creeping branches

i’m in love with the idea of magical forest boy Adam Parrish.

flowers turning towards him when he walks past. vines bursting from the ground to protect him from danger. a vine curling around his wrist to comfort him when he’s sad. a moss pillow appearing under his head when he falls asleep at his desk. patches of flowers sprouting under his feet when he walks. trees bending down to cover him from view when he wants to hide from someone. waking up with flowers woven into his hair. Adam Parrish with an honest to god flower crown (!!!). after long shifts at the factory and the garage, coming out smelling like freshly cut grass and morning dew instead of sweat and grease. when its been a tough month and he has no money left for food, a branch creeping through his window with a juicy, ripe apple hanging from it.

the trees in Cabeswater whispering to Ronan that Adam likes him. Ronan turning to look at Adam with his eyebrows raised. Adam getting flustered and telling Cabeswater to shut up in latin. after spending his first night with ronan, waking up with rose petals scattered all over his room. Adam and Cabeswater both being completely in love with the Greywaren.

a mix for boris pavlikovsky;


creep – erik slater // holy branches – radical face // menulis – alina orlova // stakes – vancouver sleep clinic // skinny love – bon iver // the enemy – mumdord and sons // apres moi – regina spektor // alleyways – the neighborhood // arsonist’s lullabye – hozier // come as you are – nirvana // karma police – radiohead // somebody else’s child – the vaccines

for a minute there I lost myself
I lost myself

I promise I’ll forget about everything
I’ll forget those hugs I would wake up for
I’ll forget how you looked at me
I’ll forget how your tone of voice was with me
I will never remember again how your lips tasted when they were against mine
I’ll lose every thought of you if you promise me
You won’t ever crawl back or try to
That you won’t ever creep your branches around me again
That you won’t ever hold me and make me feel safe because to be completely truthful
I don’t think I will ever heal with you around
I will look for you in crowded rooms to lock with your eyes
I will keep my ears alert for your soft voice
Or just in case I hear you call my name once more
So please don’t ask for me to let go
When you can’t seem to go away
—  It’s unlike me to be such a way.

i really like the idea of model!grantaire

grantaire covered in tattoos and walking the runway at fashion week in all of his unusual beauty and starting a trend of mussed hair and full sleeves among twenty-somethings

grantaire getting told by agent after agent that he’s too punk to do the more delicate lines but winning the spot anyways and looking gorgeous in chiffon layers and angelic hues

grantaire as the face of some cosmetic line, vines and branches creeping up his neck, and dolled up as some forest creature

grantaire becoming the darling of fashion who designers want as a model and who artists want as a muse

grantaire and montparnasse doing a cover together; montparnasse in dark, muted tones that emphasize his hollows and sharpness, grantaire in pastels and artful tears that emphasize his delicate beauty

grantaire being notorious for not understanding what the big fuss is, he thinks he looks normal (ugly, even)

grantaire not understanding his own beauty and laughably referring to himself as hideous, even if he means it wholeheartedly