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beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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dazai and fyodor are...

after thinking over this again and again, i think it might actually be true…

spoilers and theories underneath!

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Okay. I’m probably going to be hated for this post. But that’s bullshit and you know it. It’s really useless to be defending Mutsuki Tooru at this point. I know Mutsuki went through many traumatic experiences. But he or she or whatever had gotten too far in chapter 123. First, Mutsuki used RC suppressants on Kaneki. That triggers his PTSD from Jason incident. Then a hand with wedding rings for Touka which is actually the third time for her already. First was Hinami’s mom, then Akira’s father. I don’t care if Yoriko is safe or alive. Yoriko’s safety doesn’t excuse Mutsuki from all this bullshit if she happens to be alive in the end. I never really liked Mustuki. I didn’t hate her but everyone in QS squad weren’t so important characters for me since the start of Re. To me, either they were characters that will hold Kaneki back from going to Anteiku or they were just expendable characters who’ll die for the plot. I actually don’t understand why people like Mutsuki. And I understand even less when they ship him or her with Urie. Urie is better off with Yonebayashi rather than an obsessed psycho. Which Tooru really is. That character you guys liked at the start was a lie. Just a facade because the plot had yet to explore his or her character. But now here’s the real Mutsuki Tooru. And I find this character irredeemable. If Touka dies instead of Mutsuki, I’m going to write the goriest fanfic and avenge my queen. But I highly doubt that. Mutsuki is shocking but not the creepiest character in anime and manga and certainly not the strongest. Touka is considered a strong ghoul in the past and this arc is her time to shine at her full potential. Sorry but Mutsuki is dead this time and Urie will probably understand why after going inside that room and probably peeking into the package.

celiaequus  asked:

Who do you feel are the creepiest characters in each of the novels? Can be any kind of creepy; creepy-scary, creepy-ew, creepy-douchebag. You can include adaptations as well, if you're so inclined. :)

I mean, it’s so easy to say the antagonists, because they’re so often written that way, but I’ve got a few of My Own Opinions (as usual.)

Pride and Prejudice: Denny. What’s his deal? Also Sanderson in the 1995 like he appears for five seconds and I want to drown him. Ew, militia.
Northanger Abbey: John Thorpe has no concept of appropriate boundaries. Sense and Sensibility
: Willoughby. (Dude she was fifteen.) Honourable mention to Robert Ferrars.
: Mr. Knightley. (Dude she was thirteen.)
Mansfield Park: Tom Bertram. I don’t trust guys with too much power and freedom. And 1999 Sir Thomas for the creepiest creep ever because you know what he did.
Persuasion: Captain Benwick, honestly. I hope he and Louisa are happy together but ehhh enough with the poetry, my guy. Mr. Elliot is a sneaky bastard but Benwick is so clearly just ready to Fall in Love with any girl who is remotely nice to him that I get way worse vibes off of him than anybody else. He’s that guy who’s gonna show up outside your window at 3 am blasting a mixtape of love songs he made for you after you said he could have the rest of your French fries that one time.

Evillious Chronicles asks
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How Cosmic Jokes Are Played on Mere Mortals

The Universe:  “Hey, you know what’s a great idea?  Let’s take a book about an ancient, genderless, horrifying demon-thing that devours humans but has a preference for children, make a movie out of it, and cast some hot Swedish babe in the role of the monster.  That’ll cause some conflicted feelings, yeah?”

Andy Muschietti:  “K, can do.”

The Universe:  “Oh, AND, Let’s take the very creepiest, sociopathic human character in the book - who happens to be a lumpy, dull, undeveloped 12-year-old - and then have him played by a much more mature, absolute sex bomb that could make Aphrodite blush.  Whattaya think?”

Andy Muschietti:  “Yeah, I can do that.”

The Universe:  “And finally, let’s have part of the Fandom be morally outraged when the other part of the Fandom inevitably gets all hot and bothered and proceeds to sexualize said characters!!!  That’ll be a laugh, yeah?”

Andy Muschietti:  “Gentlemen — I think we have a hit!”

MCU AU where everything is the same but the actors of Tonys AIs channel their creepiest, most obsessive characters–

Gangster No1!Jarvis:

Creepy Clara!Friday:


Alternatively… Tony too is replaced with Bobs creepiest most obsessive character…


…Strangely enough I think theyd all get on pretty well… Gangster just wanted his boss to love him…. Clara wanted to take care of the person she loved… Vivian wanted a loving family.

All their goals coulda been fulfilled with each other.

Are You My Dad / I Am My Mom (Steven Universe)

And we now come to the last two episodes of this bomb, as well as the finale of Season 4 of Steven Universe and man, oh, man do things go off the rails! 

