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When Miraculous got dark

Specifically, I’m talking about “Pixelator.” It took me a bit to realize, but “Pixelator” is by FAR the darkest episode of the entire series so far. For everybody wishing the series was more adult, you got it.

Let’s start with Vincent Asa. He’s literally a stalker. He’s not just the average fanboy: Jagged Stone revealed that Vincent would even follow his mom to poker games. That’s totally creepy. Vincent Asa is easily the creepiest character that we’ve seen on the show, by far.

And once he gets akumatized, it gets worse. The thing is, most of the people in Paris didn’t know how his powers worked: as far as they were concerned, Pixelator was a guy with a weapon who was killing people left and right on the Champs-Élysées. They didn’t know they were being digitized; for the people on the Champs-Élysées, it was equivalent to being in a mass shooting. He wasn’t a supervillain: he was a terrorist firing a weapon into a crowd.

Even though he isn’t actually killing anyone, what he’s doing is still horrible: he’s taking hostages. He wants Jagged Stone to come meet him, and so he’s threatening to take more and more hostages, and he makes it clear that he could actually kill them if he wanted to, by deleting the photos. And he has no plans to let them go, planning to keep them trapped forever inside the photos—at least, not until Ladybug negotiates for the lives of the hostages by offering to bring over Jagged Stone.

So what must it be like for Jagged Stone? First off, he’s followed by a stalker for who knows how long. Then, a maniac with a weapon comes after him and appears to kill his beloved pet. And then, he has to negotiate with a terrorist by offering his own life in exchange for those of countless hostages. I can’t even imagine what all that must feel like.

And let’s not forget that Hawkmoth literally tortured Pixelator in order to get him to do all that. Even when Pixelator agrees to do whatever Hawkmoth wants, Hawkmoth keeps up the torture for a little while longer, simply because he can. This is definitely the nastiest version of Hawkmoth I’ve ever seen.

So for everybody asking for the show to be darker, you got it. This was terrifying.

MCU AU where everything is the same but the actors of Tonys AIs channel their creepiest, most obsessive characters–

Gangster No1!Jarvis:

Creepy Clara!Friday:


Alternatively… Tony too is replaced with Bobs creepiest most obsessive character…


…Strangely enough I think theyd all get on pretty well… Gangster just wanted his boss to love him…. Clara wanted to take care of the person she loved… Vivian wanted a loving family.

All their goals coulda been fulfilled with each other.


One Piece Awards - Creepiest Character (requested by lifeisfilledwithbubbles)

These are the guys with a couple of screws loose in their heads.  Some more than others but they’re such endearing guys aren’t they?  The nominees in no particular order are…

Rob Lucci

Donquixote Doflamingo


Caesar Clown






Who do you think is the creepiest character?

mayor dewey is like specifically made to be the creepiest, most uninteresting, unattractive character ever created but people are just so eager to ship pearl with a man lol that they’ll settle for anything tbh its really telling its like… lesbophobic desperation