If you think the voltron paladins, who were legally in the garrison, are underage (Hunk, Lance and Keith),

then that means you think the military on Earth using child soldiers is a normal practice.

They are part of a military organization.

Don’t try to say “it could be a military school” cuz military school would be normal school with particular emphasis. They are training for real missions in space, and are called cadets. They are part of a military unit in-training.

I for one don’t think child soldiers would be a thing. And I’m creeped out that so many fans are so insistent that they’re children. I don’t want child soldiers in my Voltron.

SAY NO to the child soldier theory.

I have faith the creators never intended to portray child soldiers.

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Sorry don't mean to wake sleeping dogs, but have you formed and opinion on Steven avery yet? Also why is making a murder biased? All my friends are bloody in love with it haha. Thanks <3

They just left a lot of evidence against him out of the documentary. For example, he specifically asked for Teresa to come to his house but did so pretending to be his sister and the reason he did this was because Teresa was scared of him. He opened the door to her naked previously and creeped her out so much that she said she would never return. It also didn’t acknowledge that he kept calling her on the day of her murder but withheld his number. After she was killed, he rang her again however this time he didn’t withhold his number, and it’s assumed because he knew she wouldn’t be answering, regardless of who was on the end of the line. A number of her belongings were found burnt in his barrel and two witnesses at his trial testified seeing him putting things into the barrel. A number of barrels containing human remains were also discovered on his property. Ballistic evidence showed that the bullet containing Teresa’s DNA was fired from Avery’s rifle. Had the bullet been planted, how did it get her DNA on it and how could it have been shot from his gun when it was confiscated at the beginning of the investigation?

The documentary is stupidly bias and they didn’t find him guilty for nothing.


Why Do Clowns Creep Us Out?

The persona of the creepy clown really came into its own after serial killer John Wayne Gacy was captured. In the 1970s, Gacy appeared at children’s birthday parties as “Pogo the Clown” and also regularly painted pictures of clowns. When the authorities discovered that he had killed at least 33 people, burying most of them in the crawl space of his suburban Chicago home, the connection between clowns and dangerous psychopathic behavior became forever fixed in the collective unconscious of Americans.

Corals, Fishes, and Crustaceans of the Devonian, from The Story of the Earth and Man, 1873

Life is all scissors and knives, armor and shells. Snipping and snapping and slicing against the drums of carapaces and exoskeletons. Corals peek from boney tubes, timid as teens gone commando around zippers. Above those waving pinks, placoderms and eurypterids wage wars like medieval soldiers, brandishing weapons almost too hulking to heft. Yet, they crunch through bone and husk, litter the seabed with shrapnel and discarded mail. It’s no wonder some fish chose to creep out of the shallows and gulp air for a while.

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Hey Ania...I know I may be annoying but I made one last fan art for you. I'm sorry if I creeped you out with my last art work. I'll remove it later. Hope you like your Gaster Blaster~ 💜

I do!

And I love your art!

Other than the computer cause…jesus

Spooked PSA

Since I posted those pictures of myself, I got a really creepy fucking guy who messaged me. He was like 23 and I told him right away I was only 16. He like totally brushed it off and said “he never cared about ages anyways”, I got so creeped out and scared.. I told him that he was disgusting and blocked him.
Please be careful guys. always find out who you’re talking to and don’t get sexual with strangers over the internet if you’re underage. it’s so dangerous…

Urgh, used to blocking porn blogs but this is a new kind of creepy. A blog followed us that has pictures of teenagers as well as adults in sexual poses, saying they would provide nudes etc. Why did they follow our blog? I looked to see who else they followed and it was all porn stuff. Feel kind of sick. They weren’t children, I know, but sexualising teenagers in that way creeps me out as well.

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In your interpretation of Ludwig, does he in modern times still have this sort of compulsion to follow orders, or was he able to lose at least part of it after the Nazis?

He still feels the compulsion to do it, but he’s grown a liiiitlle more assertive. He still has the problem of doing things sometimes because it’s what others want from him but he’s pretty insistent on certain things. Like the EU for example! You can’t change his mind on that no matter if you want him to leave it or not

the reason why he still has a semi-strong compulsion is because he confronted the whole Nazi thing a bit late and because he was under strong pressure to follow America’s every order after the war for a long time
America still creeps him out a lot and he feels compelled to go along with stuff Alfred does :/

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Spooky, gravestone, eerie, and fright?

Whoa 0.0 Thank you for asking so many! Okay here we go Anonny I shall endeavor to please.

Spooky: What was your last nightmare about?

Hmm last nightmare lets see…. The last serious one was about losing my mum the last non serious one was about being late to work and something about cheese.

Gravestone: Ideal way you’d like to die?

Eating something delicious. Maybe a donut…

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Eerie: One thing that always creeps you out?


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this was the only gif I could find that didn’t srsly freak me out…

this spider is ok  tho

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Thanks for the questions :D 

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How do you feel about the power creep in the game? I love Warframe's variety but i've also really disliked some of the more recent inclusions that totally overshadow any others, such as with the Galatine Prime making the good old Scindo P look entirely useless, and almost any slash-damage melee with it as well. Felt the same about Nikana Prime when it came out too. Of course i get that prime gear is supposed to be better and balance is a dubious thing in a mainly PvE game, but it's still sad IMO

In my totally subjective opinion as a 3 year player, the power creep has gotten way out of control, which is probably why DE has promised to look into it Soon™ with a new damage and scaling system. I hope it’s good. As much as I love things like Tigris Prime and Galatine Prime or even Sancti Tigris, these weapons are absolutely ridiculous in their power. It’s fine to have powerful weapons but they shouldn’t be so ridiculously ahead of everything else to the point that there’s no reason to use anything else. I was honestly upset when I saw the datamined stats for Tigris Prime (Which said it had 3,000 base damage iirc) so I’m glad it wasn’t quite THAT bad.

TL;DR I feel the power creep has gone way out of control and DE needs to reign it in for both players and enemies very soon if they want to ensure the long-term health of their game.

- Mod Bun

Confession: I love all of the ships in Arashi, and I love all of the cheesy-kya-worthy romantic fanfictions about my ships. But… I’ve stopped reading recently when I realised that I’m reading fanfictions about REAL PEOPLE. Personally, I’d be creeped out if someone wrote a romantic story about me. Not to mention it’s also breaking some moral code. So my confession is also a question to the fandom: How do you justify reading romantic fanfictions about real people?

on the other hand like every week the Problem ages the worse it gets soon i will be 22 and then i will have to live in a hole in the ground designated for freak statistical outlier adult virgins who creep everybody out w their weird hangups/with how untouchable they are

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hi ok so im a freshman and theres this guy who keeps following me around. hes a senior and rlly creeping me out. everywhere i go, hes there. he flirts with me 24/7 and even drops hints at us having "fun". i told him many times to leave me alone and even tried ignoring him but damn he is persistent. i told my 'friend' and the teacher or whatever but no one believes me. sorry for complaining and shit but i just dont know what to do and youre the first person i thought of... im rlly scared;;

Do you have a welfare officer at school or something? Make sure they know you’re uncomfortable and if that doesn’t work, go to your head teacher and tell them. Tell your parents too!! Because parents going into schools and kicking up a fuss can be pretty effective. Does anyone else know of anything that can help??