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you’ve got stars in your eyes

hi everyone! i know it’s been about ten thousand years, but the thing is is that i’ve been working on a full-time internship and finishing up my master’s classes this semester, so i’m a little bit bogged! however…………… that doesn’t mean i’ve been K.O.ed………. because here i am with an update, haha.

thank you, as always, to @baegerbombtastic for being dramatic and putting herself on the floor after she looks over these things every, like, ten minutes.

so here we are, everybody. finally. more prince au.


Pairing: Eren/Levi
Verse: Let There Be Light (a prince au)
Rating: T (overall E)
Summary: Eren wonders, a little, if every kiss will feel like it’s… inevitable. Or fated, or destined, or—or something like that. He wonders if it’ll always leave him this breathless, if the way Levi’s thumbs feel against his cheeks will always twist his stomach just like so. He wonders a lot of things as Levi holds his face between his palms, as their noses brush together when he adjusts the angle of their lips, as Levi sighs against his mouth.

“I was waiting to kiss you,” Eren tells him between one breath and the next. The watered-down sunlight of the morning flutters against the rafters, throwing oddly-shaped shadows against the slope of the ceiling. “Until I brushed my teeth, I mean.”

Levi huffs a breath against Eren’s lips, and when he speaks his voice is low enough to crawl along the floor. “Yeah, well, I didn’t wanna wait anymore.”

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chapters: i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | xi 

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Spaceboy! Michael

You’ve got your Rose Gold Gavin, you got your Pastel Ryan but have you got your space/holo/glitter Michael no? i think you should,imagine Spaceboy! Michael with;
-Holo/glitter freckles
-glitter contour/highlights 
-silver hair
-silver eyeliner & iridescent eye shadow
-Galaxy print shirt with a silver bomber jacket with an alien head that has the words “ i don’t believe in humans” on the back
-Holo nail polish
-Silver choker
-black jeans with space themed patches sewn around the pockets
-silver platform creepers.

you’ve got stars in your eyes

lays down on the ground, huffing and puffing. i did it…….. success…….

nsfw content is so difficult to write i’m CURSED and yet @baegerbombtastic read it anyway…


Pairing: Eren/Levi
Verse: Let There Be Light (a prince au)
Rating: E (for Explicit. they do it, you guys)
Summary: For a moment, Eren forgets about his aching feet, and the soreness in his muscles, and the stretch of his shoulders, and stinging of his lower back. He forgets about the way his head feels, as if it’s held too-tightly in his circlet. There’s a warmth in his fingertips that hadn’t been there before, and it spreads up his forearms, pushing through his body in a wave.

It brings him to his feet, autumn stirring around his ankles as he does. 

“Okay,” he says, offering out both his hands to Levi. It’s a win, Eren thinks, that they aren’t shaking. “So dance with me now.” It’s a win, too, when Levi smiles up at him, even though everything about his posture is calling Eren fucking ridiculous just then. 

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chapters:  i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x | xi

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Agate Necklace, Statement Necklace, Pendant Necklace, Brown Agate, Red Macrame Cord, Sterling Silver, Creeper Bail, Women Jewelry, Gift Set
The Brown Agate Pendant drops down from a Red Asian Cord with Beige Macramé findings and makes for a great fashion statement. Fashion magazines are showing accessories and apparels in bright and bold colors. Large size jewelry appears to be on every page. This necklace has a classic look and is always in vogue and is not a passing fad. The Agate pendant has a sterling bail that looks like a creeper which holds the gem in place. This indeed is a unique looking necklace. Matching earrings make the morning rush easier. The ensemble can go to the office and to a party as well. Browns are generally considered fall colors but can be worn any time of year to dress up a suit or a pair of jeans. Dimensions: Pendant 3 long, 1 1/2wide, Necklace 24 long and is adjustable, earrings are are 3/4 in length and about 1/2 wide. Posts are surgical steel. Care: Wipe down with a wet cloth to keep the Agate Clean. Mohr scale of 6 makes it fairly delicate. The necklace would be the last thing to be worn due to the cord.