Miraculous Ladybug Episode 1 Translations

In collaboration with onyany-stuffz

Here is an english translation.

Refer to the full version video : 

Show host : The finalists of KIDZ+! Who will be the lucky girl to be our new weather caster?
Aurore : Hello everyone!
Host : From the 5000 candidates, only one will be chosen. Now left with these two amazingly talented girls, whom our viewers have voted via text messages, have made it to the finals. 
To your right, Aurore Borell, 
to your left, Mireille Jattee? (her spell is unclear)
Vote one of them on your own. 
Aurore for number 1, Mireille for number 2. 
Sending messages may cost fees.
Marinette : Stop, Manon! Give me my hat back!
Manon : I won’t! I wanna be a fashion designer, too!
Marinette : I haven’t even finished it! What if you ruin it?
Manon : I’ll vote Mireille.
Marinette : Give me my phone back! 
Geez, I really didn’t want to babysit that troublemaker again. 
Hide Tikky!
Tikky : Don’t worry, if you can handle that naughty kid one more day, then you’ll be able to handle any villian !
Marinette : Alya?
Alya : Guess what? I’ve got big news for you! 
Who do you think is getting they’re photos taken at the park?
Marinette : They’re taking photos of Adrien at the park right now?
Oh, I’m nervous. What should I say to him if he sees me?
Alya : Why don’t you just act as usual? 
I– uhhhh– ummm,
Marinette : Alright.
Manon : Who is she?
Marinette : Oh, I’ve forgotten this pesky kid.
Alya : Well, who are you then?
Marinette : She’s Manon, the daughter of my mother’s friend, and I’m supposed to take care of her. 
Oh what should I do, I might be late!
Alya : I can tell you couldn’t refuse to babysit her.
Marinette : I just didn’t want to refuse….you’re right.
Alya : What’s your problem? You’ve got a nice friend right here.
Marinette : Thanks, but I’ll just look after her. 
I’ll feel guilty to leave it all to you. You are an angel!
Hey, Manon! Give it back! 
Stay where you are!
Alya : Lighten up! Let me help you.
I know how to handle them well since I have alot of younger sibilings.
Manon : I’m asking you, who is SHE?
Alya : I’m a magical unicorn from the Nespar Kingdom. Now I am disguised as a normal pretty girl, though. 
I can grant you any wish you want. Only if you be a good monkey..
Manon : That’s a lie…Really?
Hold on tight,then let’s go to park!
Marinette : Well, looks like we‘re going out.
Host : I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long! 
Finally the voting results of viewers have just came out. Who will be the new weather forecaster for KIDZ+?
It’s Mireille!
Well, I’m sorry you weren’t chosen, but there’ll be another chance someday.
Hey, don’t be so upset. You’ve gotten only half a million votes.
Hawkmoth : I can sense some very strong forces(negative feeling? it’s ambiguous in Korean). I can feel your rage. I want you to take the Miracle Stones for me. You won’t resist my temptation.
Aurore : It makes no sense! 
It should be me to be the weather caster. There’s no one as smart and beautiful as me elsewhere! She took my only chance! They couldn’t have possibly mean it, could they?
Hawkmoth : They meant it, of course. The winner should be you.
Aurore : Right. It should be me.
Hawkmoth : Stormy Weather, I’m Hawkmoth. As my weather forecaster, I’ll give you a chance to take revenge on those people. 
In return, I want you to take the Miracle Stones for me. Got it?
Stormy Weather : Of course, sir. 
Hawkmoth : Good. Now show them who’s the rightful weather caster!
(Cameraman is taking photos of Adrien)
Cameraman:Good! Nice Awesome! Hmm~
(Marinette, Alya, and Manon are hiding right behind a tree, watching them secretly)
Marinette: Okay. Let’s just pretend to be passing by. Casually.
Alya: And then..?
Marinette: then… I’ll ask him to have some fruit smoothies together after his work is done! And for our marriage, I’ll buy a beautiful dress. Have a dog and a cat? No, I won’t. Oh, a hamster! I love hamsters.
Alya : Um.. That’s a bit too much. Let’s just start with casually passing by and having smoothies first.
Cameraman : (pressing shutter; taking pictures of Adrien)Mmm, good. That’s cool! Now look at the camera with starving eyes.
Marinette :(speaking to herself) Get it together …Urrr..Just calmly walk by ..Casually
Alya : Well, he can’t even see you.
Marinette : Oh, okay. Then let’s try it again. (she tries to walk passing by again in order to get Adrien’s attention)
(Adrien notices her and waves to her)
Marinette : Oh! Did you see that? He waved to me!
Alya : Yeah, but what’s the big deal? He’s your classmate. At least you’d have to say hello to him.
(When the doors of elevator open, Mireille faces Stormy Weather)
Stormy weather : I am Stormy Weather. I’m the only one who can forecast the weather perfectly Oh and there’s nothing you can do about it. Looks like strange cold front is about to come your way! RIGHT NoW!
