creepiest places in the world

I kid you not at one point in my life I literally had no life because I would just be stuck in my room bored as hell in this boring hometown. I would be watching these creepy ass YouTube videos that would say some crap like “10 creepiest places on earth”, “10 most dangerous places in the world” and “10 creepiest disappearance stories.”

I was hella terrified at a lot of those stories like there was literally this one video of a ghost car with no one inside it and it miraculously disappeared lmao. There was also this one story of this girl called Elisa Lam and her story is so damn creepy. Her dead body was found right at the top of the hotel in this WATER TANK like how Tf did she get in? And just before that, she was last seen in this video footage of her looking like she was in trance in this elevator, like she was paranoid and running away from someone who she could see but not visible to the camera. Holy shit that led me to finding about the “elevator game”, which is apparently this supernatural game you play by pressing buttons on the elevator in a certain order and you’re led to another world. Like all the windows apparently turn fully black or something and when you press a certain floor, there’s apparently a creepy girl who you must ignore and if you look at her, she will follow you.

And there was this one seriously creepy story of a Mexican girl who used to live on a farm and there was apparently a story of a bruja witch who resided nearby (who apparently loves to eat children), and so her family would lock all windows and doors at night. But her grandma let her wander off in the farm as long as she didn’t go far away (because she didn’t know about the bruja witch)…. and she apparently ended up seeing the bruja witch who would be like “little girl, little girl, come over here.”

Literally for weeks after obsessively watching those creepy ass stories, I would be so terrified to even exist in this world that I would refuse to sleep in bed alone and incapable of sleeping in the dark. And I’m convinced that obsessing over those creepy af stories attracted some kind of nasty jinn because shortly afterwards, I would hear my mum calling my name and she didn’t actually say anything. And then this nasty jinn would follow me to my student accommodation and casually make weird noises at night. I’m convinced it fancied me and didn’t wanna leave me.

Lmao imma continue shitposting until I recover from this nasty ass virus that is leaving me fatigued, bedridden and overthinking I’m sick of this 😩

Kingdom Hearts Ask Meme

104 questions vaguely relating to the Kingdom Hearts series (my apologies for the world repeats, I would go by the numbers). Reblog. Ask your friends. Don’t ask your friends. Answer whatever you want. Have fun with it.


1.      Sora: Have you ever lost something or someone important? Did you find it/them?

2.      Riku: Have you ever worn something you look back on and think “Why did I ever wear that?”

3.      Kairi: Have you ever made a gift for a friend that you were really proud of?

4.      Donald: If you could do any type of magic, what type would you do?

5.      Goofy: If you used a shield, what would it have on the front of it?

6.      Mickey: If you could rule any kingdom (fiction or otherwise) which one would it be?

7.      Pluto: Do you own any pets? If you don’t, do you want to own any pets?

8.      Leon: Was there a time when you ever felt like a total bad ass?

9.      Yuffie: Do you consider yourself sneaky/stealthy?

10.   Cid: Are you good at making things?

11.   Cloud: What Final Fantasy games have you played and which one is your favorite?

12.   Huey, Dewy and Louie: If you could own any kind shop, what would you sell?

13.   Moogles: Can you cook? What is your best dish?

14.   Ansem: If you could be someone else for a day, who would you want to be?

15.   Keyblade: What is the most ridiculous weapon (that you’ve seen or thought of) you would use?

16.   Heartless: Were you ever scared of the dark?

17.   Destiny Islands: When you go on vacation, what is one thing that you have to take?

18.   Traverse Town: When you get to a new place, what is the first thing you do?

19.   Wonderland: Have you ever gotten utterly lost before?

20.   Deep Jungle: Have you ever gone to a place where they don’t speak the same language as you?

21.   Olympus Coliseum: Is there a game you are always willing to play or can play for long periods of time?

22.   Agrabah: How well do you deal with heat/ hot places?

23.   Halloween Town: What was your best Halloween costume?

24.   Atlantica: Can you swim/do you enjoy swimming?

25.   Monstro: What is the most interesting animal you’ve seen up close?

26.   Neverland: How old are you? How old do you feel?

27.   Hollow Bastion: What is the coolest and/or creepiest place you have ever been to?

28.   End of the World: If the world was ending in a week, what would you do?

29.   100 Acer Woods: What was your favorite book or story growing up?


