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How are you going to give a manslation if you are a bitch? Unless you have a dick, you are womansplaining, and fucking whining at that. 

Manslation: I’m a huge fucking misogynist asshole who doesn’t even bother to hide it. I think that the equivalent of “man” is “bitch.” There’s absolutely no way you, as a simpleminded woman, could POSSIBLY comprehend and interpret what a man says. Making fun of misogynists = whining, because I just call literally everything women do whining, because again, I’m a HUGE fucking misogynist asshole.

Sé que te había dicho que no lloraría, te prometí que todo estaría bien…Ojalá me vieras, casi que ni me reconozco, escribo esta carta con el rimel corrido y cigarro en la mano, ¿recuerdas cuánto lo odiaba? Sé que no es correcto escribirte, tal vez no eres mi amigo, lo seguro es que eres la persona que más me conoce…me he equivocado de nuevo, intentando encontrar un amor que me encienda…y me he quemado en el proceso. Es tan diferente a ti en todas las formas, él ni siquiera piensa igual que tú, tal vez por eso me gustaba o me gusta…ya ni lo sé.
¿A caso hay algo mal conmigo? He intentado que aquel baja autoestima no vuelva, por que la última vez que aquel problema y yo nos vimos salí victoriosa, no sé qué pueda pasar ahora…por que en realidad él me gustaba, había algo en él que en realidad me atraía y ni siquiera llegó a funcionar, ¿A caso nada en mi vida será bueno después de ti? Te quiero, ex amor.

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sdfghjkl;' ok yes. Yes yes~ I need to talk about this kindergarten thing more with you your reply was lovely. Ok so little baby Yoosung is SUCH a crybaby. Bawls for anything. The others see him get comforted and Zen instantly bursts into fake tears to try to get attention While Luciel makes funny faces at Yoo to try and cheer him up to get praise from mc too. Baby Jumin still tells Yoosung 'daddy says when you're sad you should just wipe away your tears with money.' [1]

Jaehee thinks they’re all dumb and may brag about never crying. Additionally, Jumin is always begging his father to buy him things he thinks woman like (usually stuff he sees his dad give his girlfriends) such as rings, necklaces, ect. because he wants to give them to mc. Yoosung just lets her hold his teddy because his teddy is really important to him and that is The Ultimate™ for him. [2]

V is the father of these adopted children, except for Jumin who he’s only neighbors with. He doesn’t know how you can handle them all with the grace that you do, but he’s very thankful to have someone who can since the woman he adopted them with passed.