Some Idiot: Creepastas aren’t scary. It’s all stupid stuff like dead bart and jeff the killer. There’s nothing creepy about them.


Idiot: *starts shaking and sweating and has to leave the room*

Admito que aun tengo problema con los brazos y que me falto mi modelo de siempre para que me ayudara. Y tampoco tengo espejo como para mirarme en esa posicion (odio los espejos).

Imagine que Jane the killer, trataria de cobrar venganza de una manera mas compleja contra Jeff the Killer. Y que no es mejor que un bebe muy peligroso. Imaginaba hacer una Slenderwoman mujer pero de bebe todos se ven iguales XD

Fan Girls...
  • <p> <b></b> I'm fucking pissed. How can these petty fan girls of the infamous Laughing Jack be attracted to him?! Have they no clue who he is? He is not a human, he does not want sex, and all he wants to do is rip his victims to fucking smithereens! Some of his fan girls happen to be twelve and eleven! Way too fucking young to know of him! Children today have been exposed to this and have grown a tolerance to scary things! If I were him, I would just fucking kill the fan girls and strike fear into the hearts of young and old.<p/><b></b> I am going to receive a tremendous amount of hate because of this.<p/></p>