30.   Castle Oblivion: What is your favorite card game?

31.   Marluxia: What is your favorite flower?

32.   Larxene: What is your favorite type of weather?

33.   Zexion: If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

34.   Lexaeus: What make you feel better when you are having a bad day?

35.   Vexen: If you had enough time and money to study one thing, what would it be?

36.   Axel: What is the most useless thing you have memorized?

37.   Namine: If you could choose to remember one thing perfectly for the rest of your life, what would it be?

KH 365/2 Days:

38.   Xion: Did you ever have an imaginary friend?

39.   Organization Moogle: What piece or type of clothing make you feel cool?


40.   Roxas: What was/is your favorite thing to do during summer vacation?

41.   Hayner: What do you like to spend money on?

42.   Pence: Is there a ridiculous hobby that you want to try?

43.   Olette: Are you a procrastinator, or do you tend to do things right away?

44.   Vivi: What is the cutest thing you have seen today?

45.   Seifer: What is your theme song?

46.   Auron: If you had to give up one thing for a year, what would be the hardest thing to give up?

47.   Xemnas: What is your dream job?

48.   Xigbar: Do you have a secret talent?

49.   Xaldin: If you could steal one thing and get away with it, what would it be?

50.   Saix: Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker?

51.   Demyx: What is your favorite genre of music?

52.   Luxord: Are you good at games of chance?

53.   DiZ: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

54.   Twilight Town: What is your perfect time of day?

55.   Mysterious Tower: If you were the master of a craft, would you take on apprentices?

56.   Land of the Dragons: Have you ever snuck into anywhere before?

57.   Beast’s Castle: If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

58.   Hollow Bastion/ Radiant Garden: Have you ever seen a place change so much that you barely recognize it?

59.   Disney Castle: What is your favorite Disney movie?

60.   Timeless River: Are there any old shows you watched as a kid that you miss?

61.   Space Paranoids: If you could jump inside a video game, which one would you choose?

62.   Agrabah: Where would you hide your greatest treasures?

63.   Port Royal: What do you consider to be your greatest treasure?

64.   Olympus Coliseum/Underworld: If you were to create your own tournament, what kind would it be?

65.   Pride Lands: If you could change into any animal, what would it be?

66.   100 Acer Woods: What was your favorite game to play as a child?

67.   Atlantica: What is your favorite Disney song?

68.   The World that Never Was: Do you prefer to live in an urban, rural or suburban setting?

69.   The Realm of Darkness: What is your best beach memory?


70.   Aqua: If you could instantly master one thing, what would it be?

71.   Ventus: What activity do you like to do by yourself?

72.   Terra: What is the weirdest or most ridiculous piece of advice you have ever received?

73.   Master Eraqus: Rearrange the letters of your first name to make a new one!

74.   Master Xehanort: What is your hometown like?

75.   Vanitus: Do you have a doppelganger?

76.   Land of Departure: Were was the coolest place to play as a kid?

77.   Castle of Dreams: What is the most interesting dream you have ever had?

78.   Disney Town: If you could build a theme park, what kind of theme park would it be?

79.   Destiney Islands: What is the most boring place you have ever been to?

80.   Dwarf Woodlands: If you were lost in a magical forest, who would help you?

81.   Enchanted Dominion: What would wake you up if you fell under a sleeping curse?

82.   Deep Space: Do you want to travel to space?

83.   Mysterious Tower: If you had a secret lair, what would it look like?

84.   Olympus Coliseum: Have you ever made a friend through a competition?

85.   100 Acer Woods: Do you own any stuffed animals? Which was is your favorite?

