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Title: Let’s Be Alone Together
Characters: Alex Summers, my OC Camille Davidson
Word Count: 1089
Age Suggestion/Rating: T (just to be safe; include light make out)
Summary: based off the anons suggestion a Alex fic where he suggests that you be loners together but a lot more cute and fluffy than they probably wanted// based off and including the song “Alone Together” by Fall Out Boy, so I suggest you listen to it while reading.

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Leave a souvenir
That my breathing soul
When your casual heart
say’s its goodbye.
The station is still
As your train awaits
But won’t you
Leave this love
On a high?

Water takes a shape
Of every surface it touches
Creepers take a direction
Where empty space lies
But where does my aching heart
When you bid adieu
When there’s no light
Within these fireflies?

Destiny holds the key
The key that opens our love
The love that moves the world
The world that feels as one…
Say something to people
Before they leave the world you love
The love that moves the world
The world that feels as one…

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TenxRose High school AU. Doctor is a geek and decides to ask Rose, who is popular, out on a date.

They had been friends for years, really. They were in the same day care group and they were frequently at each other’s houses for play dates. Their parents thought it was adorable, and they had bets going on when they would marry.

John was there for Rose when her father died, and she was there for him when his parents died and he was taken in by his aunt. He protected her from bullies and she slapped people who made fun of him being an orphan. 

And then came high school.

Rose hit puberty and while he had always thought her pretty, John finally noticed that she was. Except he knew she wasn’t interested in her geeky best friend; she was into the football players like Jimmy and Mickey, and ignored him when he said she was too good for both of them.

When Jimmy broke her heart Junior year, he broke Jimmy’s nose. He never told Rose that, since she repeatedly told him that she didn’t need him defending her honor, but… it felt good.

“He was supposed to take me to prom!” Rose sobbed into her ice cream.

John smiled as he rubbed her back. “Oh, don’t worry. I got you covered.”

She blew her nose. “You? Go to prom with me? As if.”

He knew she didn’t mean it in a bad way- he scoffed at dances, mostly because he was an awkward dancer and didn’t want to embarrass himself- but her refusal still hurt.

(Rose went with Mickey, and he tried not to let his feelings show as he watched her pose for pictures at her house, tried not to think anything of it when she got home late, much later than when prom was supposed to end)

It had been nearly a year since then, and while John and Rose were still best friends, he could feel a rift forming between them. She was going to college to study english and art; he was going to a different college to study physics and astronomy. He had also applied to Rose’s college and got in, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to tell her or not. 

He was playing Minecraft when she flopped down beside him. “What’s up?” she asked, slightly out of breath from cheer practice and the bike ride to his house. “Kill any creepers?”

“Lots,” he said. “I’ve been expanding my house, too.” His heart was hammering, hoping that this would work. “Wanna see?”

“Sure! You still promised me a room for when I join, you know,” she reminded him.

“That’s what I’ve been working on, actually. Though it’s more of a suite.” He moved his character through the house until he walked into the side building he made for her. “Here, why don’t you take the controller?”

Rose navigated through the rooms, cooing appreciatively and laughing whenever she spotted an inside joke. He wiped his palms on his jeans as she went up the stairs, surprised to see nothing but a sign surrounded by flowers. “Under construction?” she teased, before reading the sign and pressing the button as directed.

Before her, the ground collapsed, with the words ‘Will You Go To Prom With Me?’ carved out in raised sections.

As the silence grew he fidgeted. “I know I complain about dances, but that’s because I’m not very good. But I, uh, have been taking lessons with Donna, and granddad has been giving me tips, and the only reason why I never went was because I was terrified of embarrassing myself but I’m willing to get laughed at because I’ll be going with the most beautiful girl there. But… but if you just want to stay friends, I’ll understand and we can just go as friends.” He swallowed. “Rose?”

“Oh, you’re such an idiot for a professed genius!” She exclaimed, then nearly tackled him so she could kiss him.

It was messy and their noses bumped and it wasn’t anything like he imagined their first kiss to be, but Rose was on top of him and her hands were in her hair and he was pretty sure this was a yes so it was the most perfect kiss he’d ever had. “So… does this mean we’re dating now?” He gasped when they finally broke apart to breath.

Rose beamed down at him. “Only if you agree to wear a pink tuxedo vest.”

He groaned, but in the end he agreed; she was worth it.