“you expect the gems to be over Rose’s death after just a few months??”

no, I expect the writers to not waste theirs and our time with a flashback that shows us nothing but character’s general feelings on the situation, which we’d already extrapolated ourselves, and dwells on an emotional conflict that’s thankfully pretty much wrapped up in the current time and everyone was sick of/creeped out by.

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Could you do hcs for Chikusa, Spanner, Mammon, and Fran in love?

~Hands down, my favorite ask yet. I hope you don’t mind that they’re all unrequited as of yet, anon. I didn’t mean it, I swear it wrote itself that way!~


  • He would sneak glances a lot while the object of his desire is unaware he is doing so.
  • He would initially avoid eye contact as much as possible fearing he would creep you out.
  • He would find ways to involve himself with you socially and be included in your inner circle of friends. He wouldn’t want you to think he was some weird stalker.
  • Once you’re friends with him he would quietly figure out what your preferences are. Like how you take your coffee or what would you do if you’re in a certain mood. He would analyze you and make sure he could predict every move you made.
  • He would then proceed to make sure he would be there to give you whatever you needed. Like making sure to ‘accidentally’ walk by and hand you an umbrella you forgot to bring because you didn’t care about listening to the news and didn’t know it was going to rain that day.
  • He would follow you home in secret. Make sure to end any creep who tries to steal your purse or hurt you.
  • As time goes by, forcing himself not to stare at you would be increasingly difficult. Taking in little details about you would be like an obsession. Like how you would bite your lip when you’re thinking hard. Or how you would tuck your hair behind your ear while you’re busy with something.
  • He would forget to breathe when he thinks you caught him staring and just smiles at him. And though you would never see the emotions on his face the way he takes a step towards you as though he couldn’t help himself after that smile says volumes about how much he wants to be near you.
  • He would always be respectful. Unlike his Kokuyo Gang friends, he would open doors and pull out chairs for you.
  • He would patiently wait for you to return his feelings. In the meantime he would be content just standing by your side.


  • He is a man whose attention would be hard to get but when you do catch his interest, he’s the kind who will approach you right from out of the blue to fearlessly socialize.
  • Spanner will use any excuse to get you to stay in his workshop.
  • He’ll show off by parading his inventions before you and describe in detail just what they all did in a way that would probably remind you of an infomercial.
  • He will show you his newest inventions first and test them with you. He would always glow with pride and blush at your praise.
  • If you can’t be in his lab he will make sure to send you lots of emails with selfies of him at work, updating you of his current activities.
  • He finds out what your schedule is and once he knows you’re home, he would video call you and ask about your day as an excuse to see you.
  • He will build you your very own Mini Mosca to make food and clean house while you’re out at work.
  • He will want to know where you are at all times and would plant a tracking device on you. One that monitors your pulse and blood pressure to make sure you’re safe.
  • It might seem cheesy but he uses that same tracking device as an opportunity to hear your heart beating, imagining himself being held close to your chest.
  • Until he could make you start returning his feelings he would make sure his presence in your life is constant and one you will never be able to ignore.


  • He’s the kind who would think of himself as too jaded and too cynical to fall for something called love; so when Cupid’s arrow finds him his reaction to his feelings for you will be a confusing mix of awkward and obsessive.
  • Although he will always find a way to be by your side because he can’t help it his emotional defenses will also trigger while interacting with you in the form of snarky, bitter comments.
  • He will acidly comment and complain about the flaws of your friends, your impractical decisions and your atrocious skills at accounting all while fixing your books right there on your coffee table.
  • He will certainly find a way for you to need him. He would drop hints that he can help you using his influence, his power or advice on how to make money. All things you never ask for much to his growing frustration since he believes those were all he was good for. You do, however, ask for his advice on life problems because he never beats around the bush and always gave you straight, practical answers.
  • He would visit you for talks. It doesn’t matter if you welcome him in or not he would find a way to get in your apartment anyway. He would just curl up in one of your living room chairs and share a cup of tea with you.
  • He would be the kind who gets attracted to people with beautiful eyes. Sometimes, when the two of you talk, you find it hard to keep looking at him because he looks into your eyes with such fierce intensity you couldn’t help but blush and look away.
  • He would secretly tremble at the sight of your smile.
  • He will want to lay his hands on you in some way but he won’t. Fearful that his touch would taint you with his sins.
  • He will do anything for you. Not that he would ever really say. But he will make sure to be the first to appear and offer his help when you need something. He will resolve any issue you need help with so thoroughly you won’t need anyone else but him.
  • He will watch over you, protect you, make sure nothing harms you even in your dreams. Hoping- always hoping- you’ll somehow return his feelings for you.


