When Mike started beating up Josh I was like “Aw guys, you used to be close enough for Jess to think you’d be up for a threesome. You could have had it so good”

Dr. Hill was doing the most subtle cross-dressing I’ve ever seen. He was wearing a women’s vest, which you can only tell by the way it buttons up.
I know most people hate him/is creeped out by him, but he was by far my favorite character.

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no but like this legitimately concerns me and creeps me out?

This is gonna sound so incredibly stupid but I just went on webkinz for the first time since 2008 just for fun…to see how things have changed….

And I literally feel so incredibly creeped out? And almost guilty? And kinda sick??????

Because of digital animals???????????

It just kinda… I feel so weird now. Just knowing that a little digital mouse has been standing in a doorway for 7 years. Or that a little pink dragon has been sitting in a chair staring at a blank TV for 7 years. Or that countless little animals that I used to LOVE when I was younger have been sleeping in their little beds for all this time.

I know that they’re fake…but I just feel so weird now. I literally almost feel sick. It was so incredibly eerie and I KNOW that they’re not real…but yet??????

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Happy birthday Aomine! I was just wondering what's your favourite trait in a girl. (Other than boobs of course :')

Aomine: “Huh… That’s a good question.” Aomine leans back, hands clasping behind his head. “I guess I really love a straight-forward girl. Like, no bullshit, just saying what they want to say.” He smiles, eyes losing focus. “Yeah, that sounds great…”


// There’s this tumblr user under the name of fucksake95 who keeps stalking me/attempting to reach out to me. He makes me very uncomfortable, his blog is full of porn. What’s even worse is that this guy lives in the same state as me.

I have him blocked on every blog but he seems to be finding them somehow. I want you guys to keep an eye out since he won’t stop trying to contact me.

He attempted to message my on my personal, then jayce, making comments taric art blogs art and now my NSFW art blog. I’ve blocked this user on all blogs but he still keeps finding me for some reason.

I’m warning you guys just in case he pulls this shit with you or if he uses you guys to try and find me. Please don’t reblog from him if possible.. I’m really creeped out and anxious. 

Creep out from blankets white and shaking
with blinking eyes and rivers turned wild
streams in the daytime and raging torrents
when the sun can longer watch the sky.

Terrified and wonderous we smile soft
afraid the lines on our cheeks catch hold
and the safety of caverns cold and deep
is no more us than our endless dreams.

Cracked and reformed, the windows burn
and honey drips through once cold bones
to raise and sweeten, lift us up and out,
toward flower beds of sputtering coals.

—  Michel Lazzaro | Flutter, Sputter, Burn

Title: Section B Through C

Author:  dial_alexandria

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: G

Genre: AU, Fluff, Romance

Summary: "They keep you here for your personality and customer service,“ their part-time coworker Kyungsoo once told him. "Though I have no idea why, because all you ever seem to do is creep everyone out and knock shit over.” Chanyeol is pretty sure Kyungsoo just finds him adorable.

Admin Notes: just a really cute and light music store au with a dorky and clumsy chanyeol ^^, - Admin Rose


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wait, is there actually a trigger warning for dolls? I've never seen something like that before! Is it because they scare some people? :o

ah yeah! someone asked me a super long time ago to tag it for them and so i just do. idk if they even follow me anymore haha but just in case i still tag it! i suppose it can be a trigger (or in this case something that makes someone very uncomfortable) esp if you have scopophobia (correct me if im wrong but this is the fear of being stared at) ygm? idk i dont want to make someone uncomfortable. sometimes dolls creep me out too (⊙_☉)

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From the darkness two bright, LED eyes glowed, watching carefully. Should he take the chance and go? Or was it better to just stay put and wait till the Spy left? Already he had come across too many mercenaries willing to kill him. Since when had Mann Co. so many mercenaries?

He swore he’d heard something moving in the small shed. Alexis flicked his knife out, creeping inside. The dim light of the moon wasn’t enough to illuminate the shed, and he found himself movingly blindly, only one corner lit. Must be a hole in the roof or something. “If you come out now, I won’t kill you immediately.”