(Stormy weather shoots a cold front towards Mireille. It freezes the doors. Mireille gets stuck in the elevator. Stromy then disappears)
Mireille : (frightened) What is this? Help! Anybody! please help me! Please!
Cameraman : Bravo that’s it! Imagine your mother bringing spaghetti for you. Smile. Nice! Nice!
Manon : (begging Marinette)Marinette, I want that Mireille balloon. Huh? Marinette!
Cameraman : Who’s that? Can’t you stay quiet?
Manon : Huh? I want that. Please~
Alya : Okay, let’s go sweetie. I’ll buy it for you.
Manon : No! I want to go with Marinette!
Marinette : Umm… I’ll go. I ’m the one who’s taking care of her afterall. (She and Manon head to the balloon salesman)
Alya : But what about Adrien?
(People cheer loudly when Stormy weather comes out of the TV station)
One of the crowd : Where’s Mireille?
Stormy Weather : Urgh! you guys are the ones who voted for Mireille? Then it’d better to run and hide because the biggest storm is about to break within a few minutes. Oh, no. looks like it’s too late!
(Stormy Weather makes a big storm. People are screaming and being blown away in the wind)
Marinette : Are you happy now? Let’s go back then.
Manon : Marinette! It’s a merry-go-round!
Marinette : Oh, No no, next time! I have to get back to Adrien.
Manon : But you promised me. Don’t you keep your promises?
Marinette : Oh, please don’t look at me like that. You know that’s my weakness..
Manon : Let’s go!
(Cameraman is still taking photos of Adrien. In the photos he looks bored)
Cameraman : NO, no, no. It looks like you’ve eaten too much spaghetti. Be energetic, be more expressive! Well, I need something better.. Oh those girls!
(Cameraman comes to Alya. Alya is eating an apple, sitting under a tree)
Cameraman : Hey miss! Wanna be an extra model for a moment? 
Alya : Uhhh…Who? Me?
Cameraman : Yes, YOU. As Adrien’s partner.
Alya : what? hahaha… I can’t. Umm…because I think a rash just broke out after eating this apple! Oh, I know the perfect girl that’ll be his partner. I’ll get her right now!
(Alya runs to Marinette. Marinette and Manon who are about to ride a merry-go-round)
Alya : They need a girl to be Adrien’s partner!
Marinette : Really?!
Manon : Is he your boyfriend or something?
Marinette : Oh, no, he isn’t. It will be better if he really is….But, no.
Alya : What are you waiting for? Go to him!
Marinette : But what about Manon?
Alya : No worries, Just go. Now! Shoo, shoo!! Go to your Prince. I’ll take care of her. I’ll babysit her better than you.
Manon : No! Marinette told me we’ll play together.
Alya : Trust me… Unicorns Unite! Let us find the poor children of the Nespar Kingdom. Let us go and grant their wishes!
(Stormy weather appears to the park, freezes merry-go-round. People are running away)
Marinette : I gotta transform. Transform! Ladybug! Yay!
One of the crowd : Run for your lives!
(Adrien recognizes people are in danger. He tries to find Plagg in order to transform)
Adrien : Plagg? Plagg?
Plagg : (smug)Plagg is not here. Plagg’s asleep.
(Adrien takes a piece of cheese out of his pocket to make Plagg come out)
Plagg : Have I told you that I can smell Camembert in my sleep? It’s in my nature
Adrien : Enough, We’ll talk about cheese stuff later. Transform! Black Cat!
(Ladybug is running)
Ladybug : How could I leave Manon with Alya! Well, they’ll be fine. Alya can take care of her better than me. I trust Alya.
Ladybug : Hold on guys! 
(She tried to cut ice which Manon and Alya stuck in it, but she fails)
Ladybug : It’s not working. Then, I’ll go with plan B! Don’t worry. You’ll be okay. I’ll save you, Manon.
Manon : How did you know my name?
Ladybug : Oh..! I met Marinette, and she said she’ll be back soon.
(Black cat sitting on a fence provokes smugly to Stormy Weather)
Black cat(chat noir) : Hey, Ice queen! What the heck are you doing here? Lost for a party or something?
Stormy : Hey! I’m Stormy weather not “Ice Queen”!
Black cat : Tell you what. Since I’m in a really good mood today, I’ll forgive you if you stop terrorizing the town.
(Stormy ignores what he says, and Black cat blows away in the wind that Stormy makes)
(Ladybug finds Black cat fell to the road. She raises him up)
Ladybug : I heard that cats have the ability to land on their feet.
Black cat : I could do it on my own, well, thanks. (he kisses back of her hand)
Ladybug : You know, we don’t have time for this. Looks like you’re not hurt at all.
Stormy weather : All right, people, it seems we’ll be experiencing thunder and lightning Right about now!!
Black cat : I’ll show you how scary a cat becomes when it gets mad!
Ladybug : Hey wait!
Stormy : Fearful icy road! (literal translation)
Black cat : Just watch me capture(literal translation. it implies meaning of ‘defeat’) ice queen!
Ladybug : What a hot tempered one. Think before you leap.
Black cat : You have a plan?
Ladybug : Just follow my lead.
Stormy : You’re so persistent!