86.   Neverland: If you could fly with fairy dust, what would your happy thought be?

87.   Radiant Garden: Have you been to anywhere that has cool fountains or water shows?

88.   Keyblade Graveyard: What is a piece of history that you are interested in?

89.   The Realm of Darkness: If you could pick one Disney character to go adventuring with, who would it be?

Kingdom Hearts 3D

90.   Neku: What is your least favorite game (or game genre)?

91.   Beat: Do you have a nickname?

92.   Josh: What is your favorite game (or game genre)?

93.   Shiki: What is your fashion aesthetic?

94.   Rhyme: What food cheers you up?

95.   Traverse Town: What is the coolest fair or festival you have ever been to?

96.   La Cite` des Cloches: Is there a place you really want to visit someday?

97.   Prankster’s Paradise: What is the funniest joke you have heard?

98.   The Grid: Is there a video game (either a sequel or original idea) that you would like to see be made?

99.   Country of Musketeers: What is your catchphrase?

100.  Disney Castle: What song (or song type) gets stuck in your head easily?

101.  Radiant Garden: What is the highest security place you have been to?

102.  Symphony of Sorcery: What is your favorite instrumental song (anything without lyrics)?

103.  Keyblade Graveyard: Have ever been to a new place and felt like you’ve been there before?

104.  Realm of Darkness: Have you ever gotten stuck anywhere before (in real life, not a game)?


zemlja-hrvata  asked:

So rumor has it that there's peculiar island of dolls somewhere in your place, supposedly a tourist attraction. Ever been there?

Oh sweetie, it’s not a rumor.
La Isla de las muñecas, or in english The island of the dolls is REAL.
and it’s a very creepy place. So scary, it’s been said as the creepiest place in the world. And it’s placed in Mexico City, to be exact in the south quadrant, around 20 km away, in a super famous ecological area with a lake named “Xochimilco” .

It’s pretty ironic that such beautiful place filled with flowers and nature can hide a place where it’s said, shelters a big curse.

But to answer your question…

So, what is exactly the island of the dolls? Well, practically and to be objective it’s an artificial island floating around Xochimilco’s lake that is filled with obscure looking and sad decaying dolls. They’re everywhere.
Hanged in the trees, on the ground, wooden fence posts or hanging from clotheslines.

The site was once owned by a local man, named  Julián Santana, The legend says that he lost his baby daughter when his wife was washing the clothing on the lakeside. And that he started to collect the dolls to keep the soul of her daughter with him, and wherever she was, she could see she was never forgotten.

Others, on the other hand, say that Don Julián saw the ghost of a small drowned girl  sticking out of the lake, Don Julián got so scared he started to collect dolls and hung them around to protect himself. 
Don Julián gathered them from the trash, and other times, people gave some to him. he kept doing this for over 50 years. until the whole island was covered in its whole with creepy dirty dolls. 

“ Mexico city is really terrified whenever we go to the island. He really gets nervous around all these dolls. “

Now, as if the whole story wasn’t interesting by itself. There are a lot of beliefs around this Island. For example, Don Anastacio, Mr. Santana’s cousin that is now the proprietor of the Island says that at night, these dolls come alive, moving their heads and whispering.

There are some real experiences from this land, for example, many tourists say that they felt or heard something strange while they were there.

One of the golden rules is that you should never touch or move them from their place, Even should NEVER take one of the dolls off the island, because it’s said that they’ll go against you until you return them to their home.

Few years ago, a group of teenagers came to the island and one of them took with her one of the dolls. She asserts that the doll cursed her, and that she was followed by this strange little fella.

Another real and spooky situation that involved this mysterious island was another group of teenagers that, once in the island decided to play around scarying each other. However none of them dared to touch or move any of the dolls, none except one who decided to scare his friends by jumping off a tree and screaming with the doll covering his face.
Later, when they left Xochimilco…they had an awful car accident, and the boy who touched the dolls, died.

Xochimilco is a really magic place where History, Culture, nature and mysticism mixes, it’s not only a place that holds cultural importance for Mexicans, it’s not only because it’s the place of La Llorona and the Island of the dolls.
Xochimilco is also, Mexico City’s lungs and holds a monumental importance for biodiversity, filled with species that only exist in this small spot of this giant city.
A place you must never lose the opportunity to visit!

Haunted Magic Day 12. It’s a Small World after all.

One of the oldest stories around is the claims of it’s a small world being one of the creepiest places to close at night. For years Cast members have said that after hours when the park is closed they have heard movements in the attraction or strange noises coming from certain rooms. Many claim that the dolls themselves seem to gain a new creepier outlook once the guests are all gone one that makes them weary of run throughs and otherwise. Some cast members even say they have seen them move, but who knows for sure. All I know is I would never volunteer to check this ride by myself after hours.