  • He wouldn’t identify his feelings as ‘love’ at first. He would just recognize it as a need for your acknowledgement. As a man of instinct he will follow through on his desires mainly because he thought he was bored.
  • He will make sure to do everything to hog all your attention for himself.
  • He will bring chaos into your life in the form of tricks and pranks that could rival any dedicated Trick or Treat professional in the middle of Halloween.
  • When you get mad and irritated he would just stand there and stare at you, relishing how your cheeks would flush in anger and basking in the glow of your regard no matter what kind of emotion it brought on.
  • Life would feel like you have your own personal jinx around especially when he sends other guys who show you even an ounce of interest run screaming in the other direction.
  • During lazy moments, he would sneak onto your lap and nap there, uncaring if you’re still mad. And you, bless your heart, did not have it in you to deny him his sleep.
  • Despite his trickster habits he would protect you from the harsher reality of life. He would never tell you of the man he had made to commit suicide after trying to break into your apartment to rape you or the woman who had collapsed in a violent fit of apoplexy after trying to take advantage of your good nature by trying to swindle you.
  • The first time he sees you smile at him for helping you get rid of an unwanted suitor his breath caught in his throat and he had to swallow hard. He would view the sudden pounding of his heart in confusion.
  • He would always find a way to breathe your scent in. For some reason, he observed that it calms him and makes him settle down.
  • He will alternate between being a mean, indifferent trickster and a serious, attentive man and ingrain himself so deep in your life you won’t have a choice but make him stay around.
  • And stay he will, until you both realize you love each other. Eventually he’d follow his instincts and kiss you.

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Honestly REGs creep me out so much. They're willing to hurt as many people as possible just to get to an intended target and trick impressionable kids into believing their toxic truscum/queerphobic/transphovic rhetoric

Y'know until really recently I actually believed that everyone else was collateral damage, but now I actually think they intend to cause as much damage as they can

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What's wrong with steven universe? :o

i mean, personally? it’s just gotten so boring as of late.

the recent episodes follow the same plots and are just….filler. the last ep (3 gems and a baby) was honestly filler. it told us nothing new and even tho the garnet, ame, and greg parts were nice, pearl’s big involvement was, like always, not necessary

(im personally just rly sick of pearl. she reminds me a lot of ppl who’ve hurt me and she acts in ways that really creep me out (basically how she treats steven is nasty imo))

it’s just rly boring to me now and im just….not as interested. if garnet or ame or rupphire get an ep i’ll be interested but as for now im not rly here for it noah fence

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i have no idea how i feel about doubles. seeing them makes me feel... weird? not necessarily invalid but,, odd. dont get me wrong - i love you guys a lot - but seriously i dont know i guess it brings down my self esteem a little? it's complicated and ive never told anyone about it in fear theyd be creeped out. maybe its because all my kintypes are so common...

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On my 16th birthday my bff's dad was sitting near me and kept grabbing the back clasp of my bra and fumbling and snapping it against my back. I looked over at him and he ignored me, looking at something with his younger daughter. It's been a year since. I've told my mom and she just told me to stay away from him at events. Im creeped out, scared he may do something again, and i don't know what to do. I can't tell my bff because i dont want to ruin our friendship. What should I do?

Creepy is right.  If it’s been a year without anything happening, I agree with your mom, to stay away from him as much as you can.  If you’re around him for some reason and he does something again, call him out on it in the moment, and if you have to, loud enough for someone to hear you and see it themselves.  The embarrassment alone should shock him into stopping.  You might upset your bff, yes, but ultimately it’s about you not having to put up with behavior like that and keeping yourself safe.

i’m kind of creeped out by how similar mine and dan’s thinking was in that video? when they were designing the senpai i thought it looked like yuri and then victor, and i thought the uniform looked like a warbler from glee or a member of three cheers for sweet revenge era mcr and he said all of those things right after i thought them? @ dan get out of my brain

Okay but: Who IS Sammy Stevens??!

Like we seriously have almost no idea about Sammy’s history before King Falls AM.

We know his old radio nickname was ‘Shotgun Sammy’ and that it seems to irritate him having people call him that.

He know he has a college degree.

That’s about it.

We know so much more about basically every resident of King Falls than we do about Sammy.

Since the first episode I’ve always assumed Sammy was running from something/someone. He doesn’t check his e-mail, and in the first few episodes there was a caller that kept calling in and saying he was a long time listener of JUST Sammy, not the show itself.

And this really seems to creep Sammy out.

So what do you guys think? Who is Sammy Stevens?


Jungkook’s introduction though… 0.0
(Doesn’t it hurt?)



TAEHYUNG AND JIN… OMG… A CONTINUATION OF THE STORY?? (It kinda creeped me out a bit)



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FMK: Obito, Kisame, Killer Bee

I’m gonna marry the heck out of Kisame. A guy like that needs to be romanced. He so tall. So strong. I want to pat his chest and be nice to him. He’s from a teeny island, so he’s probably real used to fish and would be game for surreptitiously eating the things that creep me out, like the pregnant sardines with the faces and fins still on. Plus I bet he would actually be really chill about the bizarre impulses I have sometimes, like my desire to jump out a window if it’s open and about my size, or things like realizing I can fit under the couch and crawling under to hide and wait for someone to come home. Idk, I just feel like he might get a laugh. He seems good natured.

Earlier I said Obito was risky, and I meant it. But I’d rather risk sexy death than having to actually meet Killer Bee in person. If he doesn’t kill me, I bet it’d be really good.

I love the Winnie the Pooh newspaper comics. Everyone’s such a dick to eachother, it’s so out of character. Is it simply called “Winnie the Pooh”? I never bothered to read the title, I just call it “It’s Always Sunny in the Hundred Acre Woods”


would YOU try out any of these!? [x}