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Where are the best places to buy men's creepers?

You can find quality men’s creepers in the same places that you find quality women’s, particularly T.U.K. Shoes / Mens (that would probably be the #1 A+ option, because they offer some of the same varieties they do for women, including some cute ass pink ones).

You can always find awesome men’s creepers by Demonia, too, or used / cheaper ones on eBay under men’s. Just as with women’s creepers, just be aware of the materials used if you’re going to purchase under $30 shoes from eBay! They’re pricey, but brand names can last forever, and in general, look super fly.

Edit : belial replied: UNDERGROUND ENGLAND!!!! Literally I know no better brand than the original creeper shop. The quality of other brands just isn’t the same

This too!


New shoe unboxing video! \o/