(Alya and Manon are playing some clapping game but I think it’s supposed to be one of those American clapping games, the korean’s just gave alya and manon a different native game instead.)
Alya : (literal translation) Barley, Rice, Barley, Rice, Catch it when it’s Rice. Barley, Barley clang!
Manon : No way! You win all the time!
(Suddenly, some icicles started to grow. They both heard the sound)
Manon : Huh? What is it?
Alya : Ugh, probably it’s the boss goblin! I ate too much that my clothes are tearing off! Haha. (to relieve Manon)Well, I’ll tell you some fun stories.
Hawkmoth : Now that everyone knows who’s the best weather forecaster, don’t forget your promise, Stormy Weather…
(Ladybug and Black cat escapes from an overturned bus)
Ladybug : I guess something is upsetting her.
Black cat : Maybe she messed up her math exam.
(An electronic display board turns itself on and Stormy weather appears on TV)
Stormy : Hello, everyone. In celebration of hot summer season, I’ll forecast what the weather will be. Oops, did the sky decided to change the weather? Well summer vacation is OVER! Forever!
(It’s starting to snow)
Black cat : Well, that’s bad. We would’ve looked good in swimsuits together.
Ladybug : You already look great with the black suit you’re wearing. Anyway, I think I know where she is.
Stormy : An intense frost is sweeping all over the city. A blizzard is blowing and the snow fall will be 118 inches deep…
Black cat : I think I’ve seen her somewhere
Ladybug : I knew it! the akuma’s in her umbrella!
Stormy : From ‘Kidzplus’, this is Stormy weather. As long as I exist, the winter is forever.
(Ladybug and Blackcat runs into a studio where Stormy Weather might be. But they find out she isn’t there.)
Ladybug : Was it recorded?
Hawkmoth : Good job. Soon, the miracle stones will be mine. Bring them to me, now!
Blackcat : The Ice Queen’s running away! Huh? (Ladybug hits a fallen equipment because it’s too dark) what’s the matter?
Ladybug : what? I don’t have good night vision like you…
Blackcat : (grabs her hand) then just follow me!
Alya :, the Cyclops lifted a princess and said, ‘Look me right in the eye!’ 
Alya : after the poor princess ate the cursed potato and fell into a deep, deep slumber. (she stares icicles poking out of the pavilion)
Please hurry, Ladybug.
Ladybug : Let me go. I can follow her on my own.
(Stormy throws an extinguisher toward her)
Blackcat : Watch out!
Ladybug : Aargh- well, you can keep holding my hand.
Hawkmoth :It’s time! Take the miracle stones now!
Stormy :You look like rats in a trap! Party’s over.
Ladybug : We’re gonna..! ( recognizes Black cat is still holding her hand. Black cat finally lets her hand free) No, the party’s just begun!
(Ladybug throws her yo-yo)
Ladybug : Lucky charm!
(a towel appears and Ladybug gets it)
Ladybug : Huh? A towel? What are we gonna do with this?
Black cat : I was wondering the same thing. Do we dry ourselves with it and die or something?
Ladybug : Are you serious right now?
(Stormy raise her umbrella, and hail is starting to fall)
Stormy : Pour out!
(Black cat defends hail falling onto them)
Black cat : Now how are you gonna get rid of the akuma? Do something! My arms are getting numb.
Ladybug : See that billboard? Destroy it.
Black cat : Okay.
Black cat : Meow! Shabby lady with the chilly attitude!!
Ladybug : Get out you akuma! What a nasty bug. Black butterfly, now it’s over.
(She whirls her magic yo-yo. She catches akuma with her yo-yo. The black butterfly turns into white.)
Ladybug : Time to cure the evil! Got it! Good bye little butterfly.
(She then throws the towel in the sky)
Ladybug : Miraculous Powers of Cure!
Alya : ..and then he became the first one to slay the three headed dragon.. Huh?
Manon : What about the princess?
Alya : She kissed the handsome prince..
Manon : And they lived happily ever after?
Alya : Well, yeah. They got a little tired because of you little monkey, though.
Aurore : Huh? What am I doing here?
Ladybug&Black cat : Mission accomplished!
Hawkmoth : Someday I’ll get the miracle stones. Even if I have to send a thousand akumas, I’ll never give up.
Tikky : Hey It’s Adrien! I think he’s waiting for you.
Marinette : Well, I guess it’s too late.
Tikky : You are so shy. You deserve it because you saved the world. Come on.
Manon : Marinette!
(Marinette lifts her up into her arms)
Manon : Hey, I know your secret.
Marinette : Wha? a s-secret?
Manon : You’re friends with Ladybug, right? That’s why she knows where and what you’re doing.
(Three of them heading to Adrien)
Manon : Marinette, I want a lolipop. Please, please?
Marinette : No, I have something important to do first. Alya will buy it for you.
Marinette : Hello, it’s me!
Cameraman : Wait, (looks at Manon) Who is she? Who is that little angel?
(Cameraman decides to take Manon as Adrien’s partner)
Cameraman : Yes, that’s good. Perfect! Awesome