Not only do these two episodes set off a lot of future events to come, but we get to end off on one of the biggest cliffhangers the series has seen yet!

Let’s start off by talking about “Are You My Dad?”

Steven notices how Jamie hasn’t delivered his package and confused as to where he went, only to discover that Sour Cream is handing out missing posters of Onion.

Steven also ends up finding out that the Big Donut is closed and comes across Barb, which she isn’t sure where Sadie went, as she didn’t see her come home, the night before, as Steven even mentions how he couldn’t find Lars, either.

Steven tries to look for his friends, only to stumble across a little blue gem asking if he is her dad, which gets him confused.

Steven tells the Crystal Gems about her, explaining that gems don’t have dads and that they should split to find where she went.

Steven and Connie try to look for the little gem in the forest where Onion hangs and Connie ends up locating her and tells her that her name is Connie.

The gem calls out for Topaz, which turns out to be a giant yellow fusion having absorbed all of Steven’s missing friends, including Connie.

The episode ends with the blue gem calling herself an “Aquamarine” and sets off to find “My Dad”, with Steven knocked out.

This episode started off very light-hearted and ended extremely dark, only to result in another large cliffhanger!

Not only do we see what happened with Steven’s friends, but we are introduced to two new gems being Aquamarine and Topaz.

Aquamarine has a really cute design, while having a child-like voice and doesn’t get threatening until she uses her wand, but Topaz is an extremely creepy character, as she doesn’t talk and just absorbs people at Aquamarine’s demands!

And while I did find this episode really creepy, it did have some laugh-out moments, such as Garnet and Pearl making a sandcastle for crabs and Garnet’s picture of who the gem looks like, just being a portrait of herself, because she likes herself.

I found it interesting that Aquamarine’s hair bow is a wand that freezes people, which reminded me a lot of Syndrome from The Incredibles.

I think it this season having a lot of townie episodes made a lot more sense now with this episode’s context. Seeing Steven’s friends in peril is much more effective than having no episodes dedicated to them!

I liked how both Barb and Sour Cream were very concerned to where Sadie and Onion went, as you really feel for all of Beach City’s residents.

It was nice to see that Onion Gang was referenced a lot, for example and where Steven / Connie tried to look for him.

I believe this was Raven Molisee’s final board on the show and it’s sad that she ended up leaving, along with Lauren Zuke, but Lauren still has a few more episodes left to see.

I wish all of the best for Raven, as this was a really intense episode and it only gets even more bonkers in the next one!

I Am My Mom

This episode immediately picks up right after Steven got knocked out from Aquamarine and he informs the Crystal Gems about Topaz and Aquamarine, to which Pearl thinks that the Diamonds sent them on their own.

Steven tries to locate Connie and finds her phone, only to be a trap by Aquamarine and Topaz.

Aquamarine again asks where “My Dad” is and will only let go of the humans until she gets an answer.

Steven isn’t sure what she’s talking about, until Aquamarine reveals that Yellow Diamond asked for a list of six human variations reported by none other than Peridot, including someone named “My Dad”!

Steven reveals that he is “My Dad”, so that he can put a stop to the fight and rescue his friends.

While Topaz and Aquamarine set a course to Homeworld, Steven escapes out of Topaz with his bubble and begin another fight with Connie.

Just before Steven is able to escape out of the ship with his friends, Aquamarine freezes everyone at the last second!

Steven then decides to make one final straw. He says that he is not “My Dad”, but someone much more important and that’s none other than Rose Quartz, while turning himself in to Homeworld, ending the episode and season on a dramatic cliffhanger!

Now THIS episode is what I call an intense season finale!

Not only are the stakes raised up to eleven, but there is so much drama, emotion and action all into 11 minutes.

Topaz and Aquamarine continue to be some of the show’s creepiest characters, especially in this episode, with Aquamarine stopping at nothing to get what she wants! I absolutely love to hate her.

I know that Rebecca Sugar said there are no villains in Steven Universe, but these two characters come close to being big villains, as they were close to killing off characters.

One of the biggest reveals was how that the “list” that Steven gave was something I did not expect to come back.

When Steven got a flashback to the episode, “Marble Madness”, my jaw was on the floor that I complete forgot about the moment and only took it as a joke, even with the “Onion-I-Think”!

I felt really frustrated at how Lars was about to help fight for Sadie, only to run away and hide in fear. However, the episode ended with him still on the ship, so I’m really excited to see some more character development with Lars, as The Good Lars was slowly building his growth.

The whole ending is what made this episode especially strong. Where do I even begin?

Steven turning himself in, revealing himself to be Rose and putting himself in grave danger while going to Homeworld!

