on your face. “Nah, I was looking for a little chaos when I stumbled upon you. And oh my am I happy that I did. I’ve always prefered a woman who looks good in red.” He said while eyeing your white blood soaked blouse with lust.

“What do you say doll? Care to go for a little joy ride with the one and only Joker?” He asked with a mock bow.

You shook your head, to scared to say ‘no’ outloud, but also not wanting to say yes.

He glared at you, obviously growing frustrated with you. He ran his pale fingers through his hair slicking it back as he licked his lips. “See here, when I ask it as a question, that’s my polite way of telling you to do it.”

“I don’t think I could walk to your car, even if i wanted to.” You mumbled the last part under your breath.

“Well didn’t you say something!?” He yelled with glee, as he scooped you into his arms.

He smelled nice, you couldn’t help but notice. And he looked nice, you stared up at him as he carried you. Whether you were still in shock, or he had putten you under his spell. You began wondering what it would be like to kiss him. And so you did. You pressed your plump lips to the side of his jaw. Purring against his skin, when you realized how nice it felt. He growled in satisfaction.

“Why’d you really save me?”

“Because I wanted to,” he shrugged with his shoulders. “And besides, you did yell for anyone to help you.” He said with a wink.

Exo Creeping

creeping creeping creeping 


~the sassy hunnie creep~

“I see you bae… you’re mine now”


~creepy horror film doll nini~

“Watchinggg…Always watchingggg”


~magic yeol creep~

“Hey babe wats up…you look so good from behind soo”


~nostalgic original satansoo creep~

“I know you wanna be this foam six already”


~cant even see his creepy eyebrows baek~

“hey there lady’ssss”


~sugardaddy suhodaddy creep~

“Dammm gurl… I’ll buy you all the diamonds in the world”


~creepy eyebrow wiggle unicorn lay~

“heh heh heyaaa there cutie”


~suspicious skill with yogurt dae creep~

“creeping creeping creeping…with my yogurt”


~suggestive cheek motions creep xiu~

“hola senoritaaaa”


~the creep who is proud of butt tao”

“don’t you just wanna touch it” 


~more yogurt skills creep with mr galaxy”

“I’ll just lick this off while keeping eye contact cause I can”


~china’s manly creep master lu~

“Ooo ooo oooo blow it like a flute babe”


Request: Sam as a big brother after Dean leaves the two of you.

You discover a very fury hat somewhere in the depths of the bunker. It’s cute, with little ears on top and long, paw like things that fit your hands perfectly like gloves. You decide to slip both hands into the paws and place the hoodie on your head, not caring where it’s been or how long it’s been there. It was just the thing to put a smile on your face.

Sam was in the library, as usual, searching through books for any clues he might have missed. Since Dean left, it’s all he did. He hardly left for jobs anymore, saying he was much better off studying each and every book. He was sure his older brother was out there doing the job anyway—as were you. Dean probably took on two or three jobs at a time.

You creep up behind Sam. His attention is fully on the journals in front of him. He never once looks up as you show up beside him, your paw-hands raised as if you might attack him.

“Meow!” You use your highest, most adorable voice you can muster.

Sam jerks, looking up from his studies. A huge grin breaks out on his face and he leans back in his seat, taking in the view of his newly found little sister. “Cute, what are you supposed to be?”

You take a second to look at the color of the fur. “Polar Bear?” You can only guess, pawing at the air like a cat. “Found it in one of the bedrooms. I like it,” you grin back at Sam.

“It’s the cutest thing on you.” Sam chuckles and reaches up to feel the softness of the fake fur. He smiles proudly at you. “Why don’t I take you out for food tonight? We never get to go anywhere fancy.”

“Are you asking me out?” You tease him.

“Gross. You’re like my little sister.” Sam smirks and rises to his feet. He pets your head like he would a cat or a dog and says, “or my pet cat, apparently.”