i changed some of the dialogue to make it better tho.. i hope you don’t mind.

Speculation about next week’s episode

So i looked at the schedule on EBS’s site….

The next episode is called “Bring back the grown-ups”

So we’re definitely going to meet Marinette’s mom. ( and maybe we might see Adrien’s home and get more insight on his regular life) 

And the villain is most likely going to be Bubble-man (i just nick-named him that. not-official)

The only thing is that…..

This was the marking from the English Miraculous trailer, and it states that it’s the 9th episode. 

So either:

1. we meet bubble-man in episode 2 and he will return in episode 9(which would be nice cause that means we see villains more than once)

2. They changed the order of the episodes

3.Or i’m absolutely dead wrong and this will be completely different from what episode 2 will be about. 

anonymous asked:

On one of their adventures, Ladybug pulls off a daring rescue but hurts her ankle in the process. Chat Noir insists on carrying her to the hospital so she can get it x-rayed, but when they arrive she says she has someone she can call to pick her up, so he won't find out her identity. On Monday, Marinette shows up at school with crutches and a pink cast on her foot, and promptly bumps into Adrien. He asks her how she got hurt, and she quickly blurts out a story about dance class while blushing.

Taking the first step for my Mental health.

I decided to make an official appeal for this. While I don’t guarentee its gonna be quick for the moveout I hcan at least start somewhere:

Hi my name is Nor, I am 25 years old with an anxiety disorder and learning disabilites (ADHD). For the past three years I have been living with my parents, and they have not made it an emotionally safe environment for me. I would go into details because its way too personal. But lets just say I get called names alot and get emotionally manipulative when it comes to decision making.

After seeing the harassment at home is bleeding into my work life (I work with my family), I decided to get out. I hope to move to a city area while I have no car but know I will not be able to afford it without a roommate. So this is appeal for a roommate.

