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Lawful Good: Mr. Nutt/ Brutha/ Susan Sto Helit/ Carrot/ Granny Weatherwax
Lawful Neutral: Ponder Stibbons/ The Librarian/ Rufus Drumknott/ *Death/ Lady Margolotta
Lawful Evil: Lord Hong/ The Queen/ Dee/ Mr. Slant
Neutral Good: Tiffany Aching/ Otto Chriek/ *Death
True Neutral: *Death/ Cohen the Barbarian/ The Bursar/ Sacharissa Cripslock/ *Fred Colon/ Havelock Vetinari
Neutral Evil: *Greebo/ *Teatime/ Alice Weatherwax/  *Fred Colon
Chaotic Good: Nac Mac Feegles/ Teppic/ Maurice/ *William de Worde/ Mustrum Ridcully
Chaotic Neutral: Nobby Nobbs/ Mort/ *Greebo
Chaotic Evil: *Teatime/ *Greebo

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The Ultimate Rickshaw Race – RT Life 4K

joel and his baggy shorts. SERIOUSLY, just look at how big his shorts are!!! and how his top literally looks like a cut-up t-shirt. …oh, and remember how burnie said that joel never runs at a panel that one time? well, he (kinda) did!

i don’t want to spoil anything more but can we please appreciate how smiley adam was throughout. and how joel was in character but he did break a smile here and there.

A commission done for the very lovely and very wonderful @justbooker <3 I’m so happy you liked! If you’re interested in commissioning me, just click here

It’s always too easy to sneak up on him. Tongue between her teeth, creeping up behind him. He’s typing away at the computer, headphones over his ears, locked in concentration. With a smirk, she brings her hands down on his shoulders. He gives an utterly satisfying shriek, hands flying up from the keyboard to hang the headphones around his neck. She laughs as she walks around in front of him, pushes the keyboard out of the way as she hops up on to the desk.

“I got you again,” she says, utterly smug. He grumbles something unintelligible as he rolls his chair closer to the desk, slumps over and buries his face in her lap. She giggles as she runs her hands through his hair, this vibrant sea of red. He pulls his glasses free, shoves them onto the table as he rubs his face against her thighs. His hands find her ankles, travel upwards, soft tapping touches as he walks his fingers up her skirt. He looks up with a playful grin and slips his fingers underneath the band of her underwear. In a swift move, he stretches it and snaps it back against her skin.

“Ouch,” she scolds, pulling down on a strand of his bangs. He laughs as he stands, taking off his headphones, placing them carefully on the desk. He hums a happy tune as he runs his fingers through her hair, wraps up his fist in it. He brings his hand to his mouth, kisses her hair.

“My pretty MC,” Saeyoung says. He breathes out a pleased huff when the red appears on her cheeks, almost enough to match his hair. Her hair slips back in place as he cups her face in his hands, tilts her head from side to side. “Confirmed: beautiful.” One hand keeps a hold on her chin while the other falls to entwine itself in her hand. He leans forward with a smile. A kiss to her forehead. A kiss to her nose. A bite to her chin as he laughs.

It’s she who moves forward, winding her arms around his neck, pulling him close. He tastes like honey Buddha chips and at that, she has to smile. He’s sweet and salty, a taste that belongs solely to him. His lips are slightly chapped but growing wet as he opens his mouth to her. Tongue against tongue, explorative but never an invasion, a gentle teasing. He whimpers and groans into her mouth, unable to contain the happy sounds that come with her attentions.

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“Why are you still running? There’s nowhere for you to go.”

Peters voice seemed to boom from out of nowhere. Curling between the trees and ricocheting across the ground, it sent tremors up her spine and up the bare soles of her muddied feet. Her heart beat faster still against her chest, harder to breathe since she had been running – again – playing their eternal game of hide and seek. But Wendy always always kept running.

She ran until he was right in font of her.

His Cheshire Cat grin fixed her firmly into her spot amongst the flowers. And indeed he did bare a similarity to the creature from her Alice books, with just a single flash of white teeth – slow, creeping, and tricky. She could see the outline of his shadow appearing and disappearing in her gaze, atop cliffs and perched beside trees. He was there. With her. Always. Trapping her in and caging her until she bit back.

Wendy would not be tricked, nor teased. She would try – unsuccessfully – to not be afraid of the boy, to think of him only as a very powerful, but very fragile human boy. Her mere existence in Neverland truly did depend on it.

Peter stepped one brown toed boot towards her, daring her to react. And her back pulled tight as she felt the scratch of bushes behind her. Thin, wiry branches that just barely hung over open ground. Laughter bubbled up from her lips as a smile of her own twisted her mouth.

“Because you still haven’t caught me.”