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Lawful Good: Mr. Nutt/ Brutha/ Susan Sto Helit/ Carrot/ Granny Weatherwax
Lawful Neutral: Ponder Stibbons/ The Librarian/ Rufus Drumknott/ *Death/ Lady Margolotta
Lawful Evil: Lord Hong/ The Queen/ Dee/ Mr. Slant
Neutral Good: Tiffany Aching/ Otto Chriek/ *Death
True Neutral: *Death/ Cohen the Barbarian/ The Bursar/ Sacharissa Cripslock/ *Fred Colon/ Havelock Vetinari
Neutral Evil: *Greebo/ *Teatime/ Alice Weatherwax/  *Fred Colon
Chaotic Good: Nac Mac Feegles/ Teppic/ Maurice/ *William de Worde/ Mustrum Ridcully
Chaotic Neutral: Nobby Nobbs/ Mort/ *Greebo
Chaotic Evil: *Teatime/ *Greebo

today i was walking down the street w/ earbuds in and all of a sudden this dude started walking next to me nd talking to me ?? i couldn’t hear him bc music duh but then he started waving his arm in front of my face so i took one earbud out but kept walking and he said “ hey beautiful “  ,,, i shit u not i literally said “oh my god” and put my earbud back in ?? b ut !! he kept tALKING TO ME ???????? so i took one earbud out again and was like “ go away , stop talking to me !! “  and he was all like   “ you don’t have to be rude abt it , u could have asked me nicely ?!?! “ so i was like ,, “ i just did “  nd then i turned the corner and left his ass in the dust i’m just

Never Want To Lose You

12x11 sorta Coda…I do a series of these on A03 under Crossroads_Castiel (this is the newest in an ongoing series

When Sam and Dean walked back into the bunker, Castiel was sitting at the War Table, trying to look nonchalant as they walked in. Sam had called ahead of time and told him about what had happened and that the memory spell was gone but Castiel had subconsciously worried maybe Dean had forgotten other things…but as Dean came in behind Sam, his eyes hungrily eyed Cass, and he knew. Dean remembered everything. Castiel let tension ease from his shoulders as he stood to greet them. Sam gave him a half hug and drug his duffel bag to his room. Dean craned his neck to see Sam was out of view and he all but crushed Castiel to his front.

“Shit, it’s good to see your face. Forgetting what it looked like….I just…” Dean said with emotion in his voice as his nose buried itself in Castiel’s neck, his chin rubbing against the familiar feel of the trench coat.

“I know…I am quite indignant you wouldn’t let Sam call and tell me as soon as it happened…” Cass said before he reluctantly pulled away. “That was pig headed and stubborn. I could have helped…”

Dean let his arms drop to his side as he locked eyes with Castiel. “Not remembering you would have been more painful if I’d had to see your face as I forgot you….and I’m not sure I would have kept my filter about…us…as I lost my marbles.” Dean shuffled the toe of his shoe on the hard concrete as he grinned. “Sam already told me I was super psyched about our best friend being an Angel as it was…” Dean suddenly looked nervous as he chewed his lip. “We need to talk about some stuff that…happened…while I was gone…once Sammy’s asleep.”

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The Ultimate Rickshaw Race – RT Life 4K

joel and his baggy shorts. SERIOUSLY, just look at how big his shorts are!!! and how his top literally looks like a cut-up t-shirt. …oh, and remember how burnie said that joel never runs at a panel that one time? well, he (kinda) did!

i don’t want to spoil anything more but can we please appreciate how smiley adam was throughout. and how joel was in character but he did break a smile here and there.

FIC: space, nightmares

kiribaku week 2017: day 2

The din of the room doesn’t prevent them from having their own conversation. So no one else notices how Bakugou’s brow knots painfully. He glances at him like wild, cornered prey, and then Kirishima’s frown really deepens after that.

“What’s up, Bakugou?”


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Sister!Stark Request

Could I request a GOT one shot based on season one where reader is Ned Starks daughter she’s 14, her and Robb and Jon are very close. When Joffery arrives he starts hitting on her and being rough with her so Robb and Jon step in to protect her, which gets them in trouble with the Queen. But Ned saves the day. Can it have lots of sibling love and cuteness :)

AN: I made it so the reader and the boys were 16 since that’s more how they are in the show.

“The new haircuts look very nice,” you chuckled at the uninterested face on Jon and the large smile on Robb’s face.

“Jon was not very happy to get sheared,” Robb laughed.

“I curse the day you two were born,” Jon jokingly muttered.

“Oh, brother you love us. You should be praising the 7 that you received not one, but two, siblings at once that are as great as Robb and I,” you joked.

“Twins,” Jon muttered as a curse under his breath. You walked up to Jon and put an arm around him in a half hug. You, Robb, and Jon were the same age and, since you were brought up together, you were each other’s best friends.

“We better get going to the gate before Mother hunts us down herself,” Robb said.

“Lucky for me I’m not allowed to greet the royal family,” Jon said. “I’ll see you both after.”

“And these are my children,” your father told the king, “Rickon, Bran, Arya, Sansa, and my oldest children, Y/N, and Robb.”

After sizing up you and your siblings, especially Robb, the King introduced you to his children. You looked over to Sansa and saw her making googly eyes with Prince Joffrey until Joffrey’s gaze went to you and his sinister grin deepened. “Ugh,” you groaned to yourself.

“What,” Robb asked you quietly.

“Nothing, I’ll tell you later,” you whispered back.

After the welcome was finished you held Rickon’s hand and started walking him back to the stables so he could see all the new horses that had arrived.

“You enjoy my steads, do you?” You turned quickly and saw the blonde prince entering the stables; your grip on Rickon tightened.