Heres the deal, I am not looking to move out right away but I hope to get out by March while I search for the right place and make the preperations so theres no rush to get out. I just can’t deal with another year and I am hoping for a place where I can be emotionally safe.

What I am looking for:

  • Someone who is sweet and kinda and patient. With my mental issues I am not the easiest person to live with. I can be forgetful when it comes to chores so be prepared for that. If you have your own mental issues that is a plus.
  • Someone in the New York area is also a plus. But I will take anywhere on the east coast, it’s easier for me to move from the Island.
  • I am 99.9% certain if I move out without mom’s blessing she’s going to put my dog down out of spite. Despite her advanced age my dog is still pretty healthy. She’s a Pug so she’s not hyperallergenic. So I am looking for a dog lover who is Not allergic to dogs.
  • I will probably be jobless temporarily so someone who is prepared for that.
  • Female Please (Non Bianary assigned female at birth and Transgender MTF also accepted =D just no dudes).
  • Someone who is comfortable with a Bisexual Roommate (I promise I wont come on to you).

What you will get if you move in with me:

  • A free dog (you’ll be getting a 12 year old pug!)
  • A Blu-Ray player with wireless which includes Netflix, Hulu and an array of streaming services.
  • A nice movie collection.
  • A barrel of laughs and someone to get into a load of fandoms with.

If you or anyone you know is interested please contact me. I don’t promise we’ll find a place right away but we can at least start looking!

Thank you for reading.


This recent upload has been blocked in 6 countries. In case you’re in one of those countries, or if you haven’t seen the newest, full episode of Miraculous Ladybug, here it is. ( It’s in Korean )


Chat Noir will get drugged with catnip, and the next day will wake up not remembering what he did while he was drugged. He’s completely horrified and realizes what he did when he tries to transform because instead of Plagg he gets an akuma. (And to add insult to injury, sometime during that episode/the one before either Marinette or Adrien’s parent(s) lecture as they take them to a party about ways to keep from getting drugged (such as only drinking from a soda can you open yourself and not letting go of it/staying out of risky situations.)


Miraculous Ladybug Headcanons...

So because there is still so little canon (or canon that I can fully understand as I don’t speak Korean), I’ve come up with another set of headcanons pertaining to Adrien’s possible curse.

If Adrien’s ring is still cursed and he can’t remove it without a kiss Ladybug, then why didn’t he simply tell Ladybug in the first place?  I mean, Ladybug seems like a kind enough girl who would be more than happy to help a poor kid out if he asked nicely and explained it well.  What’s a quick smooch?  Just one and done and Adrien’s no longer forced to wear a cursed ring.  So why didn’t he simply tell her and ask her to help him?

What if the curse specifically has fine print that prohibits Adrien from talking about the curse!  What if he has to come up with a way to tell Ladybug what’s going on with him without outright saying it.  It’s either that or make her like him enough to want to kiss him (which he wouldn’t be opposed to since he has a giant crush on her).  However, the fact that Ladybug clearly doesn’t reciprocate his feelings is enough to put him off of the latter idea because hey!  Friendships are just as awesome and he doesn’t want to drive her away.  So Adrien starts to look for ways to Ladybug about his curse without saying, “I’m cursed and need you to kiss me to lift it.”  Things happen though…

Villains get stronger.  Akumas become more frequent.  Hawkmoth becomes more and more relentless in his search for the Lucky Duo.  Adrien slowly starts to realize that lifting his curse might not be a good idea at the moment.  The citizens of Paris need Chat (Cat) Noir the protector, not Adrien the pretty boy model and A+ student.  He can do more good, protect more people, by staying cursed.  Plagg needs him too because Hawkmoth has shown interest in acquiring Adrien’s ring and Ladybug’s earrings.  If Hawkmoth gets his hands on the ring then he gets his hands on Plagg.  Plagg is vulnerable and in dire danger if Adrien is able to lift the curse.  Then there’s Ladybug.  His daring, bold, competent, ever bright burning star of a Superhero partner.  They’re a duo.  She could be in a lot of trouble if he were to quit at this point.  Not because she needs Adrien’s protection but because breaking up their team would leave her without half of the help she’s come to rely on.  No Adrien can’t lift his curse now, of all times.

That’s roundabout the time he finally figures out how to tell Ladybug he’s cursed.