Steven quietly saying “I love you” is what made me feel incredibly sad and scared at what events will occur in Season 5, especially with Connie and the Crystal Gems left in fear.

The music and animation was done so effectively. The Crewniverse knows how to make you feel different emotions.

What will happen at Homeworld and what will happen to Steven and Lars?! I need answers!

This was an amazing episode and a great finish to Season 4 and this StevenBomb.

Cannot wait for Season 5, as I believe we are in for even more insanity!

veneredirimmel replied to your post: veneredirimmel: nottherealdean: …

omg yes, abt ignoring the potential horror of the set up they create. there is in every plot they wrote recently but they basically ignored it in favor of… idek what. last, jack, man he could be the creepiest character instead of this boring representation of a an innocent manchild. the Bmol, the original set up with the Mol. Amara herself. there is such a well of wasted potential in favor of what i’ve come to call the cheap feels and the gifs-oriented storytelling.

and the disconnect at least on my side comes from wanting to analyze things from the more interesting horror pov and the show (and the fandom as result) hitting me with the pedestrian omg so many feels one.

It’s like they either don’t realize all the horror potential, or find it boring and don’t bother developing it. Since I think the writers are generally quite lazy these days, I think it really shows what their priorities are (the cheap feels and the gifs, like you say), because if they wanted horror, it would have been super easy to write Jack as a Killgrave knockoff. 

When Miraculous got dark

Specifically, I’m talking about “Pixelator.” It took me a bit to realize, but “Pixelator” is by FAR the darkest episode of the entire series so far. For everybody wishing the series was more adult, you got it.

Let’s start with Vincent Asa. He’s literally a stalker. He’s not just the average fanboy: Jagged Stone revealed that Vincent would even follow his mom to poker games. That’s totally creepy. Vincent Asa is easily the creepiest character that we’ve seen on the show, by far.

And once he gets akumatized, it gets worse. The thing is, most of the people in Paris didn’t know how his powers worked: as far as they were concerned, Pixelator was a guy with a weapon who was killing people left and right on the Champs-Élysées. They didn’t know they were being digitized; for the people on the Champs-Élysées, it was equivalent to being in a mass shooting. He wasn’t a supervillain: he was a terrorist firing a weapon into a crowd.

Even though he isn’t actually killing anyone, what he’s doing is still horrible: he’s taking hostages. He wants Jagged Stone to come meet him, and so he’s threatening to take more and more hostages, and he makes it clear that he could actually kill them if he wanted to, by deleting the photos. And he has no plans to let them go, planning to keep them trapped forever inside the photos—at least, not until Ladybug negotiates for the lives of the hostages by offering to bring over Jagged Stone.

So what must it be like for Jagged Stone? First off, he’s followed by a stalker for who knows how long. Then, a maniac with a weapon comes after him and appears to kill his beloved pet. And then, he has to negotiate with a terrorist by offering his own life in exchange for those of countless hostages. I can’t even imagine what all that must feel like.

And let’s not forget that Hawkmoth literally tortured Pixelator in order to get him to do all that. Even when Pixelator agrees to do whatever Hawkmoth wants, Hawkmoth keeps up the torture for a little while longer, simply because he can. This is definitely the nastiest version of Hawkmoth I’ve ever seen.

So for everybody asking for the show to be darker, you got it. This was terrifying.

Cullen hums.

He hums in the mornings, when his loft is flooded with light and he is pulling on his boots. He hums in the deep hours of the night, when the torches spit and sputter and he is still pouring over papers at his desk.

It is a habit. An oddity. And the soldiers, the scouts, think nothing of it.  It is only a quirk, after all, something picked up Maker knows where.  A Ferelden thing, perhaps?  Why the Inquisitor, even, striding into his office will only smile softly at the sound. 

(Or, that is, she used to.  She did.  At first.  Until she knew -  until she knew that it - what it - )

The silence rings so very loudly in his mind, you see.  In his newly purified blood, the silence proves too loud.  It is too wrong.  It is unkind, and unfamiliar, and terrifying, and there is no end to it, this quiet.

So Cullen hums.  To keep himself from going mad, to keep himself grounded.  To endure, Cullen hums.  Against this intangibility, this nothingness, it is the only weapon he possesses.  Cullen hums.  He fills the empty air, he cuts through the silence.  

Cullen hums and he recreates the songs lyrium once sang to him.  

Horror games

Imagine your OTP playing a horror game together, preferably Doko Doki Literature Club! (Doesn’t sound scary but believe me, I don’t want to be alone now) and screaming the shit out of them whenever jumpscare / fail / death happens and grabbing their hands desperately.

Imagine the game’s creepiest character coming to life to haunt them.

Imagine them keeping all the lights on and having nightmares about it.