creeper pitch


I love that the biggest excuse for having school start so early is for “after school activities”. What they really mean is more daylight hours for sports. Which shows how horrible school priorities are because they’re okay with kids leaving their houses to walk on dark streets but play sports in the dark?? GASP!!

Pitch had deemed it necessary for Sophie to dress up in beautiful dresses and clothing fit for a princess. He had always thought she should wear only such things and it was only until he took her away into his home, that he made it so she wore nothing more but that. Fixing her up and dressing her up like a doll. She was a pretty little thing in the lair.

Sophie had felt very uncomfortable at first, not feeling at all like herself and longed for her comfortable jeans and baggy shirts.

As time grew on, she got used to the clothes and dresses. Though, she felt like a toy now, for the Boogieman to dress up and play with. And as she sat on his lap and looked miserably at him, he lifted her chin up with his fingers hooked underneath and gave her a soft, pleasant smile. It sent chills down her spine.

“Smile, my Little Sophie.” he said, staring into her eyes earnestly. “Smile…”

Sophie let out a sigh and her lips curled up, smiling at Pitch. Her eyes showed misery and sorrow, and Sophie felt a small part of her die in the process.

((…Okay, totally didn’t mean to make Pitch be all like a Creeper. It just came out that way! It was an accident, I swear!))((Dark AU))