creeper ships

Derek creeping checking in on Stiles because he just happened to be in the neighborhood when he heard Stiles mumble his name. So it’s completely understandable he runs towards the noise just to make sure no monster of the week is hiding underneath his bed.

Or so Derek tells himself every single morning as he laces up his running shoes before heading out for his routine morning run along the path he and his wolf agreed upon, just to make sure his mate is safe and sound.


Lord Pastel Lance is proud of our disciple! Diligently & vigorously spreading our creed across the blogs that child molesting is vile while failing to recognize extremely obvious blaring red flags.

And continuing to chase after minors in order to spread the wisdom of Klance! Truly an exemplary blogger for all to mimic.

Their persistence in chasing after a 14 year old, who blocked them for being creepy, is remarkable to witness. Their passion to spread the love of Klance is unbeatable.

We bless you with courage, young disciple! Godspeed with your ruthless conversion of the filthy Shaladins & the traitorous Shallurans.

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“She managed to grab his arm. He, Shadwell, scourge of evil, was powerless to resist being drawn into her flat.
He’d never been in it before, at least in his waking moments. His dreams had furnished it in silks, rich hangings, and what he thought of as scented ungulants.”

For some reason, I never realized until right now that this meant Shadwell has dreamed about Madame Tracy’s flat.

I always interpreted it as him imagining what it was like, just because he liked to make up wild stories about people. But no. He had literally dreamed about being inside of her flat.

Ok but Noah getting kidnapped and Audrey saving him and Noah confronts Audrey about what he found in her phone and they argue and they end up screaming and shoving then Noah just pushes her up against the wall, kissing her as she kisses him back, tears streaming down her face, mumbling against his mouth how fucking sorry she is oh my god I need this