“They are beautiful, yes. My brother loves animals and was looking forward to seeing some different horses. But, now that we’ve seen them, I think we should be getting back. Come on Rickon, we must get you ready for the feast tonight.”

“Lady Y/N,” Joffrey gripped your arm as you walked past and stopped you, “save me a dance at the feast tonight.”

You snaked your arm from the prince and uncomfortably said, “I’m afraid I’m not a good dancer, my Prince.”

“You think I asked for a dance?”

“You are a guest in my home, my Prince. Do not forget that,” you led Rickon away from the stables.


You were walking to the great hall for the feast with Jon and Robb. “He demanded I dance with him.”

“I don’t like this little Prince,” Jon gritted his teeth.

“He creeps me out. The way he looks at me, and Sansa for that matter. It’s like he hasn’t eaten in days and is looking at a large pig roast.”

“Don’t worry,” Robb said and laid a protective arm on your shoulder, “if the blonde baby looks at you tonight I’ll scare him away.”

Sansa had been ignoring you for half the night now once she noticed how Joffrey was looking at you also.  His gaze was hard on you making you wiggle uncomfortably in your seat. “Do you think Mother would be upset if I left early?”

“Probably. Just tell her you’re feeling exhausted from the events of the day and that you’re going to bed,” Robb told you.

You nodded and stood up, getting ready to leave. “Coming to give me that dance, finally?” You looked over and saw the Prince and his dog standing on the other side of you and your brother. You glanced back and saw that the Queen and your Mother’s attention were now on you as well.

“Actually I was about ready to excuse myself from the festivities. I’m afraid I’m not feeling too well. Mother, is it ok if I excuse myself?”

“Um, sure Y/N, if you feel you need rest.”

“Robb, can you escort me back to my room?”

“Of course,” Robb stood up and made a point to make sure the Prince noticed the height he had on the small boy- who did not look pleased.

“What are you two doing out here,” Jon dropped his sword as he saw you and Robb approaching him.

“Our future King was making our dear sister uncomfortable so I kindly escorted her away from the chaos.”

“Seems like the little Prince is having that effect on everyone. Except for Sansa that is,” Jon giggled.

“What was that,” the three of you turned to see Joffrey storming out towards you with his Hound behind him.

“What was what, my Prince,” Robb stood his ground.

“Your stupid sister made a fool of me in front of everybody in there,” he pointed at you. “I am your Prince! You can not reject me like that,” he stepped forward and grabbed your arm like he had in the stalls, except this time it was a lot harder.

“My Prince you are hurting me,” you said trying to pull your arm away with gritted teeth and a shaky voice.

“My sister told you to let her go,” Jon growled. Finally Robb stepped forward and yanked Joffrey’s arm away from yours.

“My sister said let her go,” this time Robb growled. “She is a Lady and you will treat her as such.”

“My Mother will hear about his,” he pointed at the three of you. “How dare you disobey me.” The Hound knew better than to harm the oldest children of the North and skulked away with the bratty Prince.

You didn’t realize it but your hands were shaking. “Y/N, are you ok?”

“I…I am. I think I just want to get Silver and go to bed,” you softly said.

“I’ll take you to your room. Robb, will you go to the stalls and get Silver?”

Jon stayed with you in your room until Robb came up with your direwolf, Silver. Her coat seemed to be metallic grey as the moonlight reflected off of it. “You sure you’re ok alone,” Jon asked.

“I’ve got Silver to watch my back. But thank you. I’ll see you two at breakfast tomorrow.”

You woke early to your Mother opening your door. “Y/N,” her stern voice said, “get up. The King and Queen have requested that you and your brothers go before them before we break fast.”

“Why would they want that,” you sat up and rubbed your eyes and Silver’s head.

“That I do not know, my sweet.” You quickly got dressed and walked to your father’s office where he and your brothers were waiting. They looked like they were already done with this meeting before it started. You looked to the front and saw Joffrey’s stern face matching his mother’s.

“What is the meaning of this meeting,” your father asked the King.

“My Joffrey says that your children ganged up on him last night and that your oldest laid his hands on him,” Cersei spat.

“Calm down woman. Why don’t we head what the children have to say.”

“Your Grace,” Robb boldly started, “last night after I escorted my sister from the festivities Prince Joffrey followed us out and spoke poorly towards her. After that he grabbed her arm and harmed her,” you saw your father shift uncomfortably.

“Y/N, is this true,” your father questioned and the King waited.

“It is, Father.”

“But where is the proof,” the Queen spat. Her tone made you angry and you lifted up your dress’ sleeve to show the large purple bruise that had started to form.

“By the seven,” the King cursed.

“Please, she could have easily done this to herself to make her claim seem true,” Cersei spat.

“With all do respect, my Queen,” your Dad’s voice was harsh, “I know my children would not have done this. I have brought my children up to value respect and honesty and I know they wouldn’t harm themselves or each other to make others look bad. And, if you have a problem with my children, then I’m afraid that I must decline your offer as Hand and stay here.”

The King grunted as if he was fed up with everything, “Ned, I believe what you say. Joffrey, you’re to stay with two King’s guardsmen. They will watch you and make sure you’re kept in line.” The King dismissed the meeting and left you alone in the office with your father and brothers.

After your Dad was sure no one was coming through the office door he turned to you and your brothers, “I want Silver with you at all times and, if you boys can, one of you with Y/N at all times. I don’t trust Joffrey and his pet Hound. And if he ever does something like that again,” he gently lifted your arm and looked at your bruise, “come to me right away so I can handle it.” With that your Dad pressed a kiss to your forehead. “You boys did good last night,” he said to your brothers and left the room.

“Come on,” Robb threw an arm around you, “let’s